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sh!thawks...on parade: 04.2008

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so, I'm sitting between gates 51 and 52 in the international terminal. earlier there was an Air Canada flight that was at 51 that was delayed by an hour going to Sydney and people didn't look amused and I laughed.
the only place open is the duty free and they only have one little shelf of water tucked away in some corner. i thought about picking something else up, but I think i'll get something leaving Hong Kong.
now there aren't that many people sitting around. that'll probably change in the next hour or so I guess.
I'm listening to epidsode 47 of Smodcast and thinking about toilets because that's the topic of conversation. i might plug in my newest external drive and watch the Big Lebowski to pass the time. my flight doesnt leave for another two hours almost.
i think i'll pop a gravol or two when we take off and hopefully pass out for most of the flight. otherwise tomorrow is gonna be a long ass day.
there's a part of the international terminal after you go through security where you can look down at the baggage area and it was pretty cool i guess.
maybe i'll take a nap.

totally necessary.

gravity and the base of water


suitcase packed. backpack packed. forms packed. papers mailed. comics neatly tucked away in a compacted space away from moisture and sunlight. everything is according to plan.

apparently there's free wireless at Hong Kong International so expect an early report from there sometime on thursday. after that, im not sure, probably once every couple of days depending on where the internet is working.


in four months, we're back at the Cambie.

shithawks on the fly


i saw this commercial today and it pretty much sums up last night perfectly. danielle has more pictures up on her flickr.

thanks to all the people who made it out, and thanks to the people who just randomly happened to also be there and walk by our table and join in, it made the air guitaring and singing all the better. id also like to thank Raul especially, since he had had a previous engagement that he left early apparently to make it over for a bit. everything is better with more bloggers. this has been proven time and time again.

the caption for the first picture of chad cheering is I POOPED!!! it should be I FARTED !!! cause seriously, i dont know what the fuck he ate yesterday, but for gods sake, it's like he gave his ass free reign to torture everyone.

i had about three hours of actual sleep, and then three more of half sleep all of which were filled with one very long and drawn out dream involving people form last night and seth rogen who had fenced off a patch of dirt downtown and was digging for diamonds in it or something, i dunno.

im just about finished packing.

some measure of the same

last night was fun. pictures will be later in coming as i have to head over to north van pretty quick.
i had about three hours of actual sleep and three more of half sleep with weird, lengthy and drawn out dreams.
thanks to all who came out last night!

thematic living elements


went to see the forbidden kingdom last night. i've honestly spent more times than I'd like to admit in the past wondering when a kung fu movie with jackie chan and jet li would come out, cause let's face it, it would be totally awesome. given that my repertoire of kung fu movies isn't all that large I can't really judge where this one would lie on the Awesome Kung Fu of All Time list, but personally I thought it was pretty good. I mean, yeah, halfway through I had the ending figured out pretty much exactly (guy goes back, guy beats up bully, guy saves old man who was the drunk man in that other place, guy meets girl who was the girl in that other place) but rad fight scenes mixed with that sort of 70s cheap kung fu movie flair are never bad things.
im pretty sure the scene with Jet Li making Jackie Chan think it's raining by pissing on his head should go down in history. other than that, no plot details. ive said it's good, if youre interested in plot details, go see it for yourself.


im having cold pizza for breakfast because it's the best breakfast in the world and this is the last time i'll be able to have it for a while cause im not sure if they have pizza in Dhaka. i hear they have Bata Shoe stores though. why they would have Bata but not pizza is a mystery to me.

also, drinking milk out of the carton, proably not common either. yeah, i do that, so? saves me having to do dishes.

i have to go downtown and get some preDhaka stuff done.


birthday cards


these are the chronicles of the human condition, captured in a song and a thousand standing faces. who's to say what they might not know.
strange brown shoes and stranger laces, tying together the fabric of some small expression, creeping slowly, subtly over the crevasses of a mouth, upturned in some almost imperceptible acknowledgment.
distances are hallways, even if they are step away, leaving eyes to stare blankly at another pair without complete understanding.
they see. they are still blind. lost amidst the ocean of packed and crowded bodies, shifting for a better place to stand or hoping for an empty seat.
stop and go, an endless line, doors that never open for you but always open to let others in. packing in, packing up, squeezing in, shutting out.
the blink of an eye and the end of the song brings all the world into clarity. this is no condition. this is no difference. this is a day by day by day existence that has never seen a beginning and never seen an end.
until a head turns, and the doors open once more for you.

glass fingers


i had this open for like an hour and forgot and just realized I was going to post something but I forgot what so now I'm trying to remember.

can't do it. it has gone gone gone into the depths of I Forgot.

i'm cleaning out some drawers and have realized that I have far too much useless printouts from classes. i think after the summer, I'm going to do as much as I can by way of not printing out as much just to avoid clutter. also to save a tree. and that tree will love me forever for saving it until some other asshole prints out buttloads of useless printouts and murders it. TREE KILLER!!!

i just found a canucks sticker in my idea where it came from.

save an impasse


thanks to everett I am now a stop motion action hero. I just had this funny realization about whether or not it's proper form to have one space or two spaces after a period in a blog post...

yesterday I had intended to just bunch together vitamins and odds and ends to pack, but ended up prepacking about half my suitcase and clean my room at the same time. score.

I also found out where I'm staying for the four months, but don't expect any significant notice on that until I get there and take pictures because I looked at the address and went "goddamn...that is a looooot of address..."

everything in neat little rows, all around in piles, something in the way they look, never leads to smiles.


I'm not entirely sure I've come to the full realization of just exactly what I've set myself up to do this summer. I know I'm leaving for the other side of the world in a week three a.m. this morning, but I'm pretty sure the Oh Shit Factor won't hit until I'm on the plane on the way to Hong Kong.

that being said, first call for addresses if you want postcards.

also, should you be in the Vancouver area on Saturday night, feel free to make your way to the Cambie and join in some obviously requisite loud and raucous celebratory type drinking plus air guitar plus singing plus making fun of things plus and on and on it goes. 8pm. otherwise you'll have to live knowing that you will have to wait A WHOLE FOUR MONTHS TO BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE FUN WITH ME AGAIN.

see how I emphasized that there? yeah. that's right.

also, suggestions on what to take for basic comfort, ie food or what?

tet a tet


Dear Bell Mobility,

While I thank you for your, for once, rapid response to my call, I am eagerly waiting for the end of August at which point I will be moving to another carrier because you seem utterly unable or unwilling to help your customers at all.
Not providing information about incoming calls to my own account is not helpful.
Trying to upsell me to another plan when all I want is to suspend my account for the four months while I'm away is not helpful.
Refusing to suspend my account for the time when I will be out of the country and not using my phone is not helpful.
I'm not entirely sure why I've stayed with your service for as long as I have, but it has been a partnership in decline for some time now.


Aggravated at Traffic Shaping

weekend recap involves walking through stanley park, getting fenced in, randomly standing next to some dude from Little Mosque on the Prairie, finding out it's possible to be pulled over by the cops while you're paddling a canoe, see sun rain and snow in the span of five minutes, not get a lot of sleep, be accused of making a cult out of Lego people, walking around a lake made of Deer, meeting some other random apparently well known musician type guy randomly walking a dalmation great dane, rocking out to the Raconteurs and finally sleep.

i have a twitter now. because yesterday's class was totally useless.

the world's most comfortable chair makes perfect sense when you look at it, says colleague across table.

three suits and a table


I really didnt spend all that much time at my place this weekend. pictures are coming. there are several spanning several things. also I have class in the way and cant sleep in and have to be ready to negotiate and politik first thing in the morning so visual updates may be slow in coming but they will get here ok sleep now i will.

those who inhabit this land


if someone could please tell me how in the fuck, every so often, very big goddamn bees get in here to crawl around and die in my living room i'd like to know so i can find whatever fucking hole they crawl out of and stuff it full of raid soaked stuff so they never come in here again because i do NOT need to walk in there and find that.


i was channel surfing. fiddler on the roof was/is on. i left it on in the other room. when i was in grade 8, we did that in our Drama class. they made up a narrator part for me and i was a bunch of filler characters. and then the next year i had to play Cpt Von Trapp in the sound of music and i didnt really want to but i had to. and we had to do that one at the great big community theater that was open to the public.

then i stood in the window and took pictures.

im going to play some GH3 at everett's.

on the brink of the paramount


some people on thursday nights watch tv shows, or playoff games, or go for dinner or whatever.
what do I do on thursdays? I go to a pub with other MPPers and debate that mornings negotiation tactics for a mock cabinet meeting. then I go home and try to come up with a way to ensure Ontario, by way of a bilateral agreement with Quebec, an exclusive veto right over any future Constitutional Amendments under proposed changes to the amendment procedure under section 38 of the Constitution.

it's more fun than it sounds. really.

this is what happens when you assign the power hungry Albertan the Ontario position. LOOK I HAVE THE BIGGEST POPULATION HAH SUCKERS!

i keep getting confused as to what time it is. sometimes I think it's really late, sometimes I think it's really early.

lately Ive also felt strangely detached from myself. i dunno. kind of like I've been watching myself engage the world from the back of my head. i'll be talking to people or doing something but all the while in my head it just doesn't feel like I'm actually doing anything.

im listening to simon & garfunkle. garfunkle is kind of a funny name.

all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity.

this post has been brought to you by the letter lack of content.

zebras are reactionary


every time i hear the name Barry Trotz I think that that guy must have a really bad bowel problem.
i was hungry when i got home and I made food and now Im not hungry but I'm trying to make myself eat what I made.
i have the Sens Penguins game on in the other room.
im very tired all of a sudden and want to go to sleep.
i have to write a one page thing for my negotiations class about what item i want on our mock cabinet agenda as the solicitor general.
i ended up as the SG because "Pat, I gave you Solicitor General because you get to use guns."
i have to clear off the pile of laundry on my bed that i never put away last night after i did laundry so i can go to sleep.
something like that.

carrying this torch


I enjoy flying. I enjoy the taking off part. I enjoy sitting at the front of the plane. I enjoy sitting at the front of the plane and two of the four flight attendants responsible for the front of the plane are the kind where you walk towards the plane and wish "please let there be a hot flight attendant..." and you are then rewarded with two, one of whom finds your Oilers hat most inspiring.
However, like most things there are aspects of flying I'm not so fond of.
I of course mean Plane Talkers. I don't mind sitting next to someone chatty, but the people who sit behind you and talk. but not regular talk. it's that just too loud annoying kind of talk where all they can do is bitch about the city they just left and how they love to fly but service sucks and the food sucks and having to listen to messages in French sucks and you have to pay for the in flight tv stupid! kind of talking. the "I know everything there is to know about air travel because last year I flew to Calgary for the first time" people.
seriously. take a fucking bus. I hate you people.

also, to anyone who offered to pick me up, thanks, but I didn't feel like making you drive out to the airport during rush hour. see how thoughtful I am?
of course that means taking a cab with possibly the slowest cabbie on earth. How you can be a cabbie in Vancouver and never get your car above 55 is beyond me. I know. I was watching the speedometer.

now I'm doing laundry. I should probably hit up StupidStore considering the food I have currently amounts to a box of Miso soup, two cans of cream of brocolli and a package of frozen perogies.

back from outside space


i wasnt ever supposed to have classes in this building. i was going to be in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. their building is way cooler and made almost entirely of shiny black/deep green/blue glass. but i didnt.

tomorrow night back to vancouver. the last few days ive been having trouble falling asleep and even more trouble trying to convince myself i don't need to get up.

two and a half weeks seems an entirely too small amount of time left until i leave.

moving forward standing still. this is better than standing still and falling backwards.

something like a cluttered mind that reads along the carpet and watches little motes of dust float before his eyes. it's never knowing what there is to know that confuses you until you find out that what you wished you knew wasn't really all that important in the first place.

one channel shows a man from Pakistan proudly show off the gun he used to kill his wife because he says women are inherently evil, and smiles as he says he spent less than a year in jail by bribing the police with a cow. hit one button. one channel promises you that you can be a grandmother and still look great in a bikini. too few like the first one, too many like the second.

odd priorities.

your image has been added


im currently doing that thing where you hold your laptop up in the air and walk all over the house to try and gank the best wireless signal.

you ever notice how when people do that it seems that everyone thinks that the higher it's held the more chance there is for a signal to be had?

I have tested this in the last few minutes. results are currently inconclusive.

the one network i've been using for the last few days, if sparingly, has disappeared tonight.

so im using a mystery one that has alternates between full strength and no strength about every thirty seconds.

i spend a good part of my evening pounding rocks with a hammer and various punches and chisels to make them look better and try not to crack any of the fossils in them. i think our neighbours were wondering it sounded like a rock quarry in our backyard.

what are they sliding on?


it took me well over an hour to upload 30 pictures to flickr, AND stupid flickr uploader was doubling or tripling some pictures.

i'm sunburned. never would have figured on that. I left Vancouver in the rain, got here when it was cloudy, and now I'm sunburned, probably have a little heat stroke, scratched my hands and legs to shit today and am going to be a lump of sore tomorrow.

some people just dont understand why it's fun to trek through the badlands/desert to look for rocks and fossils. nuts to them. I could do without the small pieces being embedded in very large and heavy chunks of rock that won't break no matter how long you smack them with a rock hammer and chisel though. but that's why granite boulders exist. except that's not much help when said boulder is 100 feet from the van to which you have already climbed/crawled/jumped/tipped/slipped/shimmied and so on...4km back from where you found it.

dedication right there.

I feel this week is passing far too rapidly. it seems like in no time at all, I'll be hopping over the rockies back to Vancouver for two weeks of class and then off into the wild tropic yonder.

on sunday im going to put some new holes in some old tin pans. i'd like to try that with this, but we have to order it first. i still want to see someone say "pff, you're shooting cans, how hard is that?" and then touch that off, and then when they're crying on the road with a broken collar bone I'd laugh. like HAH! YOU FORGOT EAR PROTECTION!

im tired, gimme a break.

with heavy tired eyes, feelin' cold