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sh!thawks...on parade: 07.2008

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i took about 300 pictures last night at that football match. i kept maybe half of them.

i gave my classes their midterm this morning. i was supposed to have it last week but what with the being secluded to a bed with a fever that didnt happen. they like to complain about exams. they also like to try and convince me that I should give them all A because that's just what teachers do. pretty sure no. so, no.

i think this weekend im going to see if i can find any copies of The Dark Knight. they should be out by now. unless it's a total shit copy, which isn't out of the question here.

i was rocking out air guitar style on the roof last night. it was pretty much awesome. the only way it could have been awesomer is if I were rocking out air guitar style at the Cambie. but i mean, that's pretty much a rocking out air guitar style league of its own, so there's not really any fair comparison to that.

nothing exciting is going on. i have cookies. i guess that's exciting. 26 days left. this is my 1276th post on this blog.

i pick up my last suit on friday or saturday. i swear it's the last one.

i have to go motivate myself to write up questions to ask government people tomorrow now.

just tell them the office needs it


i've had this stuck in my head for about a week and i dont really know why or where it came from because it's not like i have it to watch. if i did i probably would but i dont so im not so i dont know why it's stuck in my head.

i started my research for reals today with the first hospital visit and distribution of surveys so hoepfully it wont be a total gong show. i have to get up at 5am tomorrow to be ready to be picked up at 6:15am to go to a big out of town hospital and do the same thing there.

tomorrow's going to be a long day...

expiry dates on ice


i have a guest post at Raul's place for his blogathon 2008. that means i can be lazy and not really write anything and instead tell you to go read that.

it's supposed to be like 38 here tomorrow or monday.

bouncing off the grass


tomorrow i have one month left here. i watched Wanted this morning. it was pretty cool. otherwise ive been bored out of my mind. except yesterday when i had a burst of productivity and called a few mhore hospitals and tried to deal with them. that was about the most entertaining thing ive done in the last week.
actually, today is the first time in a week ive left the apartment. sad. and where do i come? to the office at the university. sadder?
im going to go back now, put on some jeans and go spend some money because all north americans know that to cure cure what ails you all you have to do is make a purchase and all will be well.
i want to start fall classes. i want the mushroom burger at the cambie, i want a pitcher of fucking moosehead and i want to feel that recoil from an ounce and a half of powder.


i just had some good news bears happen. before the end of the month i'll get to talk with the government folk i need to speak with here.

and now a random thing of capitalized words:


saint joe said he's never been


jesus christ on fucking crutches what a fucking gong show it was last night...

but let's not get to that right away.

first let's all go back up and ooh and ahh over the awesome Suit #3 otherwise known as The Barnacle.

i know, i know.

ok, now let's get back to the subject at hand.

on top of the fever, cough, plugged sinus, and body aches this weekend, last night the bottom of the door to my bathroom decided that they'd leach water all over my bedroom floor while i was upstairs having dinner. this resulted in a half dazed mad dash to pick everything up off the floor before anything could be damaged. then i was going to head upstairs to tell the In Charge about it when i stepped in a puddle by the front door. but the more i regarded this puddle the more it turned into a lake that found its origins at the point in the wall directly behind the leaking faucet in my bathroom. this pissed me off because 1)how do you miss that the first time, and 2)i just wanted to go to sleep and now our second floor flat is fucking flooding.

oh, and somehow with all the doors and windows shut and mosquito vapourizers on they're still goddamn everywhere in here.

i really dont feel like teaching for four hours tomorrow... schmrah.

however i did do laundry today and that's always happy.

and there's The Barnacle which is just awesome. i need a thin tie to go with it now.

my AC is set at 27 and it feels cold.

they beam things into your head


fun times... im past the point where it no longer bothers me that i havent shaved for five days. im also at the point where there is no such thing as a comfotable position to sleep in. today i have had porridge, pineapple, yogurt and peanut butter.
now i am going to see if anyone has some Halls.

something about gravity


fever. I has one. low grade. annoying enough.

went for a fitting for Suit #3 The Barnacle today. it looks Epic.

inside out on purpose



i need to shave. i give you SUIT #2 "SLATE GREY"! you may now proceed to ooh and aah and i will graciously accept going "i know, i know."
that first picture is the shit homebrew vodka and brandy we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find only to discover that it's pretty much moonshine and is fucking disgusting. seriously. no amount of mix can save these.
speaking of booze, i had a beer with dinner. so, ok, maybe it was non alcoholic, but it still tasted like beer and really at this point even just being able to taste it is satisfying enough.
i also bought a laundry basket today. and hot dogs. and French's Yellow mustard.

ok, so I've had this discussion with people that they think that French's Yellow mustard isn't really mustard and that it's a travesty to put it on a hot dog. their solution is Dijon to which I must say I'm quite against. i HAVE tried dijon on a hot dog and it just isn't the same. you HAVE to have French's yellow mustard on a hot dog. and it can't be Heinz, or President's Choice or whatever other kind of mustard you can find. it HAS to be French's Yellow mustard because let's face it, that stuff was pretty much destined to top a hot dog. i prefer my dijon on a sandwich or with a nice ham. but then again, French's Yellow Mustard pairs very nicely with a good ham. and HAMburgers. i used to be more of a ketchup person. now im more of a mustard person. preferably a French's Yellow Mustard person.

i alos bought three dvds worth of Tin Tin today. this is possibly the most exciting thing ever next to Suit #2 "Slate Grey".

and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the next part is


i've moved across the hall into the new flat with Nick. now I live in the biggest room, it has a real bathroom, a balcony and AC. score. i'm debating as to whether i'm more pleased about the fact that I now have AC, or that I now have a balcony, cause let's face it, balconies are key.
we're stocking the place up Dude style with a new fridge, food, and enough junk food to overtake our supply of real food.

i bought a new rug for my new room. it really ties the room together.

i put up with the other room, but i never really liked it. it was small, stuffy and had no air movement. therefore, i had no sense of propriety over it.

this new room feels like I should be setting up to live there for a long time. even if that long time amounts to like, six weeks. but still. it's huge and looks like it wants a friend that will make it look nice. a nice rug is a nice start. plus it wa cheap too. like $10 at the grocery store instead of something around $50 at Aarong.

there's one wall that's still too bare and big and white. and im ot a fan of big, white, empty walls. therefore, I am searching for something to put on said wall to make it less empty. something nice and tasteful though because more than likely whatever it is is going to be left here for the next person to move in to look at and admire. like the rug. as much as I'd like to keep it, there's no way it'll fit when i leave. but it's a nice rug/ it really ties the room together, so i'll leave it.

i've watched the Big Lebowski three times in the last few days...

i thought maybe that the rainy season was ending. i was wrong. by a lot.

last night there was another giant spider around. i tried to take pictures but he ran away before i could. he'll be back.

im Suiting Up! in Suit #2 today. otherwise known as "Suit in Slate Grey, Conté Crayon" tomorrow hans and dan and i are heading down to Gulshan for a fitting fir their Suit #1 and my Suit #3, otherwise known as The Four Button Barnacle Suit. it's gonna be LEGEN....wait for it...

bastion of the flooded streets


i tried an experiment with my iTunes to see if dial up speed was fast enough here to use the iTunes store. thankfully it is, because if it hadn't i would have never known about the new Slipknot single and it is goddamn good. no vancouver tour dates anywhere yet, but hopefully after december they'll head there.

my project is moving forward nicely with lots of contacts being made very fast in the last few days and things finally starting to fall into place so they can get done fast. bout friggin time...

plus, I'm trying to work my way into moving into a room with AC really quick, so I dont have to put up with a half shitty fan anymore. cause let's face it, that's lame.

after I got a bunch of work done today I cam home, poured cold water all over my head cause it was hot and humid as hell out today, went and bought a new shirt, some yogurt and came home to sit my ass down, scarf some chocolate bars and watch Dragon Inn. Nothing like a good Kung Fu movie to cap off your day. plus the grocery store I go to finally had some sweet curd yogurt in so I scored three containers. wikid.

yeah, I'm excited about buying yogurt, so what? little things here count. especially if they aren't chicken or rice. because it's nice to have food that isn't chicken or rice. because we eat a lot of chicken and rice. in fact, one might even say that the consumption of chicken and rice here is something so repetitive that eating chicken and rice at home in the future will most likely only conjure up images of repetitive meals of chicken and rice. how are you supposed to enjoy a nice dinner of chicken and rice if you can't eat your chicken and rice because you've had so much chicken and rice over the summer that you'll never again look at chicken and rice in the same way? this leads to another important question: how does one go out for chinese food if you've lost all hopes of ever being interested in chicken and rice again, because chinese food consists of a lot of chicken and rice too. let's see how many times i need to say chicken and rice for SEO people to realize that this isn't actually a site dedicated to chicken and rice or any food affiliated with chicken and rice.

chicken and rice.

yeah, that oughta do it...

oh did i mention we bought vodka and brandy that amounted to moonshine the other day? I cant remember,. anyway, we did. it tastes like shit. like, really really really bad. as in, you could probably power a car with it, bad.

chicken and rice.

ok I'm done.

preservation of the moderate me


Danielle said that we should feel free to share the link to the Engagement Photos.

While I do condone the sharing of them, I for one feel that there is only one photograph necessary that captures the very essence of ChadandDanielle.

I believe that this picture communicates the affection, the understanding, the loyalty, and the sense of belonging that is shared by them now, and will continue to be shared for the rest of their lives.

Looking on this picture, you yourself may begin to understand how they have come to be ChadandDanielle.

It conveys the passion of their love.

It holds within it the trust they have built their relationship on.

Indeed it even demonstrates how they both affect each other, not only emotionally, but stylistically as well.

So while you may feel that sharing the official Engagement Photos is sufficient to truly understand ChadandDanielle as a soon to be married couple, you should not put out of your mind this single, heartfelt picture that has captured all of this and more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now offer you the chance to glimpse this perfect moment in time that serves as evidence to us all why these two belong together forever:

On another note, today was productive in some oddly satisfying reasons. While it was not as productive as I'd hoped it would be in terms of data collection, I was granted full access to a major hospital and nursing school outside of Dhaka with the offer of full cooperation and support from the administration. This puts the total of immediately available hospitals to four, which isn't all that bad considering how hard it is to get people here to communicate with you.

Today also proved fruitful in the style department. I was able to find nice gifts for some family members, as well as procure a belt that will go nicely with suits. That being said, in a not quite so snap decision, I accompanied Dan and Hans down to Gulshan with Saj to yet another tailor where there was a dark chocolate coloured English wool that begged to be pulled from the shelf and made into a single breasted, four button, European cut... note the inclusion of the fourth button. This idea came, of course, from the Barnicle. I also managed to get another lungi.

Productive, yes. In the ways that I had initially thought about? Nay.

Oh, and FYI, due to circumstances surrounding the availability of access to hospitals, I've had to cancel my plans to travel to Kolkata. However, I intend to make up for this with a trip to Khatmandu in August.

i had it stuck in my head in a dream


there's this sweet curd yogurt here that's totally primo. there's basically two flavours of yogurt here: sweet and sour. the sour is like if sour cream were yogurt. the sweet is therefore much better.

tomorrow im going down to the Indian embassy to get a visa so I can go to Kolkata for a few days. then in august I might try to squeeze in a trip up to Kathmandu.

and at some point in there im going to squeeze in doing my survey...

I found a new tailor today. i hadn't planned on it, but those things happen when you tag along with people here. much like I hadn't planned on finding a new tailor today, I hadn't planned on having another suit made today. but I did. this one is about a third of the cost of the first one, but it should still look good. probably not as epic as the first one, but then again what could, but it'll be nice. went for a slate grey tropical wool blend for the material, single breasted, European cut, straight front jacket, double vented, 3 button, short lapel, one pocket no pleats fitted pants with cuffs. if I have another one made, I'll come home with close to 3 thousand dollars worth of custom tailored suit that I'll have paid less than $500 total for. wikid.

i got a GST cheque in the mail at home. I can pay for this suit with it and still have lunch money left over. take that Moores!

i've been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother that I brought along lately and I've been paying close attention to Barney's suits to get ideas. I'm trying to decide if I'd like to try for a four button or a one button single breasted one. because there's no way to deny it, a four button looks cool as hell, but a one button looks equally as cool. though I'm leaning towards looking at a deep brown colour, and I think that suits a four button more than a one button... one button i'd go grey or black again.

i used to hate dressing up. that tends to change when you introduce the words "custom" and "tailored".

sweet and sour yogurt


do you think mosquitoes could ever be vampires?

seven bites in thirty seconds


air is

water is

breath is

time is

switch to big words now


yesterday i saw a dead body being carted off down the street on a rickshaw van. everything else yesterday seemed kind of insignificant.
two months seems very long and very short at the same time. two more to go seems too short but an eternity at the same time.
i think that sometimes you need just a small reminder of what you've done before to tell yourself what you can do when you really put your mind to it. this weekend i've not done any work at all hardly. I needed that break from things. i was hitting the wall last week and knew i would take it out on most likely my students here. then today i was walking around and stopped for a second and had one of those moments, that you wouldnt necessarily count as an epiphany, or as some deeply moving realization, or an earth shattering realization, no, it was just one of those moments where you stop and remember what it is you can do when you need to and really want to. that's when you have to work to convince yourself that the amount of time you have to do it in isn't nearly as short as you make it out to be.

think about what you'd do if you saw a dead body get pedaled by right in front of you. how would you react? i didnt feel indifferent, but i didnt feel any sort of concern either. in fact, i felt as though I should know how to react to seeing that but didn't have an answer for myself. karen said that you get an appreciation for the order of things after you see that i guess that makes sense. you also think of strange dichotomies... because i saw it and never really thought anything more than "i wonder who's having a Starbucks right now?" and the comparison oddly made sense.

it's not the same as a relative in a hospital. it's not the same as blood stains on the news. it's a reality that, when faced with it, makes you wonder what exactly your own world is built around.

there's a house built out in space


one day over halfway.

i just restrung this and a little over a week later they're already rusted out. fucking humidity...

i have laundry hanging that's been drying for three days.

i finally started to watch Heroes.

the snake, he's long, seven miles, ride the snake, he's old and his skin is cold.

today i accomplished nothing but nothing at all and felt accomplished doing it.

the blue bus is calling us.

too much water and too few reflections.

he put his boots on. he took a face from the ancient gallery and he walked on down the hall.

revel in the silence for once.

he came to a door and he looked inside


i havent been a huge fan of Kevin Lowe as the Oilers GM for the last few years, but i gotta say, he's getting more ballsy and my opinion may in deed be shifting.
Not so sorry to see Greene go, never was a huge fan of his either. he was like a lamer version of Georges Laraque. I was a bit disappointed to see Stoll traded, especially with the new batch of young players on the team, he could have had another year to get in the mix with them. Visnovsky should be a decent addition to the lineup, especially if they see what he's like on the line with Souray.
Pitkanen for Cole im kind of meh about.
I like Torres, but everyone knew he was on the trading block even he did do a pretty good job of holding up the team when he got right in there. but at least it pulled in Brule who can get right in the mix with young'uns.
the Hossa deal will be an interesting one to watch. i'd be impressed if Lowe can pull that off.
now im interested in what happens with Roloson. most of last year i'd have had no trouble seeing him shopped off, but then at the end of the season when Garon was injured and he was playing like Playoff Roly, i dunno.

the funniest thing that could possibly happen with any deal in the entire league would be if the Canucks managed to convince Sundin to take that $20million, two year deal. I'd be laughing my ass off at both teams. first you'd have to laugh at the Leafs for losing their most iconic player to the city that hates them the most, and then you'd have to laugh at the Canucks for blowing $20 million on bringing a ready-to-retire in for way to goddamn much money. fucks sake, why not just offer it to Linden to not really retire and make the city happy again?

at the canada club last night we had Oilers fan, Leafs fan, Habs fan, Canucks fan, Sens fan. no flames fans for obvious reasons.

he's still K-Low from the block


source: torontoist

I'm not in Tomorrow in the context of At Home right now. Instead I'm only in this afternoon. Which means that at home it is also July 1st and here it's July 1st and that today you should raise your flag, raise your voice, raise your hockey jersey (or whatever other jersey you might have) in tribute to our home.

tonight i'm heading down with some other Canooks to the Canada Club for some Canada Day fun. and beer. can't forget beer. I'm sporting my Oilers hat, my Hip shirt and my flag.

Happy Birthday CANADA!

still what we've got's glorious