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sh!thawks...on parade: 02.2006

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i put 29 pennies in a kinder surprise toy capsule.
oh no! here come the critics! "your blog is useless! you talk about pennies and kinder surprise!"
oh yeah? i'll kinder surprise your face!
oh that's right, i so went there.
i found a hertzfeldt style poptart ad when i was doing more ad watching. it was funny. definitely my favourite ad all night. when i can find the link to the archive it's in i'll put it up.
i have to do some reading now.

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im in the media lab again tonight. you'd be surprised how fast you get sick of staring at kids ads. i found a funny picture.
i still havent quite gotten the hang out the default blogging settings on the Macs down here. they lack in menu buttons, but thats ok i'll fix it later.
got a call this morning from one of my bosses at home confirming that i'll be back again this summer. plus i get a bit a raise and more op1 time this summer. *happy dance*
i also had my Team Leader interview. i think it went well, i know a bunch of ppl applied for it and for a CA position which i think is stupid cause now they have to wait to see if they dont get a CA spot before they can consider them for a TL position. seriously, if you want the CA position so bad why bother applying to be a TL?
I had no pants for the interview. I also lacked pants for my interview with the BC Lions. only this time Oyvind wasnt home so i just went and bought a pair this morning. and i found a cool fucking fedora so i bought that too.
ok...i didnt bring any food other than water and cadbury cream eggs, so i think i'll go up to cornerstone and see if there's food there.

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in media res....and by res i mean lab

i think if anyone had asked me before i started university if i would ever be one of the people still straggling around doing work at the university at midnight i'd have said "um, no that's for losers."
therefore, i am a self fulfilling loser prophecy.
i rather enjoy the media lab late at night. there's no one around, not all the lights are on and you can take your own sweet time doing things.
when i was walking back i kept looking for an excuse to stop and take a picture. i really didn't want to go back inside. it's nice out and tonight it's calm and settled. i don't think i stop to savour that kind of night enough.
when i took my 35mm telephoto lens to the mall to see what was wrong with it i found out that the Black's has been closed. which is stupid because the photo guy at london drugs was a moron. i was like "hi, i have this lens from a 1978ish Canon AE-1 and it wont move past this point, can you tell me what's wrong with it?"
the guy takes it, twists it around, looks at me and says "Sir this lens is defective, you should send it back to the manufacturer."
um. hello? i said it's from 1978. they don't MAKE these lenses anymore. and it wasn't defective last year.
and THEN, dude takes it and starts pulling on the focus part looking like he's jerking off my camera lens. ok, buddy, i'm not shooting porn with it, sooooo chill with the lube action.
i need a new battery for that camera though i think. i went and bought 5 rolls of film, 3 colour and 2 black and white, and i got through abdout 10 colour ones and it won't go click no more.
so i'll go get one tomorrow morning.
my mom phoned me today to say that the grad school application package from uOfc had gotten there today and she was reading it and "oh my god, Patrick, do you know what you need to send in with this? all the letters and references and people have to say what percentile of your undergrad class you're in?"
"yes mom, i know."
"how do you know?"
"because i have the one for here and it has the same stuff. why do you think i had a panic attack when i read them?"
i have my Rez Orientation Team Leader interview tomorrow.
i also keep realizing that it's my birthday on saturday and that i'm still not sure if i care or not.
come to the pub night or else.
i wish school would stop dragging on. it's sort of ironic that i hate that it drags on but have decided that further subject myself to it in the form of grad school. and then more because i'll probably want a PhD.
piled higher and deeper.

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cuffs of the fuzzy variety


say hi to my not so digital camera. it's a Canon AE-1 from wayyyyyyy back in the day and it takes assome pictures. i've decided i'm going to start using it again.
i'm going down to london drugs in a bit to get some film and have them look at the telephoto lens cause it doesnt move all the way where it should.
im going to lock myself in the media lab tonight for a few hours and watch ads.
when im done i'll be such a good consumer that advertisers everywhere will be like "HEY! have our ad babies!"

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dipped donettes

i totally have kinder surprise right now. i wonder what the world record is for most kinder surprise toys all lined up in a row? i also have cadbury eggs and mini doughnuts. i needed a chocolate fix.
random muffin finding adventures can lead to this.
and i totally got to watch more mythbusters.
it also decided to rain more today.
i think i had something clever to write but then i forgot what.
oh well.
maybe i'll write something not so clever.
green bear green bear sugar packs hate you because you have yellow eyes! watch the cowboy hat leap off the paper and fly down the hall riding white paint waves of candy!


oh my.

maybe i shouldnt have had chocolate tonight...

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i'll share my dinner mints with you


i was about ten seconds from leaving my room to go to my aunt and uncles when i thought of something.
in six days i'll be 22. im kind of indifferent to it at this point. turning 22 is like being in grade 11, it's nothing monumental or significant really. i made sense in my head a second ago.
shaz took saturday off cause it's my birthday. that makes me smiley. i havent really decided what i want to do yet. laser tag maybe. but since friday is the secret aganet pub night (which you will all be going to if youre in this city) and i'll see pretty much everyone there, i think saturday i wouldnt mind just chillaxing and spending pretty much the whole day with not a lot of people. and by not a lot of people i mean spend the day with shaz. and then find people for laser tag. because it fucking rules. that would also make me smiley.
i'm going to go sit on a couch and watch mythbusters now.

street spirit

ok, anyone who is wondering: Pentax Optio S30 3.2 megapixel 3x optical zoom. i have dropped it several times and it makes frightening noises when it gets cold. i would like an SLR camera, but the S50 has all the same features as mine and cheaper than an SLR camera. i've never found any other cameras with the same colour filters as Pentax. therefore, i heart pentax because of this. i would heart a nikon D70s if i could afford it and if it had all the same filters but it doesnt.
so we hit up value village for secret agent pub night clothes. i am satisfied, i even found a decent tie. i hate ties, but every so often i find one i like.
we went to red robin's to eat. we all had different flavours of milkshakes and bugers. it was good.
then swiffer dusters were unassembled and hit dustin and myself in the head.
then everyone else went out and dustin and vicki and i went and watched The Neverending Story at her place. i hadn't seen it in a long time. it made me want to watch James and the Giant Peach.
and now the day is over. and it's almost 3am.
and it snowed up here today, but not enough for caf trays, but it still snowed, and that's nifty i think.
im kind of hungry but its too late to make food. i'll go to bed then i guess. i missed mythbusters last weekend cause my mom was here, but i get to watch it tomorrow. unless theres a special on, in whcih case they dont show it.

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hey it's snowing


for anyone who's a godsmack fan i suggest you listen to their new single because it fucking rules.
i lost my concert virginity to them way back in high school. i also lost my crowd surfing viginity that night. what a pounding that was.
im addicted to mosh pits because of them. i haven't been in a good mosh pit for over a year since the slipknot concert that cj and i went to. ive been to several concerts in the interim, but no mosh pits at any of them. i miss mosh pits. im hopngi that over the summer there will be at least one. for sure in the fall because it looks like there's some fucking kickass tours on their way in the fall.
i had a really weird dream last night too. it was me and dustin and jessica simpson trying to find someone who'd been captured or something and we had to get into their house to look for clues and there were like booby traps and everything and jessica simpson was being dumb and kept turning on fireplaces where the pilot light had been blown out and almost blew us up a few times.
a bunch of us are going to value village to get stuff for the secret agent pub night.

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yellow plate


principal scudworth is cool, i want him to be my kooky friend.
hokay so. man, those jeans i bought yesterday? sooooooooooooo awesome looking.
i heart buffalo.
i also heart morning visitors even though i have to get up at like 7:30am to unlock the door. but thats ok.
i tried that weird caffeine drink i got last week finally. i had about half of it in my soc class and it worked pretty good. but then i left early cause it was a pointless class.
tomorrow im gonna go to value village and find stuff for the secret agent pub night that i will once again remind you is next friday at the SFU Higland Pub and you should come because you should.
i cant really decide what to do tonight. i have a load of laundry in, but after that...iono. i cant decide if im hungry or not and its cold outside. and we still dont have a tv. maybe i'll invent something. i dont know what yet, but maybe i will.
maybe i'll just consume massive quantities of caffeine and see what happens.
i want candy but i remembered i have cookies.
ok that is all.

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knock it off moon! i'm comin up there!

20th anniversary's of third shows are fucking awesome.

how is he not into MENSA?


so today was a wonderfully random fun day. julia and grant were in town for the day as previously mentioned. i opted out of class today and went to meet them downtown. they said i would be their tour guide. i dunno if im a good one, but we had fun times.
hit up Robson which was good cause i was going to go there anyway. julia went into many many many many shoe stores and didnt buy onnnnnnnnnne pair! i was fucking amazed. she has 53 pairs already. she likes shoes. she likes shoes like i like jeans. except i dont own 53 pairs of jeans. but i did buy another pair. and a watch. and both items are fucking sexy as hell. honestly, look at that watch and tell me it's not a sexy fucking watch.
i even went and looked at a pair of jeans from the armani store. much as i told myself i didnt care how much anything would cost today, $160 is still a hell of a lot for a pair of jeans. plus theyre not buffalo so fuck 'em.
and then we went to the aquarium....second time in two days pour moi. plus we only had forty five minutes til the place closed so we walked around fast. those seals are gigantic and cool. and i still want an otter to shuck oysters for me.
and then we drove around stanley park for a bit and got out to take pictures at random spots and got a following of raccoons who didnt want to let grant get back in the car. even yelling at them in french didnt work.
so then after grant climbed in though the passengers side rear door and crawled into the drivers seat on the side oppositite the fur army, we began to make our way to Stevenson Harbour. it's somewhere in Richmond. we almost got lost several times on the way. but thats ok cause ive never really driven around that part of town so it was fun. but it was dark so i couldnt see much but whatever.
and then we got there and had halibut and chips. and then drove from there all the way up here. and julia said she'll never complain about having to drive across town in edmonton after that. but then i said technically she drove across three.
and now the day is over and im wearing my new mushroomy watch and im quite happy about today. i also heard tons of gorillaz songs today. like everywhere.
dont forget, next friday, secret agent themed pub night here at the Highland Pub.
i go watch clone high now.

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no, you're a dingle Bitch.