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i popped a mogadon last night because I was sick of not being able to get a good sleep. ten hours later i woke up and thought 'i had better put those damn tentacles on that thing...'

my tax plan is up for CNGPM.

im going to see Zack & Miri today. tomorrow is the italian banquet and im gonna rock another suit.

now ive gone and lost my train of thought.

jeepers critter creepers


i havent been getting the best sleep lately. usually when this happens i just motor through things and eventually i'll crash and then sleep again. last night i figured i'd try to do a little recreational reading to tire me out and help me fall asleep.
i think it would have worked if i hadn't stayed up til 4am reading... and then waking up at about 9 and tossing around until 10:30 and then finally hauling my ass out of bed and downtown to do some work. i was planning on staying here til about 6, but i've since decided no fucking way and now im thinking maybe more like 3 and then going home and taking a nap. besides, it's not like the day has been a total bust. i have managed to get a few page in to my social policy paper. i like it when they're supposed to be double spaced cause then that means a 20 page paper is only really 9 or 10.
i've done a few days worth of googling, google scholaring, and SFU librarying about the BC Healthy Kids Program and have discovered there isn't a total wealth of information on it. so, you know, if you have any input, feel free to throw it my way.

i am le ugh.

jazz hands


so now I'm a competitor for Canada's Next Great PM and i want all of YOU TO SUPPORT ME BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

you might call me crazy, you might not agree, you might want skittles to buy your vote, i dont know, but I can say without a doubt, that even in just two days I actually feel like I'm applying my education and experience in ways that I have previously shot to pieces. ie, tax and economics...

it was kind of a snap decision on my part to enter, so we'll see how this goes.

in other news... i am going for sushi, and then im going downtown for a Bangladesh Troupe Reunion. then i might sleep in tomorrow. probly not too late though, I have papers to write.

keeping the pork in the barrel


im going to send in a video for that CBC thing about Canada's Next Great Prime Minister because why not. there's only four candidates now and the competition has been open since april. wow CBC, way to capture the interest of the country.

i went to the clinic thats conveniently placed down by the escalators to get my knee checked out cause it's still bugging me since i was home for turkey. don,t worry, I'm not gonna die. i know, sorry to disappoint some people. doc says iliotibial band syndrome. im pretty sure i just gave her a blank look when she said that. and then i might have laughed the 'wow those are big medical words that i have no idea what they mean' laugh.

my brain just wants to turn off today. i got about four hours of half sleep last night.


roll up your jeans


windows in the hallway


so i couldn't find any blue furry/fuzzy fabric that was light, cheap and that I liked, but the green does just fine. also, since Yip Yip's need a traveil guide, i also made a little Earth Book to carry around. i still have to work on the antenna a bit and add some tentacle things and it's good to go.

not all the pictures from last night, but the good enough ones. Chad, Danielle, Marlee, Dario, Steve, Ryan, Demis, Neil, Me, and Duane who danielle spotted later on and sent chad to go get him cause we had a big table which is like currency at the Cambie.

im not sure we knew why he was lying on the ground at the skytrain station but whatever.

i cant decide if i want instant noodles or egg tarts.

there are still bloggers left in vancouver i havent seen at the cambie. or around in general. when i grabbed a quick lunch with Raul last week we had a bit of a discussion about the dynamics of the community and how lots of people sort of know each other but dont know each other at the same time. i mean really, did you ever think that you'd have one line conversations with other people over twitter? i never did. and now i do. that totally sounded more profound in my head.

egg tarts.

it's just a guy in a chicken suit


today seems like one of those days where you're not sure if you think everything is going too fast or too slow. my landlord had the furnace cleaned so now there's actually hot air coming out of the vents.
im glad a bunch of us went out last night, i needed to unwind a bit. but the thing about unwinding, at least for me, is that i spent all week getting wound up and working my ass off to get shit out of the way and done and tallied and all that crap, and when i do something to relax, i always feel bad about taking time off to not do work. for some reason i sometimes think that i function better when my brain thinks it's in a state of semi stressed panic. well, maybe not that far. but if i think i have a crapload of stuff to do to keep myself occupied then i work better, and if im going out to a bar and not doing work then there's always part of my brain thats like "dude, no, you could not go out and stay home and write that summary that's not due for two weeks, but at least it will be done."
i want a nap.
i stepped off the sidewalk too hard and jarred my leg and now my knee hurts again.
i went for coffee with nick who i havent seen for two months and on the other side of the planet. it ws good to catch up and hear what was going on over there.
i also bought a new book today because when i do take a bit of unapologetic downtime at home to sit on the couch for a bit, i want a new book to read.
i'll put up video of the cinnamon bacon rolls that shaz and i made later. same for cambie stuff. just not feeling like it right now.

i think yesterday at some point i used the phrase "Discovery Channel has the trifecta of awesome: Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs". except they lose marks for Cash Cab. that's probably the dumbest show they've ever had on that channel. but they make up for it with the Discover song which is the most awesome thing ever. true story.

on the way home on the skytrain when it went by GM place i saw more Oilers jerseys than canucks. that's because people realy know who the better team is.

crashing through the lightning

there were two girls on teh skytrain who lthought it was sutpid that chad phoned my phone to leave avoicelmails while i was sitting right in front of him telling him to fuck off cause i had my phone in my hand ready to asnwer but he was like no let it go to voicemail and then proceeded to leave a long fucking voicemail about whatever. i will record it and put it up maybe, i don tknow.
ok. ok, here's the thing, ok, when you go out to a bar and you drink and you ding..or sing not ding you know, you should always keep in mind that you re totally not as good sat singing when youre dinrking than when youre not drinkgin acause if you like tape that shit and listen later you're otnyl going to realize tha and then youre all ;oh no! i cant keep a tune whiel i srink
1 oh no!" and you do it in a british accent to make it sound worse. yeah. i know right?
i think i will not do much wor tomorrow cause i have odne lits of it this week and i want a break or mayeb ill do a bit but not much i dont know.
wtf Camib why were you playing shitting fucking music tonight and overrun by greasy motherfuking hondurans who were crampign ryan's birthday? i also lost in a big way to dario in dibs. like not even funny. like so bad it was shameful. he was up close to twenty within five minutes of us ther. it was a poor game from my end. the worse loss this team has ever sudffered in a high stakes game of dissb.s
also duane was there and that was cool cause duane is a cool guy and we were all like 'danielle you saw him? let's go get him!" dso then chad did. and i think there were iphone pictures. and talk about twietter. and then it was go time. and now i am home. and typing poorly.


ok, spiders don't bug me. spiders bug my dad a lot, spiders don't bug me. i can crouch down and stare at one for a while, even name them.
however, this is not to say that they can't annoy me.
case in point, i throw on a hat this morning, i head down to HC to do some prep work for a presentation next week, and while i sitting here there's a little itch on my neck. so i scratch kind of absent mindedly. but it's still there. so i continue to scratch sort of absent mindedly until it becomes one of those little itches that you kind of get annoyed at for making you actually pay attention to it and you kind of do that little swat at your skin to make it stop.
and then i look down and there's a baby spider sitting on the edge of the table where it has now landed, wiggling it's lil legs around all "Hey essé! Whuatcho think you are dooeeng?"

yes. spiders are mexican in my head.

so I says, I says, 'lil spider, I'm gonna flick your ass off the tablw in that direction cause you fucking annoyed my with your crawling on me. You don't scare me, but crawling on me without permission DENIED."

so i flick him away.

then I thinks to myself, I thinks, "hey self, you know where that hat was hanging, you know that shelf, you've seen some of his buddies hanging around there looking for the spider Chicas."

so I says, I says, "you know what self, you're totally right! we should take off the hat and make sure he didn't leave no Essé in there!"

so off comes the hat, and i flip it over and what do I see?

"Hey fucker! I already flicked your Essé right the fuck out of here! so get out of there!"

of course knowing he's in deep shit now, this second lil spider is all "Hey mang! No way mang! I wasn't dooeeng nothing mang! I was just crawling around minding my own business! I ain't done no crawling on you!"

so I says, i says, "i don't give a fuck. you're not allowed in my hat you little shit."

so he cuts and runs and trie to hide in the fabric but i fold that fabric down so he can't get away and he's all "nooooo mang! noooooo! my Chicas!" and im all "AHAHAHAHAHA EVIL LAUGH!" and then I blow his lil spider ass somewhere that isn't inside my hat.

so that is the story of how I turned spiders into Mexicans.

*Disclaimer: this in no way assumes that Mexicans are as annoying as spiders. In fact, Mexicans provide us tacos and burritos and should be applauded for their hot sauces.

can he string form a web...wait...


it must be the fact that as a society we're somewhat infatuated with entertainment that involves some form of violence that the simple act of tagging a person has now evolved into punches in the face. most of the time I'm on the fence about violence in the media. however, when you find out that you've been dealt a blow by someone who's probably way cooler than you are you tend to take notice and then because you know you need to get lots of work done but still dwell on the fact that a little procrastination never really hurt anyone, you throw your fists up and look for some new targets.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Rocking the 8th grade.
2. Camping in the Pacific Northwest
3. finding out that Naveed was actually the first release by OLP and not Clumsy
4. Having lengthy discussions at lunch about whether or not space really constituted true 'nothingness'. yes. i was that kid.
5. Playing D&D in class by passing notes around. yes. i was also that kid.

5 things on my to do list today

1. Present my paper topic on the effects of Urban Noise pollution on Quality of Life in three cities between 1 and 2 million people and that have engaged in some form of noise mapping study using between 100 and 200 measurement points distributed across the geographic area of the city.
2. Have an over the phone exit interview a year after i quit at ING to go right the hell back to school.
3. Read two people's draft capstone intros and provide comments.
4. Find that article I'm supposed to summarize and present next week.
5. Finish filling out the blank spots in my ethics submission form.

5 snacks that I love:

1. Tim Horton's everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese
2. Rocky Road Snickers
3. Ichiban Beef Flavoured instant noodles
4. Peanut butter out of the jar
5. any kind of trail mix that has peanuts and dried papaya in it

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire

1. Get rid of those nasty student loans
2. Take the family to Vegas
3. Ok, this is dependent on what kind of millionaire I'd be. Like, Corey Feldman millionaire or Gene Simmons millionaire? Buy the house down the street that's for sale, reno it and put an Audi S5 in the garage.
4. Buy a vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, a Gibson Gordie Johnson SGJ, and a full stack Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier
5. Go to school forever.

5 places I've lived:

1. Sherwood Park
2. Ottawa
3. Vancouver
4. Dhaka
5. I don't have a fifth, I'm not exciting enough.

5 jobs I've had:

1. Golf course maintenance crew (three different courses)
2. House of Commons Page
3. Data Services, Office of the Leader of the Opposition
4. Feature Sports Fields Labourer for Strathcona County. Best. Job. Ever.
5. CIDA Intern

5 people I punch:

1. Christina
2. Carrie
3. Meg
4. Shaz
5. Mike

i cant wait for violence

i can write all i want and it doesnt make a dent. nope. dont you want to out your head down and just see if the world isn't the same when you lift it again. or close your eyes and try to think about ow quiet the world would be if it only it weren't so loud. simple solutions often require the most complex actions. it seems kind of backwards now that you think about it. but then of course the alarm goes off or the phone rings and you can't help but open your eyes again and be honestly disappointed that you're exactly where you were five minutes ago. in the same chair, in the same space, in the same way wondering what it was you're trying to get away from. if you can't find a reason, why even try? confronting things is necessary but if you go looking for one that you aren't even sure will be there is it the same thing? what if you're so aware of the symptoms of your own downfall that you can accept them at face value and then just step around them? that would be too simple, but then you'd have to be complex. everyone is complex, no matter how simple they say their tastes are.
what if two certainties conflicted to the point where they were still both certain but you had to figure out which one wasn't actually. that makes all of life's little quandaries seem obsolete and exciting all at the same time. you know what it all boils down to is if you can ask yourself if you think you're really the most honest with yourself. not entirely self delusion, but maybe self denial works better. i still don't know who i am all the way through. i dont think anyone does. i was walking through a parking lot last night to buy a pizza and a bottle of fresca and started to think about what it was that university actually teaches you. and i didnt come up with academic prowess or an expanded knowledge of the world. i think what it's taught me is that you can try to be the most honest person with yourself but at the end of the day, you're no different than anyone else. i think im a nice guy most of the time. i think im a good guy. i think that the last few years have also taught me how to be a jackass. maybe thats not all bad, maybe that gives some balance to things. i think that it makes you more accutely aware of ehat exactly you're doing. the only trouble there is that you stare things in the face having a good idea of the shit you're getting into but you still don't step around it. and then a car honks its horn and you stop thinking things, and remember to start thinking about what kind of pizza you want.
you know what it all really boils down to is one question which is do you think Smurfs have blue blood?

watch stripes




armed with skill and determination


i stayed home to work today. i probably should have gone downtown. last year i could work at home like a maniac. now if i work at home it's an arduous fucking process. that's ok, im going in tomorrow anyway. plus i finished one assignment today. now it's back to the grind of tallying survey results. i should probably start thinking about starting my social policy paper at some point. i know im doing an analysis of the BC Healthy Kids program. yeah. now you know as much as I do.
you know when NOT to go grocery shopping? sunday afternoons. that's apparently the time when there are no carts and no baskets and the lines are the things of dread. so i get my stuff and im in line, and im standing behind this woman and what i can only assume is her daughter. could have been younger sister, i dunno. probably daughter.
oh, btw, i saw The Mist last night and it was meh.
so im standing there looking around at the lines of people, cause that's what you do when there are lots of lines, you watch people. so this woman in front of my has her hair cropped short, dyed jet black except for some little line of white just on one side on her forehead. and then of course the Robson Street decor look of scarf, jacket, pants with no pockets, weird fucking shoes. you know, the kind of person who you aren't at all surprised to see in Capers, but you would wonder wtf they're doing in Superstore. so she has this whole hoity toity attitude while she;s standing there and her phone goes off and she picks it up and i guess Husband asks where she is. "I'm TRYING to battle the mobs of lines at Superstore...don't ask me, i don't even know WHY I came here, I wont even buy produce from here."
it's at this point i look in her cart and see that it it replete with no name brand everything and bags of lettuce and carrots from the produce bins.
your ruse does not fool us!
i dont get that. i dont understand why people go to a grocery store and suddenly shove their heads up their asses as if to avoid the smell of bulk bins. you know what this woman reminded me of? that episode of south park where everyone drives hybrids and Kyle's family moves to San Fransisco and everyone there smells their own farts. yeah, this lady would smell her own farts if she were a south park character.
it's a fucking grocery store. no shit some of the produce isn't going to be super crisp. same goes for the long lines. people need to eat. seriously, if you're THAT hung up about your fucking organic lettuce, stop going to a store and grow a fucking garden.
oh but that would dirty up your designer gardening clothes wouldnt it...


ive been living at this place for close to two years. today is the first day i met one of the neighbours.

your roots are showing


my saturdays are exciting. i'll tell you how exciting they are. i get up, i get ready, i go to school. see? exciting. i lost track of when i'd eaten today, so at about 8:30 i was trying to figure out when i'd had lunch, which had been some seven hours previous. but it totally didnt feel like that at all. when you spend so much time squared away in your own little space you sort of lose track of how time really flows. and then you leave and it's dark out and you wonder why.
i hunted down about fourteen baby spiders in my room earlier. i figure i've got mad skillz at that now after i honed them chasing down the roaches and ants and other spiders in Dhaka.
i think Dawn of the Dead is on. im not sure. if im at home i usually turn the tv on for some background noise, and right now it's full of GRRAWR SSNNRR FFRGGRRR and FUCK! AHHH GO! RUN!!!
i dont know what would make me assume that those noises would make it dawn of the dead, and considering ive never seen that i wouldnt really know. but i think it is.
no going hiking tomorrow, so i'll probably be back in the corner at harbour center doing some more work because that's how i roll.
here's my rationale for hiding at school on weekends; doing stuff on weekends costs money. hiding at school doing work does not. therefore, when it comes to pay back money that isnt really mine, the less i use over the course of the semester, the more i have to immediately pay back.
doesn't always work, but whatever.
i used too much oil cooking my perogies.
my ipod is pissing me off. it dies way too fast now. i've had it a year. i dont think it should die as fast as it does after only a year.
i think im going to watch The Mist later.
i watched a lot of Star Trek DS9 while i was in edmonchuck. i never watch it here.

zombies in the childrens room


back by my popular demand

im supposed to be taking off in five minutes. instead i have to wait another half hour for the plane to take off.

there's some four year old reading over my shoulder.

final call 8277


bacon and apple pie are a delicious combo. i think i have to go for a family dinner now. and then im going to eat wings and watch the oilers game.

oh yeah, election...

um, duh?

voted NDP. and now that there's an NDP riding in Alberta, the province more accurately reflects the colours of the only real hockey team in the provincial boundaries.

the tv just told me "always repair in pairs".

dozens of smartridges


technically my thanksgiving meal is spaghetti if you want to count that today's meal is officially supposed to by turkey night. but we had that on friday, so tonight it's spag.
we never fired a shot today. none. we also got the first 'no' from a farmer in probably five years about going into a field. you gotta wonder how they're going to recoup the revenue they lose in grain eaten by birds when we could clear them out in thirty seconds...
we also got lost somehow. yeah, we're driving south (we think) and all of a sudden we're off the map and way way north of the highway we wanted and then somehow got lost on our way back to the highway we wanted and then thought we were on the highway we wanted and found out we were still lost on the way to the highway we wanted... yeah, we're not sure either.
i still have a cold, i have a semi gimped leg, we've been skunked two days so far this season and i got fuck all for work done cause i spent all day yesterday in bed trying to feel less sick.
tomorrow we're going fossil hunting instead. not guaranteed to find something, but it's probably going to have a better outcome than the geese...

ok, tomorrow you vote. quick note on voting pour vous. everyone says that if you don't think the person you want to get in will get in you should vote strategically and that if you dont vote strategically then you waste your vote.

fuck you, go vote somewhere else.

the concept of strategic voting pisses me off more than most things. the fact that people tell you that you have to vote a certain way to prevent a certain outcome is bullshit. this is MY fucking vote not YOUR fucking vote so I'll vote however i fucking well please. if people tell me they're voting strategcally, i have a hard time not telling them i want to slap them in the face. the point of a democracy such as ours is to enable the population to cast a vote for who they think is best suited to represent them. obviously if you don't cast your vote for the person who you think is best suited to do that in order to block someone else being elected, you've become a traitor to your own ballot. personally, i think strategic voting should be outlawed because it devalues the concept of a democracy and it devalues your own vote. hi people we live in a multiparty system, so fucking duh, there's a pretty good chance the person you vote for won't be elected but that still doesn't mean you shouldn't vote for them. if you vote strategically you suck.
secondly, if you tell me that you don't want to vote for a certain party because you don't want to vote for the leader, then i will ask you "do you live in the leader's riding? no? then you aren't voting for the leader so fuck off" leaders don't set party policies, party policy makers set party policies. leaders are a face in the crowd. you don't cast a vote for a person, you cast a vote for what policies you think are best suited for you.
now put this and not voting strategically together, and you've got the actual fundamentals of a democracy down.
ignore them, and you're a fucking tool who's spent too much time listening to the analysts on CTV and probably CNN.

so go vote for who you WANT to vote for tomorrow not who people say you SHOULD vote for.

something funny i forgot


sick enough to spend the day in bed and sleep and wonder why they still show the really old Just For Laughs from the early 90s that really fucking suck.

oh look, an American geography original...

had Turkey day on friday cause my sister has to work nights this week. wait..what day is it...i keep thinking it's Monday but it's not is it. now wonder i couldnt find listings for HIMYM and Heros wonder tv is so shitty today...

ive been living off Fresca and OJ today. oh hey there's soe Star Wars CG cartoon on...

oh nuts to that i found he Oilers game.

can you believe there's no soup here?

synth muzak for all time


an email i just sent to the Tory candidate for Edmonton-Sherwood Park who's had some past difficulties...


I'm going to start out by saying that I've previously worked directly in the House of Commons as well as for the OLO during the last year of the Alliance prior to the merger. I can confidently say that I belong to a certain minority of Canadians who has a well versed, if not a tad cynical, understanding of what actually goes on behind the scenes in Ottawa.
I'll ignore the whole debacle of the method in which Mr. Uppal's riding nomination was secured, as well as the recent discoveries that his financial morals and practices are somewhat questionable. In truth, I'm not the most informed on either of these issues as I'm currently at home in Sherwood Park for Thanksgiving during my reading break from my pursuit of a Master of Public Policy degree at Simon Fraser University.
My question, or comment if you choose to interpret it as such, revolves more around the proceedings and actions of MPs while physically in Ottawa. I'm sure Mr. Uppal has exemplary knowledge of this, as his website certainly makes it sound as such. I'm sure working closely with the CPC and former Alliance party has also given him insight as to what goes on during the majority of the time during proceedings in the House.
During the time I worked in Ottawa, I was frequently disturbed and often disgusted by the manner in which MPs would self-aggrandize, make deals, and act selfishly and entirely not in the interests of those Canadians who they were supposedly representing. I'll not single out a single party for an example as this occured with members from each. This is not representation that a democracy is built around. I'm sure it's easy enough to agree that an MP has a responsibility to act selflessly for the sake of his or her constituents.
I'm also sure that Mr. Uppal has a basic awareness of the general rules of proceedure in the House. This would obviosuly mean he would be aware of the number of MPs required to be rpesent in the Chamber to meet quorum. My first question: if elected, would Mr. Uppal sign an affadavit signifying his intention to inform the Speaker of lack of quorum whenever the number of MPs required are not present. Canadians are well aware of the media circus that is Question Period, but sadly, too few are aware that during debates a pathetically small number of MPs are actually present in the House. I've been present in the Chamber duing debates in which fewer than four MPs are present. If Mr. Uppal will not consent to this if elected, I would consider this an affront to the people of his riding as it shows an unwillingess to assure that Canadians are properly represented.
Secondly, not since the federal election of 1993 has the number of votes cast in Canada by percentage of the population been higher than 50%. The most recent federal election saw voter turnout at 47.2% when considered under the umbrella of total population. I find this more important that the voter turnout rate when measured by percentages of registered voters as the outcome of the election affects all Canadians, and not only those who are registered to vote. In any case, were you to measure this by means of voter turnout, the 36.3% percent the CPC received decreases substantially. MY second question: if elected will Mr. Uppal sign an affadavit to table a motion in the House that seeks to have the election results measured by Votes Cast as the Percentage of the total population, and if found to be under 50%, that the results be considered null and void as a majority of Canadians have not placed their trust in any representative.
Lastly, and directly dealing with our riding of Edmonton Sherwood Park, if elected will Mr. Uppal sign an affadavit signifying his intention to immediately request a by-election should his victory be secured by a total number of votes that is not above 50% of the total votes cast in the boundaries of the constituency. I'm of the mind that a victory in a multiparty system that sees a government put in place with a 36.3% vote rate should not be acceptable, and similarly neither should the population of a riding have their views represented by an individual who wins without securing a majority.
Should I receive a response to these questions that has not come directly from Mr. Uppal himself, I will be visiting his campaign office to make the same requests face to face. Should I be denied this, I will be making a formal complaint to both the CPC as well as Elections Canada.
As for the matter of the potential for these documents to be signed, I've enough contacts in legal business in Edmonton who would be more than willing to draft them up and be present to witness them be signed. I've also a number of contacts both inside the House of Commons as well as a variety of Party offices who will easily be able to inform me of the conditions in the Chamber in regards to m first request.
I take the matter of democratic representation very seriously, as should you, and I find no fault in my requests to ensure proper represenation for Canadians and participation by their MPs in House proceedings.
That said, best of luck in your campaign efforts, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

fun with Tory

autumn search
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tonight we're having Turkey Night because my sister has to work nights next week.
tomorrow I get to get up at 5am for what I think is one of the few truly sacred things I have. watching the sunrise over a cold farm field and waiting for the day to get started.
everyone has something that's sacred to them, maybe not in a holy sense or whatever, but it's that thing that occupies a place in their mind that can't ever be replaced. i look forward to this for 364 a year.
not everyone understands how a sunrise broken by shotgun shells but they don't have to. it's not theirs to understand. I think that's the good thing about having something important in life that you spend so much time looking forward too, you're really the only person in the world who needs to understand it.

you're going in the window, yeah you are


looks like the wireless at YVR is getting better. last time i had about 3/4 signal now it's full.

the line through security is massive, but thats ok cause i have an hour to get through it.

the whole food court place outside of security is under renovation or something. either that or it's a giant quarantine procedure that no one knows about.


im hoping the west jet people dont give me guff about two carry on bags.

for lack of something better to do i will now go stand in line at security.

see you in 9 days rainy west coat.


i fail to see how doing EVERYTHING that security asks you to do in EXACTLY the way they tell you WITHOUT question and a smile on your face means that out of the 100 people in line IM the one they pull aside and fucking send everything back through the goddamn xray machine. what about the guy who tried to get a litre of fucking soy sauce through? or the women who "oh, well, yes i have some shampoo and this and that..." OR THE DIRTY HIPPIE GUY WHO'S DRESSED IN ALMOST RAGS. FUCK.

and at the risk of sounding like a complete douche nozzle, and i realize that as Canadians we're all happy about multiculturalism, but I'd think that having security people who can understandably speak EITHER OFFICIAL LANGUAGE would be nice.

airports fucking suck. flying is cool, but airports fucking suck.

through the eats


live alums are wicked, especially since they give you chance to here what you may have missed, like if you were in south asia all summer and missed a few concerts you'd been drooling over...

that said, the new Matt Good Live at Massey Hall album has made up for that. even if i missed out on the cd pre-order and got booted off the US iTunes store for trying to buy the whole album before the rest of it goes up on the Canadian site...

it makes reading about targeting of income tested welfare programs that much easier to get through.

im only half through it so far, but really, you don't need to listen to the whole thing to already know it'll fucking rule. because it does. rule. fucking. yeah.

back to tapping foot along in the corner and reading.

ready to go off


hiking 18km in the rain and snow is always fun. especially when you wear the right boots and dont fuck your feet up. Garibaldi Lake this time. i'm glad that it snowed because it never really felt like october until then.

tired. HIMYM then sleep.

hollywood panini