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sh!thawks...on parade: 02.2008

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omg i hurt so much right now....

we finally had the first game of flag football for the intramural season after dropping the first four to shitty weather.

i was expecting to be a little stiff after, but i was not expecting a knee to the ribs. it pretty much hurts to exist.

ok, i exaggerate, but fucking ow. i never stopped to take a breather after it either. woomf! roll over, groan, cough, get up, half hour straight more of rushing.

im glad i really have nothing to do tomorrow because it's going to suuuuuuuuck with soreness.

p.s. ugly sweater party tonight.

p.p.s. im still waiting to make you a super cool mail movie that will rock your socks off.

xylophone tongs


Stone Temple Pilots or Velvet Revolver. Pick. Now.


ever have one of those days where nothing in particular happens at all for the entire day but at the end of it you're just really agitated?



we had the second of our overnight essay assignments of the semester today. initially I was annoyed because there were chips and cookies and food and stuff at the Mob House. however, being the speedy writer that I can be and having blitzed the necessary readings last night I finished the bastard in about four hours.

plenty of time to make it to the most hilarious nhl game of the season.

seriously, you guys want to get into the playoffs this way? hahahah nice try.

also, i influenced a new blog. teh rulz iz dat yr sposed to bein speekin liek teh lolkittehs on teh new blog. liek, im on yr internets, scopin yr blog.

ive seriously become addicted to the lolcats application on facebook.

pure. genius.

surprisingly, we have no new assignments due for any class for the next week. i'm not sure if i should take that as a good sign or not. either way, it frees up some time to actually have a bit of a life.

i want to play laser tag. who's down?

it's just a box of rain


a week from today, I will hereby be dedicating the following 365 days to Bob and Doug.

any and all are welcome to contribute to this TwoFour Birthaversary with items such as a TwoFour, a Toque, earmuffs, pancakes, a copy of Strange Brew, a flannel shirt, and an ice cream beer float.

actually, that last one is reserved already, but any of the others will do fine.

your one week countdown of provision and my ensuing happiness begins now.

nut catchers and nipple clips

Dhaka Boatman
Originally uploaded by David Hall Photography
i keep having these little moments of realization about how little time there is until I leave this summer. I'm hoping that by the end of the week JR will tell maggie and I when we need to be in Dhaka so I can finally book a flight.
all last week i was so busy getting stuff done that I'd hardly thought about it. but now I think bit by bit I'm getting more and more used to the idea I get to be directly involved with shaping a developing country, maybe in small ways, but they still count.
It's also kind of strange that a lot of people ask me what im going to buy there because it's so cheap. look, i'll admit that I'm not going there with the attitude of not remotely taking that opportunity to get a hold of things I could otherwise not afford for a long time here, but still, the point is to go and help people, not just help myself.

and that will do for my late night rant. sleep has caught up to me.

Dhaka Boatman


i found a roof to take pictures on today after class. while i was up there some cracked out lady ran out of a door to the parkade, looked at me and said "DUDE I REALLY GOTTA PEE!"
so i walked away as she ran to where i'd been standing and i swear it sounded like someone turned on a garden hose full blast.

then when i was walking down the street i was asked for change by a guy who hesitantly added "im not a weirdo...or anything." im sure you're not, but adding that phrase is then redundant and only makes you seem like a weirdo trying to convince people you arent really a weirdo even though you are.

today jordo asked the lady at the dollar store by the food court if her cans were two for a dollar and i started to laugh and he just stared at me blankly for a bit. simple things people, simple things.

i had some deep, thought provoking statement i though up earlier but it has since passed.

are your cans two for a dollar?


Something There

i think the only downside to being a student living in Vancouver is that when it's a nice day out and you have papers to write you look out the window knowing that you aren't out there enjoying it to its full extent.

im almost done my econometrics paper for tomorrow. one section left i give it about an hour.

i also took the second of four typhoid caplets today, so we'll see whether or not tonight turns into another friday night.

now, must...resist...sunny day....must....finish...paper....

o hai, dis ur pillz?


Originally uploaded by oskiamo
i decided not to go downtown to work at school today. which is ok because i'm just about done inputting all my data into Excel for the paper due monday, then alls i gots left to do is do some descriptive stats, correlation coefficients and write the first part of it out. no biggie.

im also waiting for the laundry room to be clear because yesterday's first round of typhoid and thursday's polio ad hep A shots culminated in a shivering, sweat drenched night. i woke up a few times last night and it felt like someone had poured water all over my bed. crazy. im kind of hoping this will not be a reoccurring issue over the next week while i take the rest of the typhoid caps.

so laundry day it shall be.

and work day. but at a nice relaxed pace because i can pace myself today and tomorrow and finish in plenty of time.

i should probably go get groceries at some point today too...i cant remember the last time i went...

burn your wicked garden down


i had to start taking typhoid vaccine caplets today. they have resulted in an upset stomach all day, loss of appetite, lightheadedness, shivering, and muscles pain. and im not done taking them til thursday.

i also did no work at all today. which will have set me back but whatever i actually needed a break from this supposed 'reading break' that hasnt amounted to much more than me sitting at school for more hours than i care to count trying to get things done. im amazed that people actually went away for the week.

here's my thing about know how vaccines are the actual strain of whatever but it's supposed to be dead? ive always been paranoid that i'll get the one that oops lookit that it was actually still alive congrats now you have polio.

in the last three days i have heard "for when you get diarrhea" far too many times. tack on to that "stop taking this is if you notice you have bloody stool."

jesus christ.

also, now that ive taken out the pharmacy info sheet on this uber crapper stopper (classy hey?) side effects may include: stomach upset, diarrhea/loose stools, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.

so, what you have prescribed me to prevent my guts from flying out my ass is a bunch of pills that could potentially cause my guts to fly out my ass...

makes sense to moi.

i went to Coast Mountain Sports today to check out the camping gear for water purifiers, bug repellent and bag liners. gonna wait til the Rents get here in a few weeks and hit up MEC instead.

people keep asking me if im excited to be going. yes. now let me get on with making it through the rest of the semester k thx bai.

she's penicillin penny

today in a fit of momentary genius i decided to start a flickr group of my very own to which undoubtedly at least three people might join ever but oh well.

Dear Interwebs,

May I present to you The Footfalls Project to which any and all are welcome.

Sedation Injunction


i ordered swiss chalet and it made me think of you and i sitting on the ground on the ninth floor trying to decide what to have for dinner, and desperately trying to find somewhere, anywhere, that would deliver chinese food and when that didnt work the chicken saved the day and we had a meal in plastic containers with rolls that once had a friend live in your purse for a month from the first day we met and were hustled off to dinner with your parents and relatives with me invited because i fixed your internet when you moved in. and i smiled this morning when you texted me asking if i would be safe and go somewhere not so far away and i answered with a promise that i'll be safe. their gravy still tastes the same. i'll never be able to eat swiss chalet again without thinking about that night and smiling at the thought. i still have your pictures up to remind me everyday, but even being able to look at those, see you smile in them, remember where some were taken, that gravy reminds me more. i might say that's odd if it weren't for the fact that it made me smile and miss you even more.

like spinning plates

i am not in the midst of a good day. i am having a bad day. i have yet to get shot up with several needles which will only make it worse.
i am going to lock myself in my room for the remainder of the day once that is done with and not come out, nor speak with anyone, nor deal with anything, nor do any work until sometime tomorrow.


i feel i have accomplished much today. however, i have thrice come to realizations about my econometrics project that has left me going ""
the first involved the realization that there are far too many border crossings between canada and the us and inputting all road crossings into excel one by one is a pain in the ass.
the second involved the realization that, since switching to a cross sectional study, using a floating exchange rate as an independent variable will not work, followed by a trip to the profs office who also admitted to not having thought of that previously. this has resulted in a long an rather math heavy way around this issues.
the third involved the realization that because i have decided to use distance to a city as another variable, i now have to calculate that for 81 separate border crossings.
the good news, this is the only assignment i have left to work on for the next five days.
the bad news. see above.
also, someone ate what remained of my leftover pizza.

dont do what donny did didnt not do


Things You Need To Be Productive: Or How I'm Spending My Day:

1. Large piles of paper all over the table.
2. Several pens spread all over the table.
3. A bottle of water.
4. Jelly Beans.
5. Mini chocolate doughnuts that were to be eaten last night but never got around to being eaten.
6. Several choices of rolling chairs.
7. A white board and markers on which to write random thoughts having nothing to do with your work at all.
8. A laptop that doesn't run on Vista.
9. Headphones.
10. A season of Bob Ross.
11. Other people in the room to make fun of.
12. Some random Korean chocolate bar that looks like a turd.
13. Several time keeping pieces with which you can check the time in several different ways.
14. Plugins that work.
15. The motivation that the more you get done, the more you can play guitar hero later.


i finally left after 7 hours of sitting in the same chair. and now i am home. and according to the doctor who gave me a piece of paper for a bunch of little pills i am supposed to try one to see what they do before i go in Thursday for a first round of vaccinations. i took one about 40 minutes ago. i wasn't really sure to expect seeing as how im generally not personally in favour of taking sedatives, but considering the gong show that would be thursday without them, i'll make an exception. it's not bad. i can still function. it's more of a smooth spaced out feeling. for a while it felt like i was sitting in a room full of pillows. nice. i think i'll walk across the street and get a pizza. i know that's not making the est use of things i have in the fridge, but really, after staring at memos and program costs all goddamn day i just dont feel like waiting around for food to cook/boil/fry/ whatever.

Take Notes


i started and finished our assignment that's due friday today. now i cant decide what to do. options i have are stay home, eat mini chocolate doughnuts and watch Clone High, or go downtown for Margarita Monday.
i think i accomplished enough today to merit some down time tonight.
the only thing is that my stomach is growling at me. in that way where you know you'd think it would stop but then you go out and your laughing and having a good time, and then right out of the blue, it makes the loudest, growliest, weirdest, wettest, digestion sounds ever and everyone notices, but they're polite and pretend not to notice and you're all fucking embarassed because you know they noticed and you shift around uncomfortably hoping you're wrong and they didnt notice but they totally did.
i came up with another song i like. i'll record it later.

baseball, strippers and guns