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sh!thawks...on parade: 09.2005

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yes that pick was used in the concert.
no you cannot have it.
yes it was the most amazing concert i have ever been to.
no you cannot have it.
yes i met the guitarist for autolux.
no you cannot have it.
yes i bascially spent the whole concert as to close to backstage as you can physically get.
no you cannot have it.
yes my throat is in pain.
no you cannot have it.
yes it will be painful getting up for class.
no you cannot have it.
yes it was worth it.

you can't have it.

yes it is. and no you can't have it.


rooftops are not toys.
unless you happen to live on campus.

one night Everett, Mike, Kailin and I decided to go on an adventure...

...on the way we saw lights in the sky...

...and saw lots of nifty buildings...

...and kept a wary eye out for bears and CSPs...

...being high up makes you dizzy sometimes...

...ok come on, they're scientists it can't be that hard...

...then it was time for a nice boulder break...

...and a little commandeering of park equipment...

...and resting on neat machines...

...and remembering why it was we went up there in the first place...

a dish called "Roof à la Shrum"


i really don't think i have anything relevant to say right now.
i was walking back from cory's in Univercity and found myself lapsing into a moment of discordance with reality.
then snapping back and thinking to myself "why have i found myself walking across the top of a mountain at midnight alone in the dark?"
it's a very empty world that has resulted in the acoustic version of "Be Quiet and Drive" by the Deftones to be put on repeat.

drive me far away


seeing as how i have 17 credit hours this semester i'm likely to go mad with work.
if i don't at least get really annoyed i'll be fucking amazed.
however, it's not like there aren't plenty of things to do to take your mind off the constant influx of assignments, papers, lectures and tutorials.
especially if you live in rez.
just ask dustin.
what better way to spend a nice day than in the shade of a tree.

A Whole Other Kind of Tree Hugger


filters are nifty

good to know...

the herd of the bus shepperd

somewhere on there it says "Stanley Kubrik was here"

up here they pioneered what's called the Stop Tree

these stairs go up and down at the same time

current mood: "There There" by Radiohead. you figure it out.

Adventures in Sepia and Radiohead


gotcha started today.
if you don't know what gotcha is then i can simply say it is the game which causes the most paranoia, running around with water guns, looking like the CIA is after you all week, and treachery you can find.
being a watergun assassin is fun.
got me one kill already tonight, and aiming for another.
all i can say is, shootouts in your own kitchen that move up the stairs are intense.

Gotcha Muthafuckah!


right now i'm food drunk.
i really shouldn't be, simply because i'm a student and students are supposed to starve, not get high off pasta and startbucks.
honestly, i can't imagine going to anton's, finishing an entire plate of pasta, and not feeling like you just dropped a tab of acid.
i had half of my cannellonni and i can easily equate this to having had at least 4 shots of jager.
then to top it off we decide to get chantico's...
delightfully little cups full of pure liquid chocolate.
it's bliss until the bus starts hitting bumps.
then not so much.
maybe i won't have to eat for a few days now...i can just hibernate and live off the food in my stomach...

There's a Message in my soup! it says 'oooooooooooo"

obviously the person who made up the bait cars warning doesn't think that people will take them seriously.
if he did he would have used a comma after 'steal one'.
it's like, oh you don't believe this warning?
steal a car.
get caught.
anyone who remembers anything from english grammar would realize that the use of the imperative really fucks up this sign.
it commands you to steal a car!
then it commands you to get caught!
it's making me feel like either stealing one or painting over 'get caught'
steal one.

This is Not How You Use a Comma


this is what happens when you put 8 ROLs together and decide to go for late night sushi.
especially late night sushi that happens to close 15 minutes after you get there so the next, and most logical choice, is to go get bubble tea so you can use the tapioca beads like giant spit wads.
which, of course, must be follwed up by some form of lecherous meal that can easily be found at any Denny's restaurant.
which then leads to having eaten too much sugar.
which leads to misadventures looking for the batcave.
which ultimately results in people being tied up in yellow tape to warn others about their treachery.
either that, or we're all just completely insane.

You Can't Get Sushi at Denny's


for those who insist on saying that communication is by no means a real degree and that you really don't leanr anything and all you do is bitch about movies and pictures, i present to you this stack of books.
note the recurring theme of research methods.
note the yellow one about researching audiences.
note that i have 6 chapters to read in that book plus two 50 page readings from the accompanying coursewear to do for next week that's all printed in a font about this big full of very large words that i am all too familiar with but have hammered into my head constantly for three years only to realize that every year the meaning changes and shittiest of all it took me over 5 hours to get through only 80 pages.
my brain is officially book mush now.
and that's only one class.
ok, ya i know, this is my fourth year and i should expect shit like this.
at least i have a a couch to sit on this year.
oh well...i figure that more than 5 hours of one book and turning into a zombie is worth a break.
time to blow some shit up GTA3 style.

How to Turn Your Brain to Mush

lines suck.
bouncers suck.
getting there late sucks.
people leaving when you're in line sucks.
feeling down on a buzz sucks.
fuck this...
i'm gonna go play goldeneye.

All the lines, lines, LINES!


i don't think you can steal school spirit. i mean, don't you think that if you happened upon a school flag one day and hung it in pride on your living room that it should be admired and oogled by all?
i think so.
however, now i have to go by the nice little mantra of "if you can't see it, it isn't there" for a while.
what flag?
that flag?
no not that flag...
you can't see it on any wall or hanging from any balcony.
if you can't see it then it isn't here.
you can look all you want, but i doubt you'll find it.
and really, in ten years when the school turns fifty, do you think that one 40th anniversary flag is going to matter much?
it's like magic. except without the rabbit and the hat.
more like, look! it's gone! now what are you going to do?
think of it as the neighbour who borrows your saw.
do you ever see your saw again?

Found: One Borrwed Object

the first question i was asked when i got back up on the hill after gonig to the movie tonight was by four skaters by labatt square.
"do you know where to find some marijuana at this hour?"
the hour being 1am on a wednesday.
ok, i mean it IS rez, but seriously guys, give your head a shake.
some things you just don't go looking for on a wednesday.
and apparently guard dogs make certain people feel less macho after jumping out at the walking home.
don't worry vickster, batman will save you.

Dumb Wednesday Questions


as of today I'm now apparently a member of Hillel, the Student Marketing Association, made a new gay friend, and am currently being guilted out of playing CTF to go see a movie.
the Hillel thing might seem a little out of character, what with my gross distrust of organized religion.
whatev. they're cool folks. plus they have a gigantic fucking room loaded with nice shit in the Cornerstone Building to hang out in.
and for some reason i feel slightly like i'm committing treason with the CMNSU by signing up for the SMA. oh well.
ok, time to get to the frosh post mortem.
then get guilted into going to a movie...

I Said Hey There Fella!

today's award for most awkward conversation involves finding out that certain people decided to make stir fry at midnight.
it also involves a fair amount of wink wink nudge nudge on mine and everett's part towards a certain roommate of mine who just happens to like said stir fryer back.
however, the prize is not awarded until the stir fryer is added to my msn and the first question asked is "is there chicken in it?"
maybe this doesn't seem that funny to you. but that's ok because to us it was hilarity come to life.
honestly, getting into the ingrdients of a midnight stir fry to avoid some blunt statements or questions that would make one of two people stutter out a response while their face turned into a tomato might not seem all that fun, but considering that apparently i intimidate the stir fryer on the lacrosse team i find it quite amusing.
hells yes innuendos are fun.

The Most Awkward Conversation Ever


today was the first day of Clubs Days.
Clubs Days pisses me off.
someone tell me why there are 8 tables with the word "Christian"' in their titles, and why Campus Crusade for Christ has two tables, one in english and one in chinese.
while sitting idly by at the CMNSU table again, meg made the most accurate observation a person can make about Clubs Days.
in her own words:
"if you aren't Asian and you don't believe in god you're fucked"
honestly, do we really need to see a 12 foot tall wooden cross in convo mall?
i think not.
maybe someone should tell all the people at the religious tables to go sign up for the Altered Reality Club.

Meg's little observation


really, if I could aspire to be a picture I think it would be this one.
I've found a lot of cool pictures that I really like, but for some reason this one just keeps rearing its head at me.
maybe it's cause NIN is in two weeks.
maybe it's cause Trent Reznor is a devilishly sexy mofo.
maybe it's cause this is just an uber cool picture that I can easily place myself in.
were this a more intuitive blog, i'd probably get into the theory behind that...
but it isn't and Freud pisses me off as does the overwhelmingly vilifying feminist bias in the Gaze theory with which you could explain it.
honestly, sometimes a cool picture is just a cool picture, so Sigmund can go blow a goat.

Two Weeks to Mayhem

For those who say the Moose song is far overrated, I offer you proof of how cool it is from the Toronto Film Festival.

Observe as Keira Knightley makes use of giagantic prop hands to illustrate the sheer magnitude of the Moose who drank Juice named Fred.

Observe also the expertise with which director David Cronenberg uses his hands to show reporters how the Moose Song goes.

Seriously, if Keira Knightley knows how to do the Moose Song then it HAS to be cool.

So fuck you Randy.

Mooses Mooses Everywhere

Ok, after putting this off for a while I've decided to extend my blogging into the more non political and argumentative.

Basically, I need another outlet. Much as I like writing about how much of a fuck up Bush is, I don't think I could justify all of a sudden changing the format of that one to more ramblings of a nonsensical personal nature.

It's 1:31 am. I'm not sure if I'm tired or not. It would be nice to sleep, but seeing as how my class doesn't start until 11:30 I figure I can sleep in.

I think the cat has it right. I could slump over on my desk, let out a sigh of discontent, and wish that I could turn the world off.

Unfortunately life aparently doesn't like just anyone to have the fucking remote...


I have two concert tickets on my wall right now. Nine Inch Nails and Matt Good.

I need to add Opeth, Children of Bodom, and Coheed.

Ok, sleep time now.

Nine Pairs of Shoes and No Socks