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sh!thawks...on parade: 12.2006

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in no particular order...


ok, so, the family has careened into nap mode so i have some down time. sitll no pics yet tho cause im not uploading them on this computer. however i can provide some entertainment in the form of very much overgeneralized observations:


1. Mexicans own every stripper in the city.
2. Only African americans use bluetooth earpieces.
3. Texans have a waist that is at least a foot higher than everyone else.
4. the majority of people in Vegas, regardless of amount of wealth, think far too highly of themselves.
5. Trying to find an internet café in Vegas is impossible.
6. Bartenders think the Pittsburg Penguins are a baseball team.
7. No one knows what hockey is.
8. People would rather watch football than Saddam Hussein's execution.
9. you can get these Player's Club cards for the casinos that track how much you play on slots and all the old old people have them and they're all attached by a stretchy plastic cord to their jackets to the machine so they dont forget them and they look like they're plugged in to the slot machine cause they're old and need to be recharged on spinning reels.
10. No, i did not see Matt good anywhere as much as people texted me wanting to know.
11. people in vegas do not know how to drive.
12. cabbies are cool.
13. if you take public transit in vegas, do not take public transit in vegas.
14. canadians acknowledge other canadians like we have some big secret club.
15. on the strip at night the Mexicans who own all the strippers stand there trying to hand out little cards advertising their stripper army, and if you jokingly ask them for their shirt that advertises it also, the dude will follow you four hotels down trying to get you to pay him for it.
16. gravity in las vegas differs from the rest of the world, but seemingly only affects members of the female gender so as to prevent them from falling over forwards due to added chest bulk.
17. large black women arent fat, they just have more soul.
18. you can go shopping on christmas day and save a shitload of money.
19. you can stand outside and chug a 40 of jack and no one cares.
20. hicks stay in their RVs at circus Circus.
21. if you wear a backpack, people think you're going to steal everything they own.
22. converse factory outlet stores are the grestest thing ever.
23. flight times to vegas are shitty beyond shitty.
24. trying a new game that youve never played before results in winning 135$ on one hand.
25. yes, children do derss in cammo and they still have mullets.
26. 14 above is parka weather.
27. pretending to be from quebec to confuse people is tres fun.
28. regardless of you entering a casino at all, somehow you will end up smelling like smoke by the end of the day.
29. Penn and Teller play up the "Im a proud patriot" for the rednecks.
30. if you stand out front of Harrah's long enough, someone will eventually ask you if you want to buy a wife.

so, we get there on the 24th, apparently you cant check in at a hotel there til like 4pm which sucked cause my dad and i were tired as hell cause we had to be at the airport in edmonton at 4am and i had three hours of sleep so we sat in the keno lounge in the flamingo where we stayed for a while and then figured fuck this lets go get something to eat so we went to Casino Royale and they had bottles of Michelob for a 1$ so we had one, which is where the bartender thought the Penguins were a baseball team and that the NHL didnt extend past vancouver. and then we found out that even though it was christmas nothin was going on for it at all on the strip. so our christmas eve dinner was food from a burger place in New York New York. and our christmas breakfast was from the Paris. see that? less than 24 hours and ive already had global food.
and then we went shopping on christmas day. weird as hell. i picked up some shirts from FCUK.
i also never ever figured on have boxing day (which doesnt actually exist in the US) breakfast at the Bellagio.
so i played slots and they're fun up to a point cause all you do is sit there and stare.
and my dad and i went to shoot machine guns and i shot Osama full of 9mm holes from an MP-5 and my dad shot off the SAW to much "ooohs" and "aaaahs" from other people in the range. and i picked up two of the cartirdges from the mp5 to take home. but. we'll get to that.
i did not go to the Star Trek experience.
we went to see Penn & Teller and it was all good except for the "we're doing a trick with the american flag in the most respectful way" blah blah blah and all the americans hooorahed and i sat there thinking i didnt come to see Penn & Teller do that. but then they put a rabbit in a wood chipper and cotton came out and it was funny. and then i was like, i want a rabbit now.
and we saw the Cirque de Soleil. it was the Beatles Love one. and i shit you not i cant even begin to think of how to describe it it was that good. you just sit there and youre in your seat and youre fucknig blown away utterly and i thought fuck good thing im not baked or id be tripping out soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.
and i went to the dead bodies exhibit with my sister like the one thats in Vancouver and it was neat but kind of creepy cause i was walking around looking at all teh body parts and getting very much more aware of like, can i feel my's my gallbladder doing down there? you ok pal?
and so my dad and i went and took a shuttle to Silverton cause theres a big fucking Bass Pro Shop there and we wanted to go look around cause its a huuuuuuuuuge outdoor sporting store thats at this lodge with a casino so we got htere and we wanted to eat first so we asked a dealer lady where the cafe was but she couldnt turn around so she pointed and we were like why cant you turn around and she cant cause she has to be able to see the chips. and then she said we should play. and we're like play what. paigow. and we're like, maybe after breakfast. so we went and ate and when we got back she was gone but there was an older dude dealer and he started to show us and then he left and a chinese lady dealer came and we bought in for 20$ each and i think i caught on pretty fast as opposed to my dad cause i pulled off 135$ on one hand and then i was like can i have a 100$ chip and got a guy to take a picture and then the pit boss told us no more pictures and i went and cashed my money and we went to the bass pro shop and i used most of that money to take my sister and my mom out for dinner and lunch respectively.
and the whole time i was like, i want to make an american friend but i didnt and i was a little dissappointed til the flight back last night cause i was in the aisle and this funky chick with like fire red hair and a Freak Like Me book had the window and a lady from kelowna was in the middle and the flight left at 12:30 and got to edmonton at 4:10am local and the three of use chatted the whole flight and so this girl is a sideshow performer and she breathes fire and swaloows swords and is learning to be in the motorcycle ball of doom and she was asking us all these thigns about canada cause shed never been here before so we swapped email and now i have an american friend who breathes fire and swallows swords and likes hockey more than football.
and tomorrow i fly back to vancouver for new years and it will rock out like socks out.
and i think i will drink some red bull.
and i will put up pictures later cause i have lots and you will like them.

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look at them walk

so we got back to the house at like 5:30 am. and then i went to sleep and i got up at noon and then i threw all my close in the laundry and then realized that would leave me without clothes, so i febreezed the shit out of a pair of jeans.
ok, so im not posting any pictures just yet cause this computer sucks nuts for that so i'll wait til tomorrow when i get back to vancouver and can take like an hour to write up a decent post outlining everything that happened WHILE I WAS IN VEGAS ALL WEEK.
so yeah, be patient or else empty meaningless threats of not posting.
plus the family is running around asking for shit to be done so i dont really have tim anyway.
but i did meet a sideshow performer girl on the plane last night whod never been to canada and she was going up to edmonton to hang out with sideshow friends and swallow swords. randomly cool shit no doubt.

one great city


so i get to wake up at 3:30 in the am, get in a cab at 4am, get to the airport for a 6:30am flight, fly to vegas and lose all my money. woot le root.
so i'll have to find an internet cafe so i dont go totally crazy.
ok hope everyone has a good time not running around airports on christmas eve day.

use the consumerism luke


so the truck is parked in the street and hasnt moved al winter cause the battery froze solid so it wont run so i get to rock out the minivan which i did today and switching between two radio stations. how is it that when one station place My Chemical Romance the other one place Franz Ferdinand? i want to listen to something good for fucks sake...
you know the one thing thats bugged me the most here for the dumbest reason? the tv channels are all different numbers. like i turn on the tv and punch in 42 cause 42 is the discovery channel in vancouver and its comedy central...youre not Daily Planet...
there's also the fact that when you move away from a place for a given amount of time inevitably you lose touch with people and meeting up with people results in those awkward little silences all the time. i think this happens more with people you knew from high school than university cause i dont really talk to that many people here any more but i talk to lots of people in ottawa and of course vancouver.
but then again, im one of those people who'll make plans here and then just wait for the phone to ring and whether it does or not i'll go sit on the couch in the basement and watch tv to wait and if it does it does and if it doesnt, happens every time im here.
ive got One Great City stuck in my head. i think for some reason its my trip theme song. it just seems to fit.
i got a grad present from some family friends. its a set of antique copper bookends. theyre neat but im not exactly sure what to do with them.
it's not even january yet and already im like "i have to spend what on what? fuck...." thus again a cruel reminder that a job is a sad necessity now. or. i win a miilion dollars in vegas.
i went to two video stores looking for Russell Peters outsourced cause my dad hasnt seen it and neither had it leading me to believe that all video stores are inept.
my brain just utterly stopped thinking at all so i'm going to stop.
hope most everyone is less bored than i.

shoppers what?

woot straight A's across the board! perfect semester GPA! *happy dance*

im at the school my mom teaches at. im supposed to be helping with something with her class. not sure what.

sorry to anyone who's wanted me to be on msn for hours on end lately, i havent had the chance and probly wont for a while. i'll try later tho.

ok, i gtg, there are first graders everywhere.



so i found out that there isnt a single Buffalo store in vegas. how the fuck does that work? i'll have to make up for it with Benneton or something.
it's snowy here. and chilly. and yeah i dunno.
i had a bit of a fucked up sleep last night cause im not used to this bed and there were like seven million pillows on it and im not sure when i fell alseep and then i was dreaming and i was like "this dream sucks" and i think i spent the remainder of my sleeping debating politics with myself in my sleep. weird.
it's also weird not being able to roll over and turn on my computer.
it's also a bit grating to hear "go do what you want" and then "oh, but we're doing this and this and this" and im like wtf...when did this get decided for me?
it's almost impossible to sit in this room and blog without someone coming in and standing right behind me and i hate it and its annoying so i'll probly be posting short posts for the msot part.
so now i have to go and im not sure do what but something i had no input in before hand.
bonus, free food and lots of it and couches galore and stuff.
un bonus...i have to admit that not being able to sit in front of my computer for hours and talk about random shit with people such as weird voice offs and whatnot is an unlikely scenario here and it makes me sad like king arthur when the black knight doesnt answer and he says "you make me sad. come patsy!" and then the black knight is all "you shall not pass" and stuff and then he gets all his limbs cut off and its fucking gold.


a thousand sharpened elbows in the underground


so im in alberta, home of the canadian rednecks. my sister bought bon cop bad cop today and we made our parents watch it.
not too much going on here yet. just chillin in here.
i got tagged by marnie:

here are five things you don't know about me in this very instant of my mood and life...

1. there are more pillows on my bed at home than i have personally owned in my entire life.
2. i got an A in my Public Opinion and Propaganda Communication class making my current GPA 4.00 and CGPA 3.235
3. at the same time im glad and not glad to be home.
4. im not so fond of the idea of christmas in vegas. it just doesnt seem to fit.
5. im tired and my family is pushign my buttons, unintentional as it may be, still uncool.

i tag danielle, christina, kristin and ophelia

you mean like a verb?

i am going to the airport now. i havent been awake this early in a long time.
i will try to find a computer in vegas but we dont go theretil sunday so i can blog from home but i will still try from vegas ok bye.

keep out of reach of seniors


now i will finish packing and make food and watch tv and later i will play more quake 3 arena and get owned but i dont care cause its FUN TO SHOOT ANIMATED PEOPLE.
how do i tell them that because of the unfreezing process IM HAVING TROUBLE CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE???

and in the dollar store the clerk is closing up

i fly home tomorrow morning. im half packed and im doing laundry and my room is a disatser area and i need to find a mailbox and then go up to sfu and pick up a paper that hopefully i kicked ass on or i'll do the whoe darth vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thing and things will shake and rattle and roll and spark and blow up while my prof looks on like Palpatine and laughs maniacally.
i cant decide which shoes to take...
trip music consists of matt good, weakerthans, tool , les cowboys fringants, slipknot, headstones, kenny wayne shepherd, i mother earth and chili peppers. battery power consists of one bar.
i am addicted to ramen now.

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what a dandy of a squirrel


i had a dream last night that i was back in my elementary school with all the old OLPHies but we were all our age now, but we were all in our desks in Mr. D's social 8 class and we were talking about something and i was doodling and all of a sudden he's like Pat go to the office right now and i was all why and he's like for disrupting the class and i wanted to know what i was doing and he said labour work and i refused to go until he explained himself and he wouldnt so i just stodd there and we got into a yelling match til he told me that i had some form of ADD and needed to go to the office to phone some clinic so i could be tested some one of three versions of ADD so i went and wasnt happy about it and i guess there were two offices cause i went into one and tried the phone and water came out of it, so then i went into the next office and the secretaries were there adn they felt bad for me and the principals office was empty and i had to go into a room and fill out some paper work and everyone left but i was stuck in the office all alone filling out this yellow paper that said i had something like GVNC or GNVC or something that meant i was twitchy and crazy.
ive had lucid dreams since i was a kid, but it doesnt mean i always necesarily like them. in fact sometimes they get so incredibly fucked up i wake myself up from them. but then theres those ones where you just caught up in them and cant. like you still realize that youre dreaming and you can act out in some way, but cant wake up.
i used to have the dreams where i flew around places and when they ended i could look down and see myself in me bed and then it was like gravity turned on ten times stronger and slammed back down and on a few occaisions actually bounced. fucked. up. i dont have those ones anymore. which sucks cause i didnt mind those ones.
i went to the gathering at vicki and justin's last night cause i figured it'd be more fun than sitting here playing quake all night. and it was. apparently tim and i should be a comedy duo and just sit on stage and talk about random shit.
i think the best part was when everett and corey and dustin and i were spread out in a corner talking politics while everyone else talked about food and i was all "hey guys, look, we're THOSE guys." actually ok, that maybe wasnt THE best part but definitely a highlight.
im trying to think of what i should put on my mp3 player for the Vegas trip. thoughts?

also, it's fil's birthday and he spills things now. go say happy birthday.


no! that colour is normal!


and now without further delay i present to you the 10 commandments of Bob Ross:

1. Tell you what, let's get crazy

2. Everyone has to have a happy friend

3. Beat the devil out of it

4. We dont have mistakes, we have happy little accidents

5. Just a FEW bushes

6. You can do anything you want, it's your own little world

7. Use just the tiniest hint of Phthalo blue

8. Think about the lay of the land

9. Love thy fellow squirrels

10. Tell you what, let's use a fan brush

i implore you all to take up the Word of the Ross and spread the knowledge that Bob Ross gave unto us. as the great Ross once said, "don't let that little misty area get away from you."

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The Good Word of the Ross


so you forget your camera somewhere and when you get it back it has random crotch shots on it. someone also seems to believe the addage of "the camera adds 10 pounds" far too much. if you take a picture of your dong on someones camera, it's only an illusion. sorry to bust your self confidence there.


Mother smelly also made me some jewish christmas tree ornaments. hahaha awesome sauce to tha MAX! AND a universal remote so i dont have to sit on the floor to change the channels no more. HAPPY DANCE TIME BIATCHES!!!


we only have one pot in the kitchen and i want to make pasta and meat sauce so this might require some creative thinking. we also have no microwave, so again, a dilemma of pastarific proportions.

slips of the tongue are funny cause when you hear someone say something a little unexpected it's just THAT much more funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you know who you are. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

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crotch rocking like it's 1989

im going to make my chrismahunnukwanzika list for you now:

- 2007 Audi A4 RS 4 in Daytona Grey with Audi DVD Navigation Premium Package
- vintage 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with tripple humbucker and gold hardware
- a topped out Mac Pro with dual 30" monitors
- a Dynaudio Confidence speaker system
- Mesa/Boogie Road King Series 2 half stack
- my very own Buffalo store
- a Panasonic DMC-FZ50S digital camera
- xBox 306 with Gears of War and xBox live and the HD-DVD add on
- this kitten
- a bottle of Dr. Pepper.

headbanging like it's 1985


i have a nice view of the outside wall of our neighbours house from my window. it's a big window so it's kind of a shame that i get to stare at concrete. plus it's pretty much always shaded so if i want to know if it's actually bright out i have to go look out a differnet window.
my bed is covered with paper. it looks like im writing a magnum opus except instead of a novel of immense proportions its versions of resumés and cover letters and job postings and notes about companies and shit like that.
im also beginning to run out of ramen, but thats ok cause it gives me a good reason to leave the house and explore the T&T some more. shaz suggested i find something called Super Super Super Lion which is apparently 49 cent red bull.
im gonna go ahead and say that for 49 cents it's probably a health hazard but it's not like i have anything else to do.
i think the weather is fucking with my sleep cause when i wake up at 9:30 pretty much every day and it looks like its late afternoon out it makes me want to go back to sleep.
i turned on CBC this morning and caught part of the swearing in ceremony for Ed Stelmach. the days of King Ralph are over. enter the era of Fast Eddie S. his first order of business, get rid of a bunch of ministries and wonder whether or not alberta is getting enough money from the oilsands.
im gonna go ahead and say yes. seeing as how the entirety of the last provincial surplus taken from the oil industry was used to eliminate the provincial debt it gets enough. Fast Eddie S subscribes to many of the same values as King Ralph which means we'll still see the bulk of provincial money kept out of the hands of teachers and nurses. way to think progressively fucknut. so let's say when you get your first 7 billion dollar surplus you actually put it to good use in the province for infrastructure, housing, social programs and the like.
oh but wait, he's a ralph supporter meaning some of the money will have to go to his abusive drinking habits and throwing pennies at the homeless.


so i just went over to the T&T to get a snack and cause i really have nothing else to do. im starting to like that place cause you can walk around and theres like a million different smells and theyre all neato. anyway, i went over to the frozen food section which is next to the seafood section so obviosuly theres a lot of frozen seafood there...yeah...anyway, i was looking through all the frozen seafood and lo and behold you can buy a whole frozen turtle for 12$. so i picked one up to look at it and i swear ive never felt so sad for a turtle ever. strange coming from a guy who shoots his own meat and thenfeeds the buckshot to chad. it was weird, you could see it's little head just kind of barely poking out of its shell like "heyyyyyyy guyyyyyyyys....iiiiiiim deeeaaaaaad....ready to be coooooooooked..." and then i was like "so thats where billy's pet went hahaha...oh man...." and then i put it down and walked away and ended up looking at whole marinated cuttle fish in the prepackaged ready to eat section. what exactly does one do with an entire marinated cuttle fish?

what's troubling gus? probly that global warming.



it's even true in french

let us discover the *insert large movie phone guy sounding voice* SOUNDTRACK TO YOUR LIFE

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie

Opening Credits:
Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door

Waking up:
Led Zeppelin - Bron Y Aur Stomp

First Day at Highschool:
Tool - Mantra

Falling In Love:
Our Lady Peace - Annie

Fight Song:
Smashing Pumpkins - With Every Light

Breaking Up:
John Frusciante - Cut Out

Metallica - Blackened

Smashing Pumpkins - Hello Kitty Kat

Mental Breakdown:
Aram Khachaturian - Gayane Suite

RHCP - Under the Bridge

Black Label Society - Speedball

Getting Back Together:
I Mother Earth - Levitate

Clutch - Immortal

Birth of Child:
Matthew Good Band - Symbolistic White Walls

Final Battle:
Tool - Sober

Death Scene:
Slayer - War Zone

Funeral Song:
Guns n roses - My Michelle

End Credits:
Scratching Post - Rock Past It

alors, c'est votre chance pour participer


i wanna be in a scene ala Mr & ,Mrs Smith
•Þa±z• :
hahah which one
all of them
•Þa±z• :
well if youre a spy im sure you can manage
maybe i'm not a very good spy
•Þa±z• :
you have an award that says otherwise
that's true
but i think you rigged the nominations
•Þa±z• :
nuh unh
why would you say that
my l33t spy skillz
•Þa±z• :
but you still won
that's true...
•Þa±z• :
so maybe its ok that your spy skills say it was biased
i guess i'm just that good that i can hide from myself!
•Þa±z• :
hahah best kind of spy
•Þa±z• :
im totally not going to sing Wind Beneath my wings tho
u should
•Þa±z• :
i dont even know how it goes
me either
•Þa±z• - the politics of looking dumb says:
•Þa±z• :
maybe you should pick a better song
no way!
•Þa±z• - the politics of looking dumb says:
put something cool i said on your blog!
•Þa±z• :

25 pouches of chocolatey good

i bought these tamarind candies and i didnt know what they were, and they're ok, but when i googled 'tamarind candies' then first thing that comes up is like "tamarind candy linked to lead poisoning."


hes the king of the pumpkins!


tired of Pirates C:
oh fuck yes, I just recovered all of my links
thank you baby jesus
you know baby jesus was a jew
i had this discussion with danielle earlier
see cause
hes jewish cause his mom was
but no where does it say that mary converted
so mary is still jewish
and all the catholics are confused
I'm not confused......I know he was a Jew
yes but the Hail Mary is all wrong
i used to rock Sunday school
i never rocked sunday school
i slept in
like normal children
I went, cuz I was trying to work this dude named Jason Schneider in my Sunday school class
I wasn't that into church........ever.......but that guy was so hot that I woke up early on Sundays and got down with Jesus and the whole bit
you chased after a dude who liked jesus and you thought you had a chance against the son of god?
you're greatly underestimating me
perhaps i am
yet youve not yet provided reasoning for why he would leave jesus for you
because he can't have sex with jesus..................duh
jesus loves everyone
now, however christians or catholics like to interpret that...
you know that was the one thing my religion teachers could never answer
whether or not jesus was a virgin
I doubt it
•Þa±z• - results may vary says:
he was a ladies man
seriously, how can you cure someone of leprosy and NOT expect a blowjob thank you?
I don't think he was a slut of like.....Dave Navarro proportions......but my guess is he had a few ladies
but wouldn't you question the validity of your own work if you were about to get a blowjob from a "former" leper?
•Þa±z• - results may vary says:
he's just proving his faith
or he had a ready supply of sheeps intestines to use for protection
fuck how gross would that be...he's getting a hand job and the hand falls off...
I bet he'd be all, "Thanks Dad for giving them TWO hands..."

this dude actually makes me think that maybe religion wont implode on itself:

these guys not so much

and of course, the crowd favourite:

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Heyzeus ees hees loover

so i left my camera at chad's. so you get no pictures from me yet.
this will resolve itself in due time.
suffice to say, food was good, cheese and crackers were good, cake was good.
robyn and chad and van nasty and smelly and dario and myself partook in the festivities.
and festivious they were indeed.
so when i get my camrea back you'll see stuff.
methinnks its time to play some Quake 3 multiplayer.

when's the last time you saw a brown cracker?


took a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood and here's what i learned.

- Old italian men all drive SUVs with an italain glaf somewhere on the vehicle.
- Asian people work on sundays. Italian people...not so much.
- the parking lot of the T&T and surrounding stores magically turnd off people's ability to think rationally.
- apparently buidling a brand new two storey pink house in the middle of a neighbourhood consisting of small war era bungalos is the thing to do.
- old chinese men all walk with their hands clasped behind their backs and they all wear old NHL hats.
- birds are more frightened of a cyclist across the street than someone who walks right up to them.
- no matter how run down your store looks, if you name it "Happy Market" lots of people will go there.
- turning your entire front yard into a garden is a good use of space
- dogs dont like to get up from the front steps to bark at you. which i personally dont mind at all.
- if you live around here and you have a fence it cant go all the way around your house.
- there's a gang of bloods living in one of the aforementioned two storey pink houses that looks like it's filled with cookies and an old lady.
- i live just about equidistant from the skytrain as i do hastings.
- some people in stores still dont remember that you cant use debit if the phone is ringing.
- everyone turns invisible on sundays.

i think when it warms up and its sunnier out i'll actually take a whole day and wander all over around here.
oh and cake for the foXx today. im gonna borrow a line from some world vision type thing and say "it's not too late for you to show that you care." details are a secret but if you want in on the secret...daniell chad or myself will rat it out.

we have a little christmas tree up and it's name is Artie. my family is decorating ours at home pretty soon. it always makes me feel weird about that cause it's just one of those things where its kind of like to help...but then i get the odd person who's like "arent you jewish?" and im like ya, then they ask why we have a christmas tree. and i say "it's because im really a jewish spy trying to figure out what REALLY goes on for this 'birth of your saviour' type stuff."

seriously though, latkes on christmas morning? fuck yes. best holiday food ever!

street spirit

my christmas list so far consists of what you see in this video.

even Santa needs self defence


do 150$ worth of groceries later our fridge looks sadly empty...but our brilliantly placed kitchen desk is drowning in foody goodness.
i think im going to pull this wallpaper down in my room cause it's easy to pull off and its ugly and i dont mind the wood panneling behind it really.

ok so.

tomorrow. that's the 10th. SUNDAY. we're having a get together for the the foXx and there will be fun and smiles and good times and it will be at chad's place. not sure what time exactly but PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AND YOU WILL FIND OUT SO JUST KEEP CHECKING OK? ok good.

it feels like i have a bug bite on my head...

determined to get someone airborne somehow

so i finally finished moving all my stuff over here. and now i dont have to haul my ass up to SFU to get the internet. sweet.
took me a few hours to get everything cleaned up...and i had the Warcraft episode of south park on repeat cause i was too lazy to change it.
ok im going to go eat leftover chinese takeout.

whats the auto locate macro?


i dont know about you, but i think we could all do with an influx of giant claymation vegetables to brighten everyone's day.

his mouth is not his forehead


so, yeah US soldiers are probly some of the most fucked up individuals on the planet. everett also showed me the new microwave gun that's being distributed to troops in Iraq for what the US calls 'crowd control". someone please tell me how a weapon that makes you feel like you're dipped in lava and can actually cause your skin to blister and burn not constitute a method of torture? crowd control my ass. US troops seem to have no problem taunting children so why would they have any problem with chasing people with a microwave weapon?

i bought pocky today. so good.

ive got the online broadcast of CPAC on watching Government Business no. 12 Definition of Traditional Marriage. how. fucking. stupid. hey, im pretty sure that the world hasnt gone to hell and we're not all burning because people who want to get married can get married. dear Tories: get your nose out of the private lives of your citizens. and fyi, in my opinion a Free Vote is NOT representative of a real democracy. why? simply put, the job of an MP is to represent the majority opinion of his or her constituents. NOT to decide whats best for constituents on their own.
sorry, Fast Eddie from Abbotsford is talking and he's probly one of the dumbest MPs ive ever listened to.
bah. ok i need to go get something to eat so i dont yell.

oh, and this is what im going to do when im in Las Vegas for christmas/xmas/holiday day/whatever the fuck it's called now.

-----later on that evening-----

dont ever think to yourself "hey, im going to order a pizza with pepperoni, italian sausage and jalepenos on it!" and think its a good idea. because once you do, and you get half way through it, you start to realize that those arent sounds of hunger anymore, theyre sounds of anger from your stomach.

pocky for dinner?