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sh!thawks...on parade: 09.2006

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up until today i found a penny a day for 8 days straight.
each time i found a penny i would recite this moniker:
"find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck."
my grandma taught me that.
so i was a little disconcerted today when i didn't find another one.
but that's ok, cause i guess eight days worth compounds your luck.

i am going on a trip.

i will be back monday.

see you on monday bitches.

gem sweater


smemo came over and we had cake and she gave me a painting cause we're rock stars and rock stars need paintings.
we also figured that there should be lollersauce and digital steak sauce.

digital steak sauce

so, i think a new pet peeve of mine is people who dont know how to pronounce simple words in class.
it seriously grates in my mind.
how fucking hard is it to say them right?
it's not componense. its COM-PO-NENTS.
it's not advertisssents. its AD-VER-TISE-MENTS.
it's not advockacys. it's AD-VO-CACY.
and really, we dont need you to inform us many times in the same sentence that you're going to give us all the low down on the articles which we've all read prior to class.

a prof you ask?

nay, a fellow student given the chance to prove intelligence.
you fail.

and then in another class theres this one chick who cant go through life without saying 'like' at least 8 times in a sentence. and im not joking. shes been in some of my classes before and ive counted and averaged it out. she says LIKE an average of 8 times every time she opens her mouth.
were i the prof of that class i'd enforce a "maximum of two 'likes' per speaking opportunity" rule, and if you break it then your question doesnt get answered until you learn how to speak without butchering the language you use.

that rent-a-cop is bad apples

as long as im on this mad post like a lot in a short while today type thing...
Career Days is on up here. there's a booth for CSIS. you know, the FBI wannabes of canada.
or the CIA's special ed cousin.
whatever they are.
anyway, i went over to ask what it takes to be a spy.
so i didnt so much ask it cause they had this paper on the table with info on it. so i read it.
so then i asked "what does the stringent selection and training process entail?"
in not so many words as he used...
they pretty much question the shit out of everyone who knows you, criminal background checks, they polygraph the shit out of you and others, test you for blackmail(how do you test someone for this?), and other secret spy like stuff.
and it takes three of four months.
and im thinking "k, well, i could do that."
and then the dude is like "and you have to be drug free."
im sorry, i just heard the record scratch to a halt.
what? no munchies?
fuck that.
im not gonna be a spy now.

i should really go outside or something now.

this is getting repetitive

oh, and by the way, the Canucks will lose tonight and i dont care if its the preseason, they'll still lose.
and no, i currently do not have anything better to do than sit here and post one after the other.
and yes i realize thats sad and geeky.
but at least i have cake.
do you have cake?
i think not.
seriously, if youre going to satirize something, at least make it sound satirical.
it's been brought to my attention that the articles in the peak were 'satirical in nature'.
pfft. someone needs to work on their comedy skills. and i say this because i do hear shit that passes as criticism like that in many classes dealing with pop culture and new technologies.
bah. if you want satire watch Jon Stewart, otherwise dont try.
so, ok, you can either disregard the what i wrote, or take it to heart that there are probly people who actually think that and still ignore it but with the understanding that its also true.
read this. and because the Peak is slow at updating online...todays response is thus...

"Jen Harwick's piece on blogs is one of the most insightful looks into this internet phenomenon that i've ever read. It's clear to me now that Kimveer Gill's awful crime could have been prevented if only someone had taken the time to read through his blog and discover his disturbing behaviour. Upon reading Harwick's article, I took a look at some major blogging websites, and my God was I shocked! There are legions of killers waiting out there for the perfect moment to strike. We need to immediately place each of these disturbed children under arrest and subject the to psychiatric evaluations. Blog sites must be closely monitored so that any potential mass-muderers can be identified. I'm sure that somebody will come up with a way to do that, It is absolutely imperative that somebody does so, because as you so rightly state, "people are dying, and blogs are directly related." Too true, Ms. Hardwick. Just like rock and roll, horror movies, comic books, and video games, blogs are turning the youth of today into bloodthirsty maniacs. If we censor these terrible threats and keep a close eye on the deepest most heartfelt things that young people post on the internet, we will eliminate violent crime in this country for good. Thank you fpr opening my eyes. -Andrew Carey.
Ok. First here is Jen Hardwick's blog. after having read both of these articles, by simple logic, Jen Hardwick is going to turn into a bloodthirsty killer and go shoot up a high school.

let's examine the complete stupidity with which these arguments are presented. first, Hardwick blatantly states "blogs cause people to commit homicide." I'm sorry I thought psychosocial behaviour, religious fundamentalism, and postal work made people commit homicide. Blogs cause homicide hey? Direct correlation you say? Ok, everyone out therewith a blog who is now going to go kill someone raise your hand.
i see a lack a hands.
Ms. Hardwick, you have to realize that no, the media is not saying that online journaling is a dangerous activity. the focus on Kimveer Gill's blog was brought about by the simple fact that it was on I can make this assertation, both as a communication student and intelligent person, because the media knows that deviant behaviour groups are good targets. would instantly make most people think of goth culture, and black trenchcoats and scary pale people. Thus it is easy to associate social deviance with blogs in most people's minds because of the title of the site where Gill wrote.
Also, you might want to get your facts checked Jen, he was 25, not 18. He was not an angst filled teen. He was a social deviant living in the basement of his parents house having little contact with the outside world.
Yes, he did make his feeling known online. A lot of people do. A lot of people write their deep dark feelings about things. Emo kids do it a lot. are you suggesting we stop the emo kids from being able to express their sad little lives? You want to see mass killings and suicide, you take away an emo kid's favourite method of self expression.
To suggest that blog hostings sites monitor each and every blog is preposterous. The sheer number of blogs on Blogger alone ranges in the hundreds of thousands, and this is only one site that hosts them. To ask that every blog be looked at as potentially dangerous is not only an invasion of personal freedoms, it is an utter destruction of civic trust, expressive ability and personal choice. If you knew that your own blog was being examined and scrutinized to determine whether or not you might show an inkling of troubled thought, would you feel at all comfortable with using the internet to express yourself? My guess is no. Monitoring blogs in such a way, in my view, paralells the US administrations attempts to spy on its population for anyone who deviates from what the White House tells the to believe. Anyone who says anything that could be misconstrued as dangerous, or an indication that it could become a deviant thought would be red flagged and have to deal with outright and unwarranted suspicion.

"if it werent for blogs, people wouldnt have these feelings." What kind of horseshit is this? statement? did Mark Lepine have a blog? no. did Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris have a blog? no. does the gunman who is currently holding people hostage at a school have a blog? my guess is no. did Jeffrey Weise have a blog? no. did the 14 year old in Taber, Alberta in the 1999 school shooting have a blog? no. i could go on.
all of these people were responsible for the deaths of many people. none of them had blogs. they still had these feelings. to say that if blogs did not exist, it would undo a century of psychological study into why people become psychopathic is a baseless claim. removing a form of personal expression will not make people stop going crazy and shooting up schools. school shootings were around before the internet. what was the fault behind those if there were no blogs? personal diaries?

That we should pass a law requiring blogs to be monitored is a hopeless delusion. What kind of criteria would you include in such a law? what would constitute dangerous material? i've openly posted pictures of hunting trips, target practicing, ripping up and lighting on fire textbooks that drive me nuts over the semester. do these open and frank examples of responsible gun ownership and ironically comedic release of frustration towards a kinesiology class make me a social deviant? am i going to be red flagged as a psychopath? what about the sad little emo kids who write about darkness and death and faeires? is their poetry that talks about razor blades good enough to make them a threat?
I'm sure you'll notice that on Blogger, and most other blog hosting sites, you can report objectionable content. how much objectionable content do you need to click that button? Razorblades and butterflies? a hunting trip? a goth kid saying he thinks the new Cradle of Filth album is so good it makes him want to die?

that we should remain hyper vigilant about causes of violence would result in any society tumbling rapidly in a downward spiral to mistrust and total authoritarian rule where one word said against someone would be comparable to a witch hunt.

Moving on to Mr. Carey now.

I'm fairly certain people read through Kimveer Gill's readings. I'm also fairly certain that since it was hosted on that a lot of material like that is posted. Yes, goths hate the world, oh they love the blackness, I hate people yadda yadda. perhaps Mr. Carey would be so bold as to suggest how you would sort through a bevy of similar information and weed out the one person who is going to pick up that gun and actually use it on other people.
Here's a challenge, go in to a philosophy lecture about existensialism, make sure they're discussing death, now try to pick out the one person in the class who's a murderer out of everyone in there who is saying exactly the same thing.

And now there are legions of killers on blog sites, are there? Let's see, of the most prominant hosting sites, i can think of Blogger, wordpress, livejournal, and Xanga. Let's just stick with Blogger for the time being. you see the 'Next Blog' button? click it. click it a few times. click it for an hour. and before you ask, yes, I have done this several times. how many blogs did you go through? fifty? a hundred? how many murderers did you find? how many legions of cold blooded Hannibal Lecter's are there in the blogosphere? if you do this on Blogger long enough you'll notice two things. there are a huge number of christian and God blogs, and a huge number of emo 16 year olds. there is a very definite lack of murderers, rapists, serial killers, terrorists, kidnappers, blackmailers, etc. even if they are there, then they arent advertising themselves. to find the one or two people who post about how they hate life, and actually seriously do something about it, is not only like finding a needle in a haystack, the haystack would be comprised of the entire crop from the Mid West United States.

"we need to immediately place each of these disturbed children under arrest and subject them to psychiatric evaluations."
Andrew, this is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. you'll notice that there is no place in it that says an organization has the right to arrest a citizen, a YOUTH or CHILD in your suggestion, on the premise that they wrote something that could be, might be, maybe seen as possibly being an indication that they have psychological problems. buddy, much as you'd like to argue, we've all got problems, some people have bigger ones than others. FORCING children to be subjected to psychiatric evaluations? what fucking country do you come from? better yet what fucking decade and fucked up political regime do you think you live in? how dare you even bring this up! this is tantamount to saying that we should force grade school children to undergo therapy because they hit another child at recess. what in the hell went through your mind when you thought that snatching people from their homes and putting them in front of a bunch of psychologists because they acted on their BASIC CANADIAN RIGHT to self expression would be a good idea?

Closely monitor blog sites... i believe i've dealth with this. but perhaps Mr. Carey, you'd care to offer up a way to do so? "somebody will come up with a way" You obviously care so much about this new and shocking development that you are going to run right out and let someone else deal with it.

keeping a close eye on the heartfelt emotions of people will stop crime for good. yes. and i'm the queen of england. simply put, NO. would you care to explain to everyone how monitoring blogs will stop gang and organized violent crime? what about violent crime from drug trafficking? prostitution? burglary? Little Jimmy stealing the other kids lunch money?

Both Carey and Hardwick also place blame on rock, video games, movies and tv. to my knowledge, and in the last 5 years ive been a communication major, there has been no definitive scholarly research that offers without a doubt any sort of proof that any of these things is a direct corrolate to violent crimes. Did you know that if you play Tool backwards it has hidden messages? Oh right, im sorry, that was in 1960. When Clockwork Orange came out in theatres in the 70s, people in Britain tried to blame it for every crime that was committed thereafter. if you do the research, as i did for a paper on it, you will find that this is most certainly not the case. the same can be said for the Beatles song 'Helter Skelter'. I would agree that pop culture is indeed contributing to a more relaxed attitude towards sensationalism, but i would most vehemenently argue that there exists no direct causal relationship between any of these bastions of popular culture that both Hardwick and Carey bring up and someone committing a mass murder. were that the case, murder rates over Pokémon card games would be through the roof.

Hardwick's opinion is sad and unsettling as she herself has a blog, and is therefore in some way a member of the blgo community. to disparage it and accuse it of contributing to the downfall of civil society is a tragic example of a person who would still rather seek out an easy scapegoat to blame society's problems on rather than search for the root cause.
Carey's opinion is that of a misinformed peon who would most likely see us live in a world where checks and balances and basic freedoms are sacrificed to protect his own personal comfort.

oh by the way, im going hunting for thanksgiving, and i'll be putting up more pictures of guns and me holding them so now you all have fair warning in case my blog suddenly hijacks my brain and i go psycho.

but if you prefer to stick to reality, you can all just call me a redneck and then when i get back we'll go for a beer and i wont kill you.

you have to be drug free


i'm having pie for breakfast.
it is a good pie.
it has apples in it.
it has a crips crust.
and it's all mine.

i have a bag of peanut m&ms.
peanut m&ms are the best candy in the world.
they're candy.
theu have chocolate.
they have peanuts.
they come in bright colours.

i have four boxes of jello.
jello is jiggly.
jello comes in many colours and tastes.
you can stack jello.
you can put alcohol in jello.
you can dance like jello.

i have perogies in the freezer.
you can boil them.
you can fry them.
you can microwave them.
you can eat them with a ukrainian.
you can eat bacon with them.

i had pesto last night.
and a baby greens salad.
at a place called The Five Point.
i went with a family friend.
he works for CBC.
we made fun of old people.
pesto is pesto-y.
salad is tossed.

i went to the library.
i got some books.
they have large words.
they are for one class.
i need more for another class.
i will probably have fines.

i am speaking like this.
this is how i am speaking.
la la la la la.
greg the bunny is a good show.
scrubs is a good show.
weeds is a good show.

i need something to exercise my brain.
so it does not speak like this.
all day.

that name sounds like royalty, are you royalty?


Smemo and Umbrella Boy went to have crêpes today at the crêpe place on robson that is NOT the express crêpe place. crêpes are tasty when crêpes have chocolate in the crêpe. crêpe is fun to spell because crêpe makes use of the 'ê' in crêpe.

Whereupon completion of the consumption of crêpes, Smemo and Umbrella Boy walked down robson and took a random side street and wandered around until ending up back on Denman. Whereupon the street of Denman was found the walk proceeded to take them in the direction of coal harbour where Smemo told Umbrella Boy about a boy who tried to impress Smemo by pointing at expensive apartments and taking Smemo to an expensive restaurant. Smemo was apparently unmoved by this, and only expressed enthusiam when Kevin Newman showed up.

Thusly, Smemo and Umbrella Boy continued to walk and happened upon an intersection at West Cordova where the street had been blocked off and large equipment and many people were gathered about. Smemo and Umbrella Boy investigated only to find it was a filming location of Fantastic Four 2 and soon discovered that photography was being greatly discouraged. Umbrella Boy, being the not so large fan of pretty boys telling him to put his camera away that he is, took out his camera and held it behind his bag and took pictures anyway. Smemo wondered if anyone famous was there, whereupon some random persons asked some random movie set staff if anyone famous was there yet to whic the movie set staff responded 'im not sure." so Smemo and Umbrella Boy did not see anyone famous. Umbrella Boy did ask a movie set staff how to get a job on a movie set whereupon the movie set staff told Umbrella Boy who to call very happily.

Thusly, Smemo and Umbrella Boy proceeded to the sea worthy bus where Smemo returned home and Umbrella Boy ventured to North Van and sat on a couch and watched Good Eats and ate food.

Smemo and Umbrella Boy take a walk about and find out that busses can float and poofy pink people are fun to mock

foXX e workingasusual says:
w9o surgk

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
so drunk

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
that was suppposed to say'

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
ill have to get back to you when imnot sou dufrink

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
know what im dohgin'

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahah ok

foXX e workingasusual says:
cuz irighnt

foXX e workingasusual says:
np wi have no idaea what's goingon

foXX e workingasusual says:
how areyou?

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
im ok

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
you ok?

foXX e workingasusual says:
yeah justt wasted

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahah no

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
had some fireball earlier

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
but not a lot

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
i drank llasot of beer

foXX e workingasusual says:
with friens

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahah i can tell

foXX e workingasusual says:
sod srnik'

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
lol ok

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
so funny

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
i think im gonna have to see you drunk at some point

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
i think it'll be good times lol

foXX e workingasusual says:
ahasa prever

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
bnys comeputer hust beeepex

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahahah wow

foXX e workingasusual says:
im so drunk i cant beoilolive it

foXX e workingasusual says:
you need to copy thisn ont dotyou bklo0ge]

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
baw ahdbw

foXX e workingasusual says:
fjcb l,hg this

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
one letter at a time

foXX e workingasusual says:
you dont kno who w drunk yiou are until you try to type

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
you dont know how drunk you ae until you try to rypt

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
and start to repeat yourself

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
no no

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
i meant

foXX e workingasusual says:
no itiried to write it properly'

foXX e workingasusual says:
so it came out twiece

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahaha youre sure i can post this?

foXX e workingasusual says:
dizzy selep

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
yes yes'
foXX e workingasusual says:
iw aoudl love it

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
lol k

foXX e workingasusual says:
i honeslty cant believe how drunk i am

foXX e workingasusual says:
omg ididt

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
i wrote that paoerplery

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
whats goigne ont?

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
well youre drunk, and i think its funny

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
and other than that

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
theres two people walking by outside

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
hit bhpeopel

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahaha how bout i dont

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
iveg got hiccupsd now?

foXX e workingasusual says:
no question

foXX e workingasusual says:
i have them

foXX e workingasusual says:
ok i have to be at wrodk in like...oh shit[ 6 hours

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
ok bye]

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
hahah k

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
have a good sleep

foXX e workingasusual says:
u too

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
ok bey

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
at ehroew

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:

foXX e workingasusual says:
ok bey

foXX e workingasusual says:
foXX e workingasusu
al says:

•Þa±z• - DOS games are roxom says:
bye hahaha

and thus we see the comedic aspects of serving copious amounts of alcoholic beverages to an animal like a foXx.

that raccoon is so drunk it thinks its a leopard!


im watching a livecast of the guy who started something awful box some dudes at Plaza of Nations. its funny cause it's so sad.

so this one time in rez in ottawa i decided to cook with alcohol. so i made pasta sauce with gin and it was good cause when i lit it it made a little poof and there was like a foot high flame. the next time i decided was to make sausages and use tequila. i didnt have any tequila so i went around the floor til someone gave me like 3 ounces because it wasnt theres but the bottle had ended up in their room. so i toss the sausages in and roast em up a bit, and then figure its a good time to pour in the tequila. it goes in without a problem.
it simmers a bit.
i light the match.
i touch it to the side of the pan to igni--









blow on it?

oh look that works.

well then...i guess i wont be doing that again.

someone in the lounge looks over and says "hey Pat do that again!!!"

he challenged him to make a good movie one of these days

so a bunch of us watched a guy get arrested last night at 2am while we were all sitting on my front step trading swear words of various languages. a bunch of campus security cars showed up down in the lower parking lot and sat there and we figured they were watching us cause it was past quiet hours and we were outside talking and had the door open so we could hear the stereo and had open alcohol.
no dice.
and then the cops showed up.
and we thought the same thing.
no deuce.
and then we watched them haul a guy out of a car, put his in a full nelson, slap the cuffs on him, stuff him in a cop car and fuck off.
and, as drunk people are oft seen doing, a member of our group haphazzardly wandered down to find out what was going on while we all yelled at him to get his as back up here.
so he comes back up and thinks its a rape charge.
and we're all "woah."
and then we're all back to "so what does SCHNEL!" mean?"
and i learned that if youre ever in a group of Norweigans and they start talking in norweigan and you have no idea what theyre saying you yell "Ya Skole!!" or something like that and they ALL stop talking and all yell "YA SKOLE!!!!" and then chug their drink.
i dont even have roommates that are foreign this year, but somehow our place and two doors over are where a lot of people end up coming and sitting outside. so now i have new norweigan friends, british friends, irish friends, yadda yadda.
one of the norweigans also left his shades on the table, so when i went down for breakfast they were sitting there.
i cant really remember any of the norweigan swear words cause when they talk it sounds like...i dunno...poofy? its a fucking cool language cause its so weird but seriously its all like "dude wtf? you sounded like a Ferby!" hahaha i kid i kid.
oh, and i asked elle the british girl the question ive been wanting to ask a brit for like a year.
so, you know how here when we put new turf on a field it's called sod? sod equals new grass yes?
but in britain sod is like a weak swear word. so i wanted to know what they call our sod if our sod isnt what their sod is.
yeah. returf.
not resod. i resodded a field this summer. i suggested that if someone in britain was being retarded you could call them a resod.
and then some swedish chick ran by with like an 6 foot tall stuffed bulldog on her back looking like it was humping the fuck out of her yelling "he really needs to poop!!"
i shit you not.

he sang folk music you dumbass


i made this. i felt like it.
i dunno. its a picture. with words.
they could mean C-A-T.
because its a picture with words.
and no cat.

i have misplaced my pants


what better way to celebrate 500 posts than with a victory over the flames? in fact...

did you know...

The Flames make the baby Jesus cry.

yeah thats right.

harikrishna motherfucker.

i have no idea what that means, but it totally sounded cool right there.

i have also discovered that wearing my Tool shirt from this tour garners a lot of attention.

seriously, people in vancouver seem to think its the most amazing fucking thing in the world that i made it to a concert. they think its even cooler that i went to the one in Edmonton. no clue why. in the last week no fewer than 8 people have asked me about it.

so, today is a good day for a 500th post.
the flames lost to the oilers.
people like my shirt.
i got money in the mail.
my profs know my name.
i have 10000 Days (Wings Pt.2) stuck in my head.
i have pringles.
it isnt raining right now.
this is 500 posts.

this is post numero 500

mysterious mysteries of mystery!

what strange and unusual happenings have reared their heads?

what shocking event has happened that has made countless bystanders turn their head in wonder?

extra! extra! read all about the sudden disappearance that has gripped the nation!

will it ever be made known where the unknown has vanished to?

on a similar note to 1940s/50s detective themes...dont you think being a gumshoe would be a bad thing? youd have gum on your shoe all the time! how do you sneak up on someone when your feet are making that "SCHTK SCHTK SCTHK" sound when you walk?

its a gumshoe thing

i had a dream that Ian McKellan and myself were being chased by helicopters.
it was fucked up.


so all of a sudden my computer has decided that it no longer wants to talk to my amp.
this. is unfortunate. and. annoying.
i cant record anything until they stop being bitches to each other.
i got all my reading done for the week. there was a lot.
i posted my resumé on a bunch of federal government sites in the hopes that some random person randomly looks at it and randomly gives me a call saying they have some random job for me.
edmonton is up 3-0 in the pre season. good vibes. we play the flamers tomorrow. we will soon be up 4-0.

this whole being a good student and getting shit done before it needs doing and organizing everything is a pain in the ass but probly worth it.

oh, and when you check out job sites like or workopolis and, you start to hate them because no, im sorry, i dont want to be a sandwich artist with a degree thank you very fucking much you assholes. i thought i was getting an education to be able to contribute to society in some significant way, not by putting fucking pickles on a piece of fucking bread.

i like getting mail. i like getting mail even more when you get money in the mail.

uuuuuuuuuuum...yeah. i dunno.

my carpet is greenish.

i am wearing my Mythbusters shirt.

i did laundry.

im listening to music from Quebec.

im hungry.

the easter bunny hates you.

on a manqué le métro

beer and scotch makes time ooze into some strange state of inexistance. its like 8 pm and all of a sudden its 1 in the morning.
i need to work on my scotch drinking abilities.
i have far to go before i will be a decent scotch drinker.
i also have to watch all three godfather movies. this has been instructed upon me.

can you instruct something upon someone?
you can impose yes, but instruct upon?

does that even work in the imperative?

wow im arguing grammar with myself...


slow cheetah coming for my forest


no seriously, there was. he rang the doorbell and i peeked through and saw a guy in a suit with a clipboard and a bible.

i didnt open the door.

honestly, how fucknig desperate do you have to be to try to recruit people in residence?
sorry, let me put away my vices of alcohol, video games, and poker so you can come in and teach me how morally corrupt i am.

i seriously need to kick my ass back in line this week and get shit moving again. after i got everything i needed to do done last week i let up and fel back into the procrastination central mode.

the rest of the semester is starting to look like a fucking tornado that's inevitably going to mow me right the fuck down at some point if i dont get my shit together soon.

so i think i'll buckle down and git er done til the end of the month, then take off for a few days and chill out then come back and have another go at it.

coming back for this semester i didnt feel anxious at all about it being my last one. im still ont anxious, but maybe hesistant about being so calm about it now.

im eating british food right now.

there's a guy with a bible at the door...

here is the secret Tool song you can listen to it by clicking where it says that this is the secret Tool song.

i wont say how you get it, but you need Vinginti Trees and Wings Pt. 1 and 2.

so we finally ate everett's birthday cake. it was gone fast.
we also lit sparkly candles more or less on our persons and not the cake.
also, i was informed of a secret Tool song that you have to mix three tracks to get.
so i did.
it sounds pretty crazy awesome.

i am made of TNT