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sh!thawks...on parade: what are they sliding on?

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im currently doing that thing where you hold your laptop up in the air and walk all over the house to try and gank the best wireless signal.

you ever notice how when people do that it seems that everyone thinks that the higher it's held the more chance there is for a signal to be had?

I have tested this in the last few minutes. results are currently inconclusive.

the one network i've been using for the last few days, if sparingly, has disappeared tonight.

so im using a mystery one that has alternates between full strength and no strength about every thirty seconds.

i spend a good part of my evening pounding rocks with a hammer and various punches and chisels to make them look better and try not to crack any of the fossils in them. i think our neighbours were wondering it sounded like a rock quarry in our backyard.

what are they sliding on?


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