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sh!thawks...on parade: 01.2006

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so it was gross out again. in the afternoon there was a snorgy. that would be a snow orgy. i mean think about it...millions of little snow flakes getting wet all over each other?
hey! after reading about 1950s commercialism promoting the creation of day time tv to meet the schedule of housewives i have to exercise my brain somehow...dont judge me lol.
there were also smoothies made on everett's floor tonight.
also, civil freedom in the US took another figureative baseball bat to the head today.
Sam Alito was sworn in today as the newest US Supreme Justice.
it's amazing how in the land of the free you have no problem watching your social freedom and civil liberties be torn from your grasp. this is one good example of what pisses me off about 'values' voters. they're so entrenched in their religious bullshit that they elect people without giving thought to foreign policy and social progression.
for fucks sake, "the sanctity of marriage is traditional." yeah, and don't forget how traditionally women weren't allowed to vote, slavery was a condoned practice, and black people weren't considered people, and 'outhouse' was a vulgar word on tv.
tomorrow there's the rez open mic.
also, shaz said she'd save me some cake. now when she reads this it'll remind her.

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she bought a carton of cigarettes and went "illegal drugs!!"


i spent about four and a half hours editing video this morning. it's nice to be able to go to the new tech lab without anyone there and just put shit everywhere, eat, and poke around with clips.
shaz came down after her class and when we exited the depths of Shrum it was sunny! like REAL sun!!
for those playing along at home and dont live in's been close to forty days since it was actually sunny out. sounds so biblical doesn't it?
i feel pretty good lately. my head is all smiley.
even when i argue communication theory. speaking of...someone apparently did a semiological quantitative content analysis of raymi's blog and only based it on Arthur Berger's semiological theory.
i don't see how you could competently write a paper examining the meaning of content in a blog without taking into consideration Peirce's icons, indexes, and symbols, Derrida's more postmodern deconstructionist theory, and de Sausseur's 'signifier' and 'signified'. basing a semiotic paper soley on Berger is fucking retarded. mostly because if you're going to write a paper that has any sort of semiology in it, you at least base your hypothesis and conclusions on something that a more influencial theorist said. that's ok Berger, we all know that you mixed up Peirce and de Sausseur and hoped no one noticed. i mean, at the very least you have to acknowledge whether you're interpreting your content from a modern, postmodern, structuralist, or post structuralist point of view.
oh...and you must give a nod to McLuhan if you're talking about ownership of any sort of medium. but you can ignore Innis. i hate Innis.

oh my education is catching up with me...

here's a quite brilliant little video of matt good talking about thetits and ass content of our world.

ok, i'm going to go get leftovers now.

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do merpeople eat sushi?


when i woke up this morning the first thing to go through my head was "...i only have dry pasta and jello to eat..."
since it's sunday, i get to go have aunt food today!
after the food thought, i drifted back to my question about whether or not the content of a message is better transmitted in a 2 or 3 dimensional sense. i can see how a McLuhanist would answer that, that since the medium is the message that the message conveyance is more important in terms of which medium it's presented in. while i agree that the medium is an important aspect, McLuhan's theory in my mind is saying that how a message is transmitted, whether through television or print or whatever, is the most important factor to consider. the same news story on tv won't come across the same in a newspaper. but i don't think that this takes into account the actual content of the message. since you can't really manipulate the actual message, it has to be a 2 dimensional object. you can manipulate the medium in which the message is in, so it's 3 dimensional. sooooo...which one has more effect?
come on people! you're reading this! are the words on your screen more important than the fact that you're reading this on a computer screen???, most people probably aren't studying this kind of thing, and are probably shaking their head and going 'wtf???' right now.

to those people i say this:


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who the fuck is goose?


after reading i didnt want to touch another textbook for a while.
so i did some redesigning. im pretty sure that any code monkeys who look at the page code are just pulling their hair out.

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take your time

four hours of reading later...i'm pretty much all caught up. in fact, i'll probably read ahead a bit today just so i dont have to try to play catch up again next week.
the more i read these books the more i come to realize what a fragmented and naive society we have developped for ourselves.
the one downside to being a student of communication is constant self analysis when you use any form of technology in a social setting.
lately i've been toying with the thought of how msn messenger is a supplement to real life interaction, but that it's also a series of conversations that never actually end. you can sign out, but if you save your chat logs, then you are effectively engaged in a discourse that is never fully terminated, you have an entire record of your conversation in front of you.
when i took my second year theories class we had a lecture based around the theory that communication media can be either time based or space based. i never liked that theory because of the existence of the internet. from a purely hardware point of view, i suppose that the space theory works best; you save your media on your harddrive. it's saved in a visible place. media can either be one or the other, it cant exist in both time and space.
i never liked it because how do you take into account something like a person who uploads a file to a website. in essence, from their perspective you send a representation of an actual media document through some ethereal object meant to represent a storage space for a certain amount of time.
so it exists in a point in time in a space you cant see. dual storage.
my prof never really explained that, but then again, i hadn't thought of that when i took the class...
another thing i thought up is, are communicated messages 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional? that is to say, is the message more potent from the content that you see, or the way in which it's presented to you?
and the last little communication geek rant for today (i promise) is about blogs and online diaries. when i was in ottawa, simon, alana, beth and i got in to a discusion about blogging over some nice pho. there was an obvious split. two of us thought that blogging was a good idea, and two thought it was irresponsible in a way. this was interesting because this issue rarely comes up in any class i've taken. a divide within a technologically submissive culture about living and existing partially through an electronic experience. why post your life online if people like their privacy? the most basic assumption is that human nature drives us to express ourselves in a manner that we deem appropriate for the most attention sent in our direction. comparatively, i find that i can have a wider grasp on self identity both online and in real life by living in tandem with an online personality. while people who spend much timeonline can use that opportunity to idealize themselves, i think that posting your life in the online community is simply another way of accessing the social and cultural experiences that would otherwise take us years to gather.
living in this parallel world of online and real life essentially gives you leave to exist in two places at once, two societies with unique cultural and socio demographic experiences that can be applied to the opposing one to better adapt to the demands it presents you with.

...and i'm spent...

this is what happens when i actually get off my ass, do readings, and reflect on what i have learned.

now i'm going to go put on some CCR and do the dishes.

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the capacity of communicative technologies to constitute rather than mediate realities and to constitute relatively bounded spheres of interaction


i get to play with 3000$ worth of HD camera this weekend.
i keep telling myself im going to catch up with everything this weekend and get things done.
i think im halfway right.
i did fix up my resume, and i do have the camera, and i only have one reading left to mostly catch up.
so in the world of pat who has four day weekends...thats going into the weekend on a pretty good foot.
there's an open mic on wednesday. i have to figure out what im gonna play.
oh and i made a cake last night. OH MY GOD ITS SO GOOD!
i also decided that since i got smoot, i should get two real hamsters and name them Smeet and Smoot.
since i fixed up my resume i think tomorrow...or tuesday...i'll go drop a bunch of at random places. i'll call my friend at the CBC too and see if he knows anyone i can talk to.
i feel like making a really shoddily looking music video.
im waiting for someone to walk into my room with the camera set up and be like "dude, are you making porn or what?"

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put the waffle foot away!


i got a new pet. his name is smoot the hamster. or just smoot for short.
feel free to poke him with your mouse and make him look around and run on his wheel.


i've decided that teriyaki sauce and blueberry syrup make everything more delicious.
especially fetuccini and pork fried rice.
i'm going to make a cake tonight too.
if i can find a hand mixer...

current mood: full of teriyaki and blueberry fried rice

its too early for strawberries!!!


these are JagerOgies. theyre just like regular perogies except they're friend in jagermeister.
JagerOgies won't make you fart like beans do.

current mood: P is for Perogies

have fun with your beans, they'll make you fart

so...lately ive found myself embroiled in a pseudo fame because of the VJ Search. if you've seen the commercial, which i just saw a moment ago, im the guy screaming "I REALLY WANNA DO THIS!!!"
it's on the website. so go to the website and watch me fall to my knees and beg the populous of canada to allow me a chance to throw to cheesey dance videos.
ive had messages and phone calls in the last week all saying "PAT! YOURE ON TV AGAIN!!!"
that being said, i put my msn address on here for a reason people. add me damn it!
i think it'd be a neat experience, but i can take solace in the fact that apparently none of the other contestants screamed beggingly that much and they're not the first person you see in the add for the show.
still, i have to wonder how many more times in the next few days i'll hear "PAT YOURE ON AGAIN!!!!!"
which is weird cause the other day i was talking to a friend back in sherwood park and we were reminiscing about high school, and then i said "dude...ive been on national TV more times than anyone in our entire grad class..." and thats not counting time in the House of Commons.
ok, i have to go to class.
i came home. maybe i'll run into Jen the Bus Girl. maybe someone will have seen the commercial and be all "Arent you that screaming guy?"

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i suck at begging?

it costs 12 $ to go the top of this building. a trip to the top of this building is not coverd in my student fees which allow me to take classes and be educated in this building.
12$ might not seem like much but everytime i'm downtown with someone and they're like "let's go to the top!" and i say how much it costs they're like, "oh fuck that then."
as far as i can tell there are no differences between the two shots of the building in this picture.
as far as i know, there is no special relevance to this post about anything really.
i'm still trying to decide what to have for breakfast before my tutorial thats in 20 minutes.
im also trying to decide whether or not to go back up to rez during my three hour break and hope that when i catch the bus back down here that i'll randomly run into Jen the Bus Girl again.
i feel like i want fruit for breakfast.
i think there's a smoothie place in the foodcourt...
i'm going to go get food then debate consumerist ideals that explain the iconography of the American spirit.

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peel banana peel peel banana!


not my eye. but i know who's eye it is.
i keep finding out that people are going out with people and they've been going out for long enough that i should have known but i don't.
sometimes i dont care and sometimes it bugs the shit out of me.
on a scale of none to bug the shit out of me today it was hovering around mosquito.
being everyone's friend (stress friend) can take a lot of energy. im the safe boy. safe boys are just friends.
there needs to be more random girls on buses who start up conversations because of NIN pins...
and now a list of random words:
industrial democracy
consumer citizenry
and now to cheer myself up i'm going to play guitar and remind myself that there are plenty of things that i dont need to worry about and it's always better to smile than feel like shit.

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today was laundry day all over. i did mine. everett did his.
i got in the big dryer.
everett tried to get in the big dryer.
i got in the little dryer.
remember kids, don't play hide and seek in the dryer. best you leave it til you're 21, in university, and have nothign better to do with your time than almost get stuck in the small dryer and wonder for a second if you'll have to get your friends to call maintenance to have them extract you from it.
shaz also knows what the spirit of rock is all about.

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you did it with a mushroom?

it's voting day. GO VOTE!

the ceiling fan says:


so i walk into everett's room and my first thought is: 'wtf is with the huge fucking mess?'
my second thought was 'why the fuck is stevie naked with everett on top of her?
it was pointed out to me today that i've been fatigued and mopey lately.
i decided that when i wake up tomorrow i'm going to not be fatigued and mopey.
people said they want fun pat back. i want fun pat back.
tomorrow fun pat will come back.
unless when i run windows update my computer fucks up royally and i get mad at it. then maybe fun pat will be back on tuesday.

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you were going to use pudding as a massage oil?

i feel drained today. physically and mentally. it's like someone turned a tap on and it all my energy and thought capacity just slipped on out. i got more sleep than the last few days last night but it wasn't good sleep. maybe fatigue is slowly taking over.
the Rez Fambly came over and made dinner in my kitchen last night while i was up here zoning out. and then i went down and found vicki was here too. havent seen her in about a week so that was cool.
and then i went downstairs and sat on the floor and people kept telling me to go to bed. so i took some advil. and vicki told me not to die and i didn't.
my sister went out with some new people at home last night and apparently hit it off with this EMT guy. he gets bonus points cause he asked her "if your brother doesn't mind can i call you?"
dude, it's not me you have to worry about. tis the father figure.
i'm annoyed that as soon as i got back here from christmas it's like all the drive i had at the end of last semester about getting shit done this time has just evapourated. i've hit so many ups and downs in the last week that i'm not even sure where one starts and one ends.
when i was sitting on the floor last night when everyone was over there was lots of noise and i was getting confused and i had to sit down and i was like "my brain needs time to start working still" and vicki was like "if that's still going on maybe you should have that looked at."
the scientologists tried to nab me yesterday when we were over in Lonsdale. but they didn't have scientologits posters up. an old guy was like "free stress test?" and he wouldn't let up and i looked over and was like "OMG! THE JOHN TRAVOLTA MACHINE!! FUCK!!! ESCAPE!!!"
coherence seems to be meaningless today.
fish a fish a fishy oooooh.
i need a break from life but i've hardly started.
today is sunday though. i'm not religious at all. my sundays consist of going to my aunt and uncle's, laying on the couch, talking about random stuff with my uncle, watching mythbusters and eating. today i think the couch will serve as nap central. i usually feel a bit better after sundays.
in my last few posts i've been noticing a regression in how i'm writing them.
maybe i should have that looked at.

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sinking ships on sandbars sail slowly


the Rez Fambly all got up at 7:30am to go to the SFU leadership Summit. this turned into "let's fuck off and go to Denny's".
then that turned into "let's go to long & mcquade."
then that turned into "SEABUS SEABUS SEABUS!!!"
which turned into an adventure at Lonsdale Quay.
managed to find some neato things for the Obscure Product section of the Fodcast.
im never getting up at 7:30am on a saturday again for a long time.
the rest of the Rez Fambly is going to a party off the hill tonight. im going to hang out with my CA from last year.
i'm tired. maybe i'll take a quick nap.

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leadering from Denny's

so i was in my four hour sociology lecture and apparently i was missing out on a closing out sale at the liquor store at kensington. i got to help look at it in the trunk of bryce's car when the rest of the Fambly got back. i got pity beer too. i think i'll not take the pity beer. i'm not gonna mooch booze. the sale ends tomorrow at nine or something. we're going to a leadership summit til 5:30. i bet if i go there after i'll be able to buy a can of beer cause there'll be fuck all left. there was no jager left. i want jager, not beer. therefore, i will not take the pity beer.
i just like the last picture. it's cool.

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so THATS what 500$ worth of booze looks like


i had a shat sleep last night. i went to bed at like 1am, which is earlier than usual. and then everyone came back from the pub and there was much loudness and talking outside and downstairs and i really wanted to go out on my balcony and yell "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU COCKFACED SHIT HEADS!"
but i didn't cause it was slushing and my balcony was covered in wet snow.
and after the shitty sleep i got up early and went to the library and got the reading for my Soc class thats this afternoon and came back and read it fast and typed up my page of commentary and took the book back and came back to eat breakfast.
and when i pulled my ox of vector off the top of the fridge i wasn't happy right away.
i did not leave the top of the box ripped up last time i ate it. which was yesterday.
i had more than half of it left. now theres basically the crumbs left.
i know there were people downstairs in the living room last night.
A) you are not cool.
B) you had better fucking buy me another box, that shit's not cheap
C) eat someone else's food next time
D) did i mention that you are not cool at all.
normally i could forgive something like this. however, i'm tired, had a crap sleep, the first thing i did this morning was go to the library and read 30 pages on the dissemination of new information technology. reading about how high school dropouts invented computers and made a bazillion dollars doesn't put me in a good mood after a crap sleep and finding out i have no breakfast food anymore. so maybe when everyone else wakes up or shows up i'll throw the box at them.

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vector THIS!

why is it that the varsity teams on this campus get ads made that tell them to go have sex? i bet if any of the number of crazy religious weirdos up here ever saw that they'd get uber offended. in that case, i hope they make more.
and who spells Fuckers with two k's?
we went to baker's and then it started to snow. we did as the sign told us and got all wet. and then stevie showed baker how much she likes rough sex in a public place.
good times for the first RezFamblyAdventure since like november.
we should also have our podcast, notably named "The Fodcast", up and running in the next two weeks. segments may include any of the following: chuggling, pat's stupid moment, awkward sex position of the week, scripted, the 3D section, obscure product testing, and Best of the Worst house band. i make no promises that content will a) be good and, b) not offend anyone.

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we don't want your backdoor action!


so apparently when i eat jello with 10 ounces of jager in it it results in me sitting on the floor in everett's room yelling "dude, fuck you guys!" a lot while i get ice thrown at me and covered in spit balls. oh alcohol, what would we do without you?
we did actually manage to have a decent conversation about using stereo condenser mics with a USB interface mixer versus just buying cheapy 1/4 inch input ones. i say we go half and half.
we watched a show about how childhood is basically being destroyed from what it used to be because of tv and computers in class today. it was neat. i like this class. there's seven of us in the class who teamed up with the prof to do a video production set of assignments instead of all the written ones. we got to talk about toys in our tutorial with him today. and we got to play with 3000$ HDV cameras. part of our homework is to watch cartoons.
doooooood. awesome.
and it looks like we're not going to see that Looking for Comedy in the Muslism World movie cause the rest of the Rez Fambly forgot what time it was after i reminded them a few times and went to the dining hall to get dinner when we should have been on a bus going to the fucking movie. oh well. it's pub night tonight. maybe i'll go tonight.
i had a reading for my New Information Techonology soc class today that was all about how people started living their lives in more realisitic ways through the internet in the 90s. and i laughed cause it was all about MUDs and text based interfaces. and then i logged on to blogger and all of a sudden i was like "ah shit..." damn you education! you take all the fun out of everything!!

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colour me any colour...with a crayon


i sat next to a guy in lecture today who was one of those really fucking annoyingly heavy breathers. the kind where every five seconds you want to be like "BLOW YOUR FUCKING NOSE ASSFACE!!!"
it's a three hour lecture and i was half listening to audiocrush 20 and it was really making me want to blarf on the guy. and if you have no idea what that means then go and listen to audiocrush episode 20.
maybe next lecture i'll bring my 80$ wax sealed hot sauce that you arent supposed to touch any skin with because it's like a massive fucking ulcer and hole in your guts in a little glass bottle.
some random girl named jen talked to me on the bus today. that was nifty. she saw my NIN pins on my bag and asked if i'd gone to the concert. i totally wouldn't have thought she was into NIN cause she looked like she was going to a business meeting. and then she got off after like five minutes, but she used to live in rez and i know i've seen her around and when she got off the bus she was all "hope i see you around sometime." i can only hope to assume that this means that life has decided to stop being a fucktard when it comes to me and the opposite sex.
it smells like egg salad sandwhich in my house.
i also asked a question in my Promotional Culture class tutorial today that no one could answer. i said that from the readings i got that advertising in the 1920s was a direct result of consumer demand because of the 8 Hour movement, but since the 8 hour movement was started in the 1880s, why was there a 40 year gap between advertisers actually capitalizing on the demand by workers for a greater ability to buy commodity items.
i didnt get a satisfactory answer and sitll maintain my original position that consumer demands led by the proletariat are the reason modern advertising took shape.
that's my communication rant for the day.

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there's 10 ounces of jager in this jello. i havent had anything to eat since 1:30 today. let's see what happens when i eat all this jello.

jackie chan bitch!!