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sh!thawks...on parade: 11.2005

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i'm a horrible fucking procrastinator...i want to play in the snow...
i only have two more chapters. then i'll go play in the snow.

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Textbooks Hurt My Brain

we went sledding on cafeteria trays last night. i went face first and only ate shit once. apparently i look like a penguin going down face first.
my back hurts today.
i have a final presentation and an in class final tomorrow.
that's my room.
thanks for sharing.
watch the show Huff.

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Perfect Penguin!


at Casa Del Pat you will see snow.
at Casa Del Pat you will drink the finest beer.

at Casa Del Pat you will get steak cooked in teriyaki sauce, meat tenderizer, red pepper flakes, one clove of garlic (crushed), one hunk of ginger, and half the bottle of the finest beer.

at Casa Del Pat you drink the other half so as not to waste it.

at Casa Del Pat you do all your own dishes.

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Casa Del Pat


i was looking at steve's pictures and now i have Sur Le Pont D'Avignon stuck in my head.
i think maybe that's good though. it's the last week of class and things tend to get hectic then. so it's good to have something in your head that reminds you that sometimes life is hard but sometimes its just about dancing on a bridge.

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Song for the Kindergarten


look! there's liquid in a solid state all over the ground!
this kinda makes up for not knowing where everett is and not going to see Fred Penner.

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Oh Be Joyful!


a few of the madge girls are having a girls night here. normally i'd probly be down there watching whatever movie it is and listening to them talk about girl stuff.
hey, gotta keep the Madge Boy spirit alive.
but i'm not. i tried to do something today. i managed to watch seven episodes of "My Name is Earl" and go walk around metrotown and get weirded out by the crowds flocknig through this temple of consumerism. that mall fucking scares me. not in an agoraphobic sense. more like from the constant environmental saturation of trend power. i'd walk down the halls and watch the gangs of 50 followers or JLo followers, and the trendy people trying to be pretentious, and the fat people trying to be trendy. it's a disgusting monument to everything i think is sickeningly wrong with parts of our culture.
if you want wear G-Unit clothes then fine. just so long as you know that you're supporting a cadre of drug dealers and murderers. and wearing clothes with the number 50 on them does not make you 50 Cent. so stop acting like you are you. fucking. idiotic. motherfucking. tools.
and twelve year olds who dress like this and carry fucking cellphones. don't even fucking get me started. you're in grade 6. you don't need a fucking cellphone you. fucking. tool.
i went into two stores. i went into bluenotes as i always do, and as i've always been the last dozen times i've been, i was thoroughly disappointed. i went into coast mountain sports to look at camping gear. i did not stop in the middle of the mall to pose. i did not join a cluster of rapper wannabes taking up the whole hallway all talking on cellphones. i did not point at the clothes of others and make disgusted faces and point them out to my friends.
the last piece of clothing i bought were my buffalo jeans in august. i saved up a specific amount over the summer to buy one pair. they don't make me want to go to the mall and act like i'm god of the bag toters unlike most everyone i walked by today.
there are 470 stores in that mall. i left without carrying a bag and knowing that there were two things i would like. a pair of merrell hiking boots and a petzl headlamp. most likely they will be in wrapped boxes in my living room in a month. then i'll go stand in the middle of the mall wearing them both and acting like i'm Lil John.
mall people are stupid far too often.

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...this, of course, is the downside.
oooooh hangover. how i have not missed you.

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It Only Follows That...

several free Jones Soda's and cups of granville island honey lager (also free from a keg) later i think it's about time to go to bed.
the upside to hosting a monumental fucking failure of an RHA party is the fact that we have to return the kegs empty. hello four hours later.

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Let's Go Steal A Canoe!


shaz and i went for some deep fried mars bars today.
just wow.
deep fried goodness.
now i'm gonna phone people in ottawa. just cause i feel like it.

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there's one week of class left. i have my first final next thursday. i should be reading textbooks.
instead i'm reading this. this book and the sequel are my favourite books ever. next to If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. i suggest you read this and then when you're done pick up Seize The Night without hesitation.
i've lost count of how many times i've read these books.
in other news, our 375 presentation was roxom. the judges were mucho impressed with our magazine. our 363 quant report was handed in today in all its 130 page long glory.
i also had a drink for the first time in nearly two months when i got home. i had one bottle of Big Rock Warthog Cream Ale. best beer ever.
i'm going to read another chapter then sleep.

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Pushpins in Corkboard


i woke up singing

11 is Standing Still


dragged everett downtown today to go find stuff to tell my parents to buy me for christmas.
went from Pacific Center to Robson, then all the way down Robson to Denman, then up Denman to the Rubber Rainbow cause everett wanted to know where it was. the lady had a dog that looked as weird as she did. she educated us about how it wasn't the 1970s anymore. i asked her to come up to campus and give a sex talk.
rubber rainbow to Fatburger. best. burger. ever.
back up all of robson, into many expensive stores to mock their wares, then to Long & McQuade to look for DiMarzio cables. they don't carry DiMarzio cables. they carry the pickups.
then back up here.
then i get to ge back downtown in a half hour to go to a group meeting for 375.
what a gloriously satisfying day.

cuurent mood: "Kickstar My Heart" by Motley Crue

Do You Sweat A Lot When You Lounge?

...i have revamped the cardboard cutout.

With The Push of a Button


everett and i went up the the roof of Shrum to take some pictures.
it's fun living on the top of a mountain where the fog doesn't come and gives you the most spectacular views in the world.
i'm also feeling a lot less insane in the memBrain lately. which is good. this is more fun than wanting to throw and break shit.

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Psychedelic, I See?


for the last two days it's been sunny up here. and foggy down there. like we live on top of the clouds.
it was funny watching all the people climb onto the roof of Shrum this afternoon with their cameras.
if it's like that again tomorrow afternoon i might wander somewhere where there are no other people and just sit and watch for a while.
i'm allowed to have my cheesey solitary moments too.
it might help considering that i've hit the point in the semester where i've got enough work to push my brain into tripping out on its own all of a sudden like it did in my soc tutorial today and let me watch all the neat little flashes and colours on the walls.
other than the random hallucinations, i've found a bit of peace of mind lately.
my soc prof provided some much needed perspective today. he's a cool dude.
almost finished the semester.
only two more weeks of bullshit.

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I Live on Bespin


my friends made me a picture.
my friends rock.

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member L of 363 group fucked with meg today.
i yelled at L.
i would do it again.
went for chinese food.
took pictures on bus.
watched more joyful painting and K-Smith.
got a phone call from munich which made me happy.
went to say happy birthday to nancy.
began to crash.
continued to crash.
am in the process of crashing hard.
i know it's inevitable, but i can't afford to bottom out this week or next week.
it's only 7:30 and it feels like it's past midnight.

current mood: "Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago Blackhawks" on 630CHED

Staios Has To Wait


who'd have thought that a white dude with a 'fro making paintings on PBS could calm you down so well? seriously. i spent all day so far working on sociology and more data entry for 363. this was followed by watching bob ross at everett's for a while.
so soothing it should be a perscription drug.
the serentity may be short lived however seeing as how i had to come back to work on my kinesiology presentation.

you know that my brain has been completely beaten into submission when i agree to go to the new harry potter movie to take a break from all the bullshit.

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Just Tap Some Colour On


can i take comfort in the fact that our business plan was finished, printed and delivered two minutes before class ended?
yes i can.
this does however mean that every other assignment that i haven't been able to start or work on for the last 6 days are swiftly coming to bite me in the ass.
i think i'll have that look permanently etched on my face for the rest of the semester.

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Everything After This Is Just Bullshit...


i got on the wrong bus. i walked to production from the first stop of the 143. some assfuck missed me with his truck by about two inches while the little white man attached to the streetlight told me it was safe to cross.
i do not get to go to StaticX.
i do not get to scream all of my frustration out of me.
i do find myself beggining to tweak out.
it's 9pm. i'm in the mac lab at harbour center.
this is hour 5 on the business plan today.
i am not happy with this situation.
i will be watching fight club when i get home.

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I Am Jack's Smoldering Rage

i have a group meeting to finalize the business plan tonight at 6 at harbour center.
this works out magically because friend vanessa has won free tickets to StaticX at the Commodore.
i will work on group project until it's time to leave and if people don't like it i don't care. i need a concert to make up for the 40 plus hours i've worked on this fucking class in the last five days. yes i kept track of the hours.

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Cause I Fuckin Deserve It!

it's now 3:24am. i'm done for the night. i spent 15 hours straight working on the business plan today. it's almost done. after this i never want to see it again.

current mood: "Empty Road" by Matt Good

One. More. Month.


someone in my 363 has fucked up royally.
if i get a C on that qualitative report i'm going to be even more pissed off than i am right now.
thus, someone should fess up and UNFUCK THIS!

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This Is Me Yelling

my bread in the fridge smells like pickles.
i also just taught my dutch roommate what 'nifty' means.
that plate of denny's pancakes and like 10 things of syrup was definitely not nifty.

It Snowed?!?

i overslept this morning.
it was sunny out!
i went to get food with everett and helped him put up posters for the end of month party.
i worked on the 375 business plan.
CJ got back from field school in italy and is staying here for a few days.
i got an alabaster mushroom from italy. it's nifty. i named it.
i registered for next semester. rather, i tried. every 300 level CMNS class is full. students from other faculties use them as electives. we're not allowed to use most of THEIR upper div classes as electives. they can use ours. i cannot get into the classes in MY faculty that i NEED because of this. i'm waitlisted for every 300 level i tried to get into.
we went to rescue meg from her angry man of a landlord who was scaring her. she's all better now in nancy's townhouse. Saab's are fucked up cars to drive. especially american ones.
remember, the LITTLE numbers are km/h. NOT the big ones.
i used the BIG numbers driving back up the mountain.
i've spent another four hours of work on 375 after the receiving of the alabaster mushroom and the Saab rescue.
i shall continue to do so now.

current mood: "Why Go" by Pearl Jam

It's Name is Albert


if you haven't seen this movie i highly suggest you do.
for shits and giggles i like to read The O'Reilly Factor. usually it pisses me off. friday's topic of choice was"Helping the Kids of U.S. Military People Killed in the War on Terror". once you watch outfoxed you'll understand why after i read this i yelled at my monitor. seems as though bill forgot that time he berated jeremy glick who's father had been killed in afghanistan.
i have my own Talking Points:
1. bill o'reilly is a coward
2. bill o'reilly is a spinster of facts
3. bill o'reilly is a bad journalist
4. bill o'reilly lies willingly and knowingly
5. bill o'reilly is a hatemongerer
6. bill o'reilly is racist
7. bill o'reilly does not believe in equality
8. anyone who ends their show with a most ridiculous item of the day and tries to pass it off as real news should have their broadcast liscence revoked
9. bill o'reilly refuses to debate people anywhere other than on his own show
10. bill o'reilly is the biggest problem is modern news media.
and that's The Memo.

in other news...too much fresh ground coffee before bed means not getting to sleep until 5am again. coughing noisily all night means hawking up bloody phleghm in the morning. and finally, massive group projects mean missing home made aunty dinners again.

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And Now, From The Safety of His Studio!


data entry is a pain in the ass. i have 884 more responses to put in.

current mood: "Maynard's Dick" by Tool

This Must be Why I Have a Headache...


this is my post degree wishlist.
a Gibson SG Signature Series SGJ Gordie Johnson model.
a Hartke PiggyBack 60 8x10 stack.
a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay.
DiMarizio Gold instrument and jumper cables.
i already have the Boss MT-2 and the Danelectro DJ-8.
the GHS Zakk Wylde signature strings are an obvious choice. i switched from Dean Malarkey Blue Steel to the GHS because the tone is much much better.
i also want the SGJ because after i played one a few months ago i want one. badly.
very badly.
if you wish to contribute any money to this please let me know. i can repay you with M&Ms.

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I Need An Education For This?

lest we forget

This One's For Dad


this is an audio post - click to play

Gimme Coffee!!!

did a little reorganizing and fiddling of the settings with everett's help today.
that and watched masive amounts of Scrubs. it's a good procrastination show. as is mythbusters. watching cement trucks explode to clear out dried concrete is always fun.

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I Said Shaken! Like Bond Orders!


i'm running on one hour of sleep. i went to bed before 12. i didnt fall asleep til after 5. i woke up at 6:30 and tried to get back to sleep.
everett came by at 10:30 to see how i was doing after last nights near collapse. maybe it was my own fault for going to rez challenge while my head was pounding...maybe not. i think next time i'll avoid that seeing as how the next hour i spent laying in bed wheezing and clutching my head wasn't exactly fun.
if i accomplish something today it will be laundry. and dropping off meg's essay for her.
i might have to get someone else to run the CTF tonight if i can't walk around without the world sliding to one side or the other all the time.
and shaz has generously started supplying us with nifty bus posters. it's funny cause it's true.

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This Must Be How Lucille 2 Feels


woke up this morning with a pretty nasty head cold. not feeling too good in my neck of the woods. headache, dizzy, sore all over.
i manged to haul myself out of bed and go to my KIN tutorial. the one benefit about me being sick is that i get really annoyed about lack of attention to detail, and brought up questions in the presentation today that stopped everyone dead in their tracks.
now i'm going to eat something simple, wrap myself up in my Page Programme hoodie with all it's uber cool memories, and make a cocoon out of myself with my blankets, throw on some Scrubs and fall alseep thinking about how comfy the couch in the Page Lounge was.

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Do I Starve It Or Feed It?


i'm still coming off this weekend's high. which is probably a really good thing because i don't feel swamped with work now. i do have a lot to do, but somehow after this weekend it doesn't seem all that hard anymore.
i did some quick fixin of our 363 survey and emailed a whole bunch out.
i looked over the marketing and advertising plan for 375 and fixed it up.
i'm averaging 90% in my sociology class right now.
my rez events are going off very smoothly.
i contacted don wright, regional director dude for Amnesty and he said he's up for helping us out at the end of them month. Tomorrow we'll hammer out a final date and then start to run around like children who've been given red bull to figure out where, what, who...etc.
last night after 2am...two hours after i told myself i'd go to bed...i was reading blogs and was astonished at how fast this has taken on a life of its own. certainly if McLuhan's global village needed a booster shot, blogging is probably one of the best ways to do it. it's overwhelming in a way. you go from posting random thoughts about clubs days tables to suddenly seeing your face on other people's sites, and being thrust into a virtual community that argueably has social bonds as large as real life groups. very twilight zone. but not the episode with shatner. that episode sucked.
my parents used to tell me that if i stared at a screen too long my eyes would turn square.
seeing as how the number of hours i sit here has markedly increased lately i can begin to appreciate their sentiment.
only instead of squares i'll probly get cancer or something...
it's easy to forget about that on a day like this. it's sunny, the grass is green, it's warm, the oilers are on a winning streak, and things are working together fantabulously.
i'm gonna eat stale cornpops and work on more layouts now.
current mood: "In Love With a Bad Idea" by Matt Good...yes the MG mood marathon continues lol

Unsanctioned Product Placement


of the 100 odd pictures i took at last night's concert this is the one i was waiting for.
again, front and center only this time, another two feet closer so i was right up against the rail. best spot evah!
while we were waiting for the show to start tony walked by and i managed to talk to him for a few minutes. he'd read about everett's and mine failed attempts at getting into the blogger get together yesterday. gotta say he was a pretty cool guy. and yes, to my surprise upon getting up this morning and checking out his blog for concert pics there's ev and i staring back at me from the screen. and yes i'm aware that that's not the correct concert shirt.
show was wicked good. two encores. and i managed to get a set list. while there were a few times during the course of the night where the communication student in my brain was dictating to me about why i was taking so many pictures was because according to Gaze theory i was using the pics to project myself into them, and that i wanted a set list becuase of the inherent commodity value placed on it by fans, i did manage to quash most of the heavier theory back into the recesses of my head and enjoy the show without telling ymself to shut up.
you should hear what goes on in there when i watch a movie...honestly...
i'm in the process of posting some of the pics from the concert on my new buzznet account. i say some because some are better than others.
ok, i need breaskfast. we're going to post concert denny's breakfast. gross yes, tasty, yes, slowly poison my body willingly? yes. do i care today? no.

current mood: "Little Terror" by Matt Good

On Stage Apparitions


all i can say is wow. fucking amazing show.
so everett and i went downtown early to go to a buzznet thing being put on by one of MG's friend's tony pierce and were promptly refused entry by the fashionista bitch of a hostess. we ended up heading to harbour center to use one of the computer labs to blog our immediate discontent only to be refused entry into the labs cause they were closing. shut down numero two.
that's ok cause we went back, stood in line, got in quickly and got front and center positions at the stage. standing front and center at any concert is like a fucking endurance test. remember...always keep your elbows -out-.
the only complaint i have doesn't really have anything to do with the concert at all. it has to do with the fact that being a communication student tends to fuck up any sort of entertainment experience because it's almost like being in a participant observation study of fandom.
take for example the girl standing next to me screaming "I love you Matthew Good! I love you! I love you!" oh and it didn't stop there. no, when she couldn't yell anymore she started mouthing it over and over. normally i'd attribute this to overzealousness at being right up at the front, but the look on her face actually gave credence to her repetition. try jumping around and singing to hello time bomb all the while wanting to question her on what her opinion on what fame was, whether she thought it was a social construct, and why she thought that MG was singing directly to her and not to the crowd. of course, you could hear examples of this from throughout the crowd. the chants of "i love you!" or "you're my hero!"
i really wish that i could have done this as a research topic for my Media and Audience Research class. how awesome woudl that be? go to concerts and ask people why they shower this type of emotion on someone on a stage.
ok, i'll admit to having done so previously, until this summer when i realized that if i were in the position of the person on stage i'd rather have an actual conversation with someone rather than meet hundreds of people and hear the phrase "oh my god i love you so much!" over and over again.
i also went to talk to the amnesty people about the benefit/fundraiser we're going to set up for the end of the month so all the little rezzies can show their supportand maybe learn something about life outside of our mountainous bubble. they gave me the contact info for the regional director. good stuff. hope this goes well.
ok, got some more page layouts to do, then go buy stuff for sunday sundae tomorrow, then go to the second show.

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Think of Meaningful Things to Say...


the first time i saw a matt good concert was in ottawa for the Avalanche tour. people in the crowd were being douche bags and throwing stuff and crowd surfing to songs like Avalanche.
the second time i saw a matt good concert was the following summer in ottawa. i couldnt get onto the floor which sucked. though the show totally made up for having to sit way up in the fucking back of frank clair arena.
the third time was this summer in edmonton at klondike days. this also happens to be the time i met him.
today marks the fourth matt good concert i will have seen. tomorrow will be the fifth.
i never thought that i'd go to this many concerts of one artist's but i'm glad that i have.
it'll be good times.

current mood: "Poor Man's Grey" by Matt Good

Only If You Throw Stuff At His Head!


ok, I'm in my cmns 363 tutorial.
got bored. so i checked my good friend Billy O's ranting on FOXNews.
billy is special with a capital r, and it shows.

The Hillsborough County school board is setting back education and is practicing a kind of fascism. That's what they do in Cuba."

that's right bill. maybe you should go to britain where you'd be correct about getting left and right wrong.

Looks Like -Someone- Failed Social Studies

so for december during exams we want to have a car smash event.
i phoned MADD canada to ask them about it. they'll give us lots of info and pamphlets.
MADD canada said to phone ICBC.
ICBC said to phone Regional Road Safety.
dude was out for lunch.
whatev. I'll get a hold of him. people enjoy smashing things, and if there's a good message behind it then kudos to the smashers for taking an interest in it.
we're also trying to get an event going for the end of the month to raise funds for victims in darfur. this ought to be a good month activism and awareness wise.
in general the world seems to have finally decided to coast along with everything in working order and letting me get everything done. got my ads ready for three more rez events, gonna go clear them with security today, and im pretty sure i didnt choke on my KIN midterm.
and no i dont know anyone in that picture.

current mood: "Juicy" by I Mother Earth

You Can't Spell Car Without Smash


greatest candy ever. star wars themed m&m's that glow in the dark.
they will tide me through a day of studying KIN 140.
one more midterm to go, then it's back to projects. before projects drain what's left of any drive i have for leading a normal life, i get to spend two days of relative calm going to Matthew Good concerts.
it's really not a fair equation. two days of relaxation, followed by two weeks of "oh god why is everything due at the same time????"
ok, two more chapters to go, then full on cram style.

current mood: "What You Do To Me" by Teenage Fanclub

They Glow?


i got a postcard today. it made me happy. it's not a torre pendente, that's in a different city. it's die rocca maggiore. you can't argue about castles being cooler.
i also got safeway gift cards which also made me happy.
i got some free candy which is always happy.
we finished developing our 363 survey which made me happy.
the ghosts in the forest last night were cooperative. also happy about that.
i'm not even complaning about the studying i have to do for KIN140.
it's been a good day.
current mood: "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground. cause it's chill. chill is good. i've missed chill.

Torre Pendente?