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sh!thawks...on parade: 04.2006

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i beat a crossfire off the line today. now not only do i think they look ugly, but they suck off the line too if they cant beat a fucking ten year old pickup.


new cardboard.

went and did some target practicing today. oh my god im so evil because i have a .22 and i shoot at tin cans. i must be a crazy redneck. *rolls eyes* the only things that died today were lead and the tie in the oilers detroit series.

um...ok, well, may i shouldn't say that...cause one of our family friend's dad died today

life is too fucking cyclical. everytime i come home it's just like riding a goddamn merry go round.

im trying to keep myself as busy as i can. which seems to be working out. last year i didnt and there were tensions.

i hope that the oilers win game 6 cause then i can scramble to buy a ticket for the second round. and then i can jump up and down and yell "i have a golden ticket! i have a golden ticket!!!!"
and then someone will say "run home charlie!" and i'll say "who the fuck is charlie? is he a flames fan? cause if he is HE SUCKS!!!!!"

if you live in edmonton and you watch the playoffs, you must know your ABCs.




game six goes at 6pm monday cause the Sens eliminated tampa today. gonna have to see how many people from work are going somewhere to watch. all the newbies start on monday. it'll be fun times. i'm glad im a verteran county worker know cause it makes the look on their faces on the first day that much more funny. they're all like quiet and not sure if they should talk or laugh at jokes, and the rest of us will just talk and joke and they'll be all "ahahah....hah? um...."

though there were three new guys on turf maintanance that already started and one dude has some cojones cause he actually talks back to tracy. fucking balsy. if i were on her crew and she was pissed, i'd be fucking running. and i say running cause she'd probly be pissed that their trucks broke down again.

going to go see iris'seses new place tomorrow by whyte ave. maybe hit up ikea. it's supposed to be cold tomorrow which is too bad cause whyte is a cool street to walk down when it's nice out. it's kind of like in between walking around in gastown and robson street.

im also kind of wondering if nick will be coming back to work as an Op 1. cause the first year i worked at the county he made it to Op 1. there's three levels of worker here. Labourer, Op1 and Op2. After that it's leadhand and foreman. if he's not then im in the middle as the only Op 1 on our crew. we've got like 4 Op 2s. it's fun cause i can ride around on the machines and drink a slurpee and pull up beside whoever's weed whipping and be like "working hard? or hardly working?" *slurp*

my mom's sick so my dad is down here sleeping on the couch. so i can't really play any music.
and an annoying thing about having a job that makes you wake up at 6:30am every day is that you get too used to it and whn you try to sleep in you sleep in til like 8 max.

my head is telling me im hungry but my stomach says im not. i think i'll go stand in front of the fridge and let them duke it out and see who wins and then come back down and watch some Bam.

tom cruise is nuts


i might have to work 6 days next week. ive worked five this week and im fucking drained.
half the morning i wasnt even sure if i would be able to stand up in the afternoon.
and then everyone's favourite friend adrenaline kicked in.
we're going for chinese tonight. i bet halfway through the meal i'll be like "nnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh"
it was half mast day today. it's the day where places with flags lower them for everyone who's died at work.
good to know some fat fuck who chokes on a sandwhich at lunch in the office gets the flag lowered for him while he's saving lives of his WoW buddies.
i've been leaving my phone off. it's kind of refreshing.
i also dont spend as much time at the compy nowadays.
and i got a raise today.
ok im being hollered at about chinese food so i must go and have chinese food and then think long and hard about what chinese food to order and what chinese food to eat.

i wish i were an oscar mayer


that game was fucking intense. mike from work and i went over to one of his friends' house to watch on like a 70 inch tv. there were about ten of us crammed into this tiny little room. seriously, no chairs, no floor space, no couch space left. its amazing we all didnt break all our bones when edmonton scored.
ok, so here's who im cheering for and why:
edmonton...goes without question.
san jose.
why calgary?
if colorado beats dallas they should play san jose which leaves....


Edmonton Calgary series. can you even conceive of how fucking nuts that would be?
the riot gear would be busted out a few times i bet.

might go over to ally's to watch the game tomorrow.

and this friggin sociology class im taking distance ed...fucking final exam that's worth 60%. bah. its on august 8th. now i have to go find a room at the UofA where i can write the fucking thing.
my dad is trying to relearn the banjo. i get to help. he wants to learn dueling banjos. we're still a workin on the first chords...but it's gettin there.
6 days til i try to blow some speakers. iris is moving into a new apartment this weekend i think it is. i get to help decorate the elevator thats in her room. we have to go to ikea cause she's buying like all new furniture. she totally has to get the bed that's built for making forts.
ok i might blow some speakers with the new godsmack. mmmmmm good.

chix with dix


the curtain of boredom has started to lift here. which im pretty happy about. it could fucking raise a litte faster though...
so yeah, spended the afternoon with Miss Iris the So Very Ticklish on saturday, went to earls/Caffery's Irish Pub with julia and grant and melissa and tara saturday night.
watched the red wings do a good job losing on sunday morning.
drove out to the country and tested out the beretta after it had been fixed in vancouver. fucker kicks like a bastard now... but. i dont mind cause im not using it. im using my SuperEx. hah.
we finished painting all the fields today. some new people started on the turf maintanence crew today. i feel sorry for them. their boss is a bitch. she's nice to us cause we're not on her crew and we dont break her equipment. we're starting a pool to see how long it takes before she goes apeshit on the newbies.
and i guess we had a hammock lying around in the garage cause when i got home it was hanging in the backyard. i may have to take advantage of that.
oh, and then other day when i mentioned all the people who are going camping, i need to ad marnie cause she's probly gonna bring her boy with her.
i want my paycheck soon so i can go buy more ram that won't fuck up my computer this time.
also might look at buying this over the summer. or this.
since people didnt get up for the hockey game yesterday, a bunch of us are going tomorrow cause it's at night and it's a home game.
i think i'm also gonna either take a bit of a bloggin hiatus or not do it everyday for a while.
and with that, i bid you adieu for however long i feel like. which will probly be like two days.

like a nuclear reprisal


so i read about this year's inductees into the rock hall of fame. im kind of glad that it takes 25 years for a band to get in and that it isnt metallica's year to get in yet. why?
fucking robert trujillo. dude you've been in the band for like a year, you didnt start shit with them, fuck right off.
today the sitting at home and being bored came to an end. yayyyyyyyyyy!
went to southgate, tis a mall tis, to meet up with miss iris, who happens to be one of theeeeee most ticklish peoples i've ever met, at the coles. i bought the new guitar world cause there's an interview with adam jones about the new tool cd.
so then we went and made grilled peanut butter and bananer samiches. they wuz tasty.
and, if you put a slice of banana in tucker's water dish it confuses the shit out of him and he goes into a frenzy almost trying to get it out. he also has the most random spaz attacks ever for a cat. it's preeeeetty funny.
and then we watched march of the penguins cause i hadnt seen it. THE LITTLE PENGUINS HAVE FLUFFY SNOW PANTS THAT ARE TOO BIG FOR THEM!!!
and you'd think that if the adult penguins keep the babies under their butts that they'd get shit on or something...
and then i laughed a bit cause iris hasta work til like 8:15pm all next week. and then i was like....wait....she can sleep in all week and i have to be at work at 7:30am.....damn....
also tonight there's apparently some ppls going out and julia texted me to let me know so she's gonna call me later when everythings all decided on and then i are gonna go see more people.
and tomorrow i might go to watch game 2 with mike from work and people somewhere.
i've also been listening to vicarious pretty much non stop and started to figure out how to play it. apparently adam jones plays his riffs a lot like dana carey plays the drums, which is why a lot of the rhythms are so incredibly weird. weird but fucking amazing.
if i thought i could get away with it i would totally fly to toronto for the may 16th club tour. small venue tool? fuck yes!
so i wont know my regular schedule for the summer til like the middle of may after all the new people start and they get all used to the place, which is the last pic btw, thats the front gate. im kind of hoping for just a monday to friday schedule. i had tuesday to saturday last year. if i get monday to friday i can haul ass out to jasper a few times for the weekend. so far my sister and i are going, ally and chris and maybe julia and grant are going, and iris and i and maybe mike and people from work if they want are going to go. not all at the same time. and if that doesnt work, well....i have a big backyard...
granted, it's not quite the same as hawaii or australia but its cheaper and only 3 hours away if you ignore the posted speed limits.
there's at LEAST three Buffalo stores in edmonton! go figure. never would have thought that. considering ive only seen the one on robson st. in vancouver.
hello paycheck, goodbye paycheck, hello jeans.
hey! i can do that because i freely acknowledge the commodity fetish that i am both creating and placing on these jeans while all the while fully ignoring any trace of political economy that may be attached to them.

eye on the tv


well i was right about the score, but i was wrong about the periods. i figured 3-2 Detroit in regulation.
my mom came down to watch sometime during the second period. i hope she never decides to come down to watch hockey again. oh. my. god. after a while i just kept turning up the volume instead of trying to answer her questions. "who are the red guys? ooo! that's not nice! woah that was mean! they get paid millions of dollars to do that you know (this one was said several times in a complaintive tone)"
ok, well if you dont like the game then don't watch it. simple.

i have a cold. and a sore throat. and im on my way to losing my voice.
it's not really any fun trying to watch a playoff game when it feels like your eyes are melting.
and what a shitty fucking crowd there was in detroit. CHEER! silence silence silence CHEER! silence silence silence. fucks sake, it was like watching a game in vancouver. wait til they play here, then you'll hear REAL cheering.

looks like i might be getting another pay raise too. something about the county council approving some wage hour thingy that says after 500 hours we get a certain amount of pay increase. if i think im right, which i might not be, i think it means i get another 6%. which isnt too shabby. if they lift the labourer start wage to over 12$ an hour then i'll be making close to 13$ for lab work and somewhere around 15$ for sitting on a machine and painting lines or cutting grass. fucking right i love my job lol.

i need to get out and hang out with people. its been like over a week since ive actually seen people other than my family. i should see if people want to go for lunch on sunday to watch game 2. my parents are going to some estate auction tomorrow so maybe i'll take a spin around and see who's home.

i still havent unpacked my clothes.
this cold sucks.

rip off fruit stands


that's the view out my window. spec-fucking-tacular.
i think i caught a cold. which is ironic cause it's really nice out here.
im also fairly certain that being outside and working is affecting my thought patterns cause now when i try to think of something to write all that comes to mind is "uuuh...buh.....uhhhh...."
tomorrow is friday then it's my first weekend at home. mayhaps the dad and i will head down to the badlands to do a little huntin for dem bones. no fucking way is he finding a skull before me.
i asked my mom to transfer me some more of my money i have saved up to pay for my soc class that im taking this summer and when she asked how much and i said 700$ and she went 700$?? it costs you 700$ TO TAKE A CLASS??? i thought it was pretty funny.
so...i get to sit around again tonight and wonder what to do.
let's see what other people are doing...

matt good concert
soaking up the sun on a tropical island
warding off the Black Death
shaking up nelson
admiring rick mercer
not hating NB
trying not to go crazy?
reading comics
making sparkles
template jockeying
sucking up the floor
hating hipsters
being motivating in ways that are more fun than kinesiology
being suave contemplating going to tim hortons...if i can find those gift certificates i had somewhere...maybe i'll go work on my bike instead...

take it apart now fall down real far


boys night at home tonight. who needs hotdogs and fries when you've got fresh lobster tails?
we gots style in our guys night biatches.
second day of work. we actually did stuff today. in as much as moving pieces of portable fence around is something...and mix paint in big buckets. at least it's nice out. it's supposed to be like 20 tomorrow. all that's missing ocean...and...a coast line.
it'll get busier at work this week though cause the Parks & Rec big heads are telling us we needs all this shit done for monday that we can't really do unless we pull OT tomorrow and friday.
if there's OT on friday someone's fucking bringing me a portable TV so i can sit on the fucking line painter and watch the hockey game.
i have yet to hear the new tool single. im getting antsy.
this weekend i think im going to go help iris look for a new place. gotta be pretty critical aboot it, can't get just any old place or tucker won't like it. ninja cats need special lairs to practice in.
ok, im going to go sit on the front step in the sun where it's warm now and eat a big chocolate smartie egg.

clutch it like a corner stone


seriously she's like the most annoying person on tv right now.

ok wait...

no i take that back. that weird fucker on that AutoRox show who kept saying YeahYEAH at the end of every sentence is.

first day of work was...well...seriously what do you expect? it's a county job. we do like no hard work. well, we do but not a lot. i got to drive around in a golf cart for a few horus when we werent sitting inside drinking coffee.

this show is stupid but i cant seem to turn away...

nancy grace should eat a grenade


i start work at 7:30 tomorrow morning. i'll probly get to sit around a lot tomorrow and drink coffee and fill out forms and stuff.
it was cold here today...i hope it's not tomorrow, cause cold work is noooooo fun. nope.
plus we have to take the trcuk in for a tune up cause one of the bearings in the alternator is going. and of course i get to drive the truck to work still and hope it doesn't blow up in my fucking face this week.
hopefully the soc class im taking distance ed this summer will keep me busy after work cause i need something to keep me busy. otherwise i have to put up with trying to find something to do.
i still have to hang up all my clothes, so im still living out of a suitcase and box.
i probly wont put those away for like a month or so.
im glad i start work this quick cause otherwise id get pretty sick of sitting around here and wish i was at english bay just putzing around. but i like my job here, so now i can be glad that i can go there all day and just turn my brain off.
ok, im hitting a total dead end thought wise. my brain is just going numb.
like it's almost to the point where im just staring at the screen for no reason and not doing anything but stare and then realize that like 20 minutes have gone by.
i'll bring my camera sometime this week and take som pics of all the shit i have to do. which wont amount to much.
i get slurpees for free sometimes.
im gonna go watch south park now. because my brain is lethargic and bored.

fret for your latté


that gas station sign is real. it was right next to our shitbox of a motel in kamloops.
im pretty well all unpacked. just got some laundry and stuff to wash and put away.
i start work at 7:30 in the morning on tuesday. i dont really mind the early start, at least i'll be doing something. plus i get like 2 extra weeks of pay this summer.
oooo, ok, Running Man is on. i havent sen it in years, so im going to go watch it.

forty six and two are just ahead of me

i am home now.
there are boxes all over.
i have my computer set up, which is of course the most important thing.
ok, i have some pics of the trip back.
but i will put them up later because i have to unload stuff now and make a mess of a clean room.

i am a yodelling cowboy?


but there is a 2 in it. there are two 9's. when added together the number resulting from the two nine's is divisible by 2. there are twelve hours between 9 and 9, also a number divisible by 2.
last night i got real sleep for the first time in who fucking knows how long.
all my shit is sitting on the floor in my uncle's garage.
after this im going to go starting putting it up on shelves.
ok, so, since this is #299, let's play the question game.
i'm not going to have a computer in front of me until at least sunday night. plenty of time for the most random question you can think of that you want me to answer.
this computer fucking sucks. there's actually lag time when i type. it's got windows 98 on it. which was better than 95, but come on.
ok, off i go to stack stuff.
while im in transit listen to On the Road Again and pretend you're in a big black truck, listening to country music and shooting the shit with an old man. it's be good times.
see y'all in a few days.
oh, and...

299 is not divisible by 2


i think i'll do number 299 in vancouver, and then take a break for like two days, and then number 300 will be the first one from home.
im pretty sure that im ready to collapse.
i say pretty sure because all teh caffeine ive had from red bulls and pirhanas is telling me im not...but im pretty sure i am.
as far as i know, the video is not done yet.
i know this because i left the lab 20 minutes ago to come home.
i have an exam in 7 hours.
i fucking pulled way more than my fair share of the work on this video so i figure i can let the others finish the damn thing.
im gonna try to motor through the exam and then run down and finish the blooper tape.
pirhanas have more caffeine than red bull. monster has more than either.
i bet when my alarm goes off at 6:30 i will hit the crash.
that will suck.
im pretty sure i wont fail the exam. im also pretty sure i wont fail the class.
im very sure i fucking hate kinesiology.
im very sure that i want to collapse right now.
im very sure that my pillow looks rather inviting.
im sure that there's no way im going to get through rereading all my notes before the exam.
im not fucking staying up all night.
screw that shit.
i like my sleep.
even shitty sleep is still sleep.
ok im going to go hope my pillow is as inviting as i think it is now.
i have the mario theme song stuck in my head.

this is post 298