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thanks to everett I am now a stop motion action hero. I just had this funny realization about whether or not it's proper form to have one space or two spaces after a period in a blog post...

yesterday I had intended to just bunch together vitamins and odds and ends to pack, but ended up prepacking about half my suitcase and clean my room at the same time. score.

I also found out where I'm staying for the four months, but don't expect any significant notice on that until I get there and take pictures because I looked at the address and went "goddamn...that is a looooot of address..."

everything in neat little rows, all around in piles, something in the way they look, never leads to smiles.


I'm not entirely sure I've come to the full realization of just exactly what I've set myself up to do this summer. I know I'm leaving for the other side of the world in a week three a.m. this morning, but I'm pretty sure the Oh Shit Factor won't hit until I'm on the plane on the way to Hong Kong.

that being said, first call for addresses if you want postcards.

also, should you be in the Vancouver area on Saturday night, feel free to make your way to the Cambie and join in some obviously requisite loud and raucous celebratory type drinking plus air guitar plus singing plus making fun of things plus and on and on it goes. 8pm. otherwise you'll have to live knowing that you will have to wait A WHOLE FOUR MONTHS TO BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE FUN WITH ME AGAIN.

see how I emphasized that there? yeah. that's right.

also, suggestions on what to take for basic comfort, ie food or what?

tet a tet


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