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i wasnt ever supposed to have classes in this building. i was going to be in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. their building is way cooler and made almost entirely of shiny black/deep green/blue glass. but i didnt.

tomorrow night back to vancouver. the last few days ive been having trouble falling asleep and even more trouble trying to convince myself i don't need to get up.

two and a half weeks seems an entirely too small amount of time left until i leave.

moving forward standing still. this is better than standing still and falling backwards.

something like a cluttered mind that reads along the carpet and watches little motes of dust float before his eyes. it's never knowing what there is to know that confuses you until you find out that what you wished you knew wasn't really all that important in the first place.

one channel shows a man from Pakistan proudly show off the gun he used to kill his wife because he says women are inherently evil, and smiles as he says he spent less than a year in jail by bribing the police with a cow. hit one button. one channel promises you that you can be a grandmother and still look great in a bikini. too few like the first one, too many like the second.

odd priorities.

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