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I enjoy flying. I enjoy the taking off part. I enjoy sitting at the front of the plane. I enjoy sitting at the front of the plane and two of the four flight attendants responsible for the front of the plane are the kind where you walk towards the plane and wish "please let there be a hot flight attendant..." and you are then rewarded with two, one of whom finds your Oilers hat most inspiring.
However, like most things there are aspects of flying I'm not so fond of.
I of course mean Plane Talkers. I don't mind sitting next to someone chatty, but the people who sit behind you and talk. but not regular talk. it's that just too loud annoying kind of talk where all they can do is bitch about the city they just left and how they love to fly but service sucks and the food sucks and having to listen to messages in French sucks and you have to pay for the in flight tv stupid! kind of talking. the "I know everything there is to know about air travel because last year I flew to Calgary for the first time" people.
seriously. take a fucking bus. I hate you people.

also, to anyone who offered to pick me up, thanks, but I didn't feel like making you drive out to the airport during rush hour. see how thoughtful I am?
of course that means taking a cab with possibly the slowest cabbie on earth. How you can be a cabbie in Vancouver and never get your car above 55 is beyond me. I know. I was watching the speedometer.

now I'm doing laundry. I should probably hit up StupidStore considering the food I have currently amounts to a box of Miso soup, two cans of cream of brocolli and a package of frozen perogies.

back from outside space


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of taking vacations, no matter where, my favourite thing is always the plane ride. Sure Im a taller guy and they arent always that comfortable, however, there is just something about plane rides that I love.

4:46 PM  

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