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sh!thawks...on parade: with heavy tired eyes, feelin' cold

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it took me well over an hour to upload 30 pictures to flickr, AND stupid flickr uploader was doubling or tripling some pictures.

i'm sunburned. never would have figured on that. I left Vancouver in the rain, got here when it was cloudy, and now I'm sunburned, probably have a little heat stroke, scratched my hands and legs to shit today and am going to be a lump of sore tomorrow.

some people just dont understand why it's fun to trek through the badlands/desert to look for rocks and fossils. nuts to them. I could do without the small pieces being embedded in very large and heavy chunks of rock that won't break no matter how long you smack them with a rock hammer and chisel though. but that's why granite boulders exist. except that's not much help when said boulder is 100 feet from the van to which you have already climbed/crawled/jumped/tipped/slipped/shimmied and so on...4km back from where you found it.

dedication right there.

I feel this week is passing far too rapidly. it seems like in no time at all, I'll be hopping over the rockies back to Vancouver for two weeks of class and then off into the wild tropic yonder.

on sunday im going to put some new holes in some old tin pans. i'd like to try that with this, but we have to order it first. i still want to see someone say "pff, you're shooting cans, how hard is that?" and then touch that off, and then when they're crying on the road with a broken collar bone I'd laugh. like HAH! YOU FORGOT EAR PROTECTION!

im tired, gimme a break.

with heavy tired eyes, feelin' cold


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