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sh!thawks...on parade: 10.2005

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i took it off the wall. it's going to make a public appearance again 10 months after the concert.
people say that it's too freaky to be hanging on the wall. it's halloween. perfect time to have freaky things on the wall. or in this case wear it.
i kind of want to run around in the forest with it on chasing people, it has that vibe doesn't it? the thing that you don't want leaping out at you?
we're going back to the swingset again tonight.
maybe this year we won't run as fast coming back out. but then again, considering what happened last year...i think we might be running just as fast.
current mood: "Halloween" by 3

Return of the Subliminal


i got my computer back! yay! the internet works! there's no more virus!
maybe msn will stop being a douche bag and let me sign on at some point too...

Happy Dance Time

thats what it says on the sign i can see if i look up over the top of the monitor.
good thing it's there too, the whole three people sitting up here using these computers sure are taking up a lot of space...
so it's daylight savings...and for some reason every year it really fucks up my sleep for a day or two. didn't get the greatest sleep again last night.
the hour and a half i've been awake have also been about par with the rest of the month. which would be sub par.
but there are three things to look forward to today at least:
1. good chance that i get my own computer back
2. get to have some fun running around in a forest prepping an event
3. getting to eat aunt made food and watch mythbusters
current mood: the enjoyable silence of the 5th floor computer lab.

LINE UP HERE...for workstations


so i woke up this morning and looked at the empty space on my desk where my tower has been sitting since i got here.
it's weird how not having your primary method of communication and work sitting three feet away actually motivate you to get work done.
i've been sitting at one of the 5th floor library computers for over two hours now and i've gotten pretty much everything that i can't print out done. which i think is good.
as long as i get my tower back by monday i'll be fine for everything else.
and i'll be able to watch movies again.
in non-technological related news i actually managed to get a decent sleep last night.
for some reason i crashed hard at 10:30 last night and didn't get up til 9 this morning.
i think staring at this screen for two hours getting work done has made my eyes tired again though.
at least i've accomplished most of what i wanted to get done today before most everyone else even woke up.
and on a completely different topic...i've got my halloween costume all ready to go. simply because i made it last year. but i never used it at halloween last year. actually i made it after halloween last year. it'll be good times.
current mood: "Blunt" by Econoline Crush

A Cubicle Preview


ok...not only am i without msn now...butthe tech guy came to look and decided it would be easier to take my computer with him to fix it.
so now i'm computerless.
there's a big sad sapce on my desk.
i can't watch movies.
i can't listen to any music.
i can't do any work.
technology hates me lately.
i think i'm far too fed up with things getting screwed up lately to really get upset.
which is good cause i'm much happier laughing about the annoyance this is causing me than yelling and screaming more.
so now i don't know when it'll be fixed.

current mood: head-laid-down-on-desk-in-exasperation

This Adventure is Rapidly Losing its Appeal...


no picture again. I'm in the Harbour Center computer lab this time.
i came down here early to do some last minute cramming before my midterm at 5:30.
so i phoned reznet this morning to see if they could hook ne back up. tech guy and i went through the whole rigamarole of reconnecting me only to discover that the problem is not with my connection.
he then suggested i phone a tech support guy. i did. that was 5 hours ago. he hasn't called me back yet.
apparently when i removed teh virus something decided to get fucked up with my browser programs.
i can still connect to limewire, thereby confirming my connection is still active. i uninstalled firefox and downloaded the browser off limewire again.
now it says i'm missing a certain setup file.
so now i'm relegated to using the internet in the library until a tech guy decides that it'd be worth getting paid and come fix it for me.
hopefully this will be fixed this weekend.
anyway...i'm going to go sit somewhere and read stuff for an hour then take a midterm then maybe wander around aimlessly until i decide what to do.

current mood: "Reverie" by Opeth

The MSNless Adventure: Day 3

26.10.05 you can plainly see.
that's because i'm on the 5th floor of the library using the slow ass library computers because my internet is down because of that goddamn virus.
i ran three virus programs today and got rid of a lot of things.
the least reznet could do now is hook me back up...which according to the guy i talked to three hours ago would happen in five minutes when their technician got back.
they must live in a different time zone.
i've also spent a good part of the day studying for my CMNS 375 midterm tomorrow.
i managed about four hours in my room before i decided to lock myself in the CMNSU room again.
i took a little detour up here.
i should probably go lock myself in there.
i only have four more chapters to read.
maybe when i get back the world will have sorted itself out.
and if not at least i can still watch some Arrested Development.

current mood: i haven't decided yet. i don't have my mp3 player with me and seeing as how this is the library i can't very well listen to anything. i'd probably say miffed, annoyed, tired, twitchy, and thoughtful. not sure what song is good for that.

There is no Picture...

i fucking hate msn viruses. now i can't get onto msn, can't access web messenger, and can't get into my email. i even downloaded trilian to no avail.
whoever came up with msn viruses needs to be drawn and quartered.
this had better fix itself quickly.
current mood: "Fuck You" by The Headstones

Stupid With a Capital S


i'm pretty sure that the stigma attached to the intelligence of walmart and its employees isn't fabricated in its entirety...but when you see this on one of their plastic shopping bags you have to wonder...

after the discovery of plastic bag instructions shaz and i went to spencers to look at the halloween stuff. we were distracted by the shelf full of family guy stuff. including this stewie energy drink which shaz bought and suggested i try. it has a really indescribable taste. and when mixed with 15$ worth of chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolates you end up with a bit of a sugar high.

current mood: "Guitar Man Upstairs" by Drive By Truckers

Special With a Capital R

methods classes are quickly matching theory classes in their suckage.
avoid them if possible.

current mood: "Love Me Do" by The Beatles

Hammersley's Approaches to Multi-Strategy Research


7 hours of studying Sociology Research methods today. when that happens you know your day will involve two of the sketchiest things on this campus.

the first is the dining hall pizza. no matter what colour you see it in, it's still the saddest and eyebrow raising pizza you will ever eat. sketchiest of all is the price...$4.95 a slice you say?

the second thing your night will hold for you is a trip to the sketchy swing set. yes i took a bunch of new people to the swing set. i didn't say we were going to see johnny, and we never would have anyway seeing as how someone, not this someone, decided trying to see the swing set from the path, through the dark, through the trees, in the middle of the forest at night, was close enough.

i'm still going back on halloween. if anyone wants to come let me know. i'm not providing depends for anyone, you buy your own.

current mood: "Praise" by Sevendust

What if Ronald McDonald Were Following You in the Dark?


today was kind of hard to measure. it was one of those days where you do and don't feel like you accomplished something.
we went on another adventure tonight. they're becoming a regular occurance.
i'm thankful for them, but maybe not tonight's as much as previous ones.
there aren't any pictures of tonights because we actually went out to places.
New Westminster is sketchy at night.
i haven't felt much like drinking lately, which is basically what the obvious post-adventure action is.
could be because of the shitty sleep and stress that's been going around lately.
whatever. i want to sleep but at the same time i'm getting too accustomed to being up late.
tomorrow i think i'll just sit on the couch and study. simple as that. relax and read.
current mood: "Prime Time Deliverance (acoustic version)" by Matt Good

The Ins and Outs of Oxygen


step 1: find a cheap or free decoration

step 2: distract everyone with a blinding light while you snag it

step 3: carefully roll your decoration into a backpack sized format

step 4: pretend that nothing happened

step 5: give it a new home behind the tv in the living room

bad days definitely lead to better home decor.

current mood: "Dancing Through Sunday" by AFI

How To Decorate On a Budget


the last few days have not been kind. i've been getting little sleep and yesterday things decided to come to a very rapid head. i felt shitty all day yesterday. on top of that, in ten minutes yesterday night it felt like the bottom fucking dropped out. while the floor might have returned to its proper place under my feet, not much else has decided to play nice yet. class, assignments, RHA stuff, and trying to find time to function in life aren't meshing well at this point...
after the shaking in muted rage and frustration began to subside last night, i felt a midnight jaunt was needed in search of ice cream at Cornerstone.
Cornerstone was closed.
fuck Cornerstone.
Everett, Erin, Stevie and I went on a random walking adventure.
it helped calm me down a bit.
...there's a UFO behind that tree...'s like the tower on the Death Star...

...there's also aliens behind those trees...

...see? aliens...

...stevie found a part of an alien space ship...

...Erin found some sort of alien scooter mobile...

...we found the secret alien bunker in a sketchy stairwell...

...more evidence of alien activity was found in a lecture hall where they had left a strange message in a stacked form...

the picture button doesn't want to work anymore...

we also got a surprise yesterday in the form of Lyndz randomly showing up at our door from Halifax to visit. if the picture button were being nice i'd show you.

i'm going to take a nap now and hope that the world decides to stop being a douche bag before i wake up.

current mood: "Surfacing" by Slipknot

Why Did I Sign Up For This?


of all the pictures i've ever taken, this one is my favourite.
just thought i'd share.
we're going to 7-11 now.
current modd: "Avalanche" by Matt Good
ok,'s the deal...never have two and a half 7-11 hotdogs, a kindersuprise, a mars bar, and sweet tarts in the span of less than 20 minutes after midnight.
because now i feel really gross.
new current mood: i want to stick my pillow over my head and groan.

Running à la Sev


i really do think that i've forgotten how to get a decent sleep...
and i've discovered that poptarts and pineapple juice don't remedy that as well as you might think.
that was my balcony last night. it was one of those things where it's all foggy and you have blue glowing lights and feel compelled to go stand on your balcony and just look around into the fog for a while.
it's easy to stand there for a minute and totally forget all the bullshit you have to deal with.
in that case i wish it were foggy more often.
current mood: "Hey Jude" by The Beatles

A Hard Days Night


it's totally a random picture that looks like the cover of Léon: The Professional almost.
did this in about 20 minutes after class today.
did this one in about an hour tonight.
current mood: "Sparkle and Shine" by Econoline Crush

If I'm a Professional I Want to Look Like Léon


so after yesterday's wonderful experiece of 8 hours of transcribing we met at my place this morning at 10 to go through the focus groups and pull out all our info...
oh god....the pain...

the beggining of the chopping...hour 2

one of our beautiful category walls...hour 3...

the larger category wall...also hour 3...

i think she fell asleep.....hour 5...

yes it's this painful.

so much brain power has been used that i can no longer keep my tongue from not falling out...hour 7.5

so we finally killed it at about 7:30pm.

that makes 17 hours i've put into this this weekend alone.

that fucking sucks.

current mood: something by Le Tigre

How to Kill Your Brain 101


got a bit of a dye job today. deepest indigo. it looked black on the box, turns out its blue-black. which i don't mind, i've gotten lots of kudos for it already.
some of the goose is now sitting in a devilish concoction of various spices on its way to becoming jerky.
and we have now discovered that a certain CA event held last year requires us to seek revenge this year. dupe us with your follies will you?
way to get a dozen people pissed off at you and willing to listen to MY prank ideas to get back at you.
when most people in rez who hear "Pat" and "Prank" in the same sentence avoid trying to prank moi or annoy me enough to have something done to them you should be very wary about a dozen of us doing something i plan.
your uppance shall come. then it's OUR turn to laugh.
current mood: "Blitzkrieg" by Metallica

The New 'Do Wop


i got back into vancouver today at 4:10pm. through the miracle of public transit i got back to rez at 6:30pm.
after unpacking it was off to the dining hall.
Fun Dips ensued.
much rapid consumption of fun dips followed.
sugar high...
let's not do that for a while...
good to be back. not so good to be back to assignments that never seem to go away.
current mood: "Looking Down" by Audiovent

Sugar, You Are My Candy Dip!


adventures à la day 3 of shooting

there's geese in them thar clouds!

there's shells in them thar boxes!

total postcard material. they're in the sky there.

took a secodn to snap a quick one before a bunch flew over us. that'd be whatcha call a natural blind. and two birdies falled from the sky there.

decoy spread. gotta say it worked très good today.

there's something over thar!!!

no that's not all of them. that's some of them

that's all of them. piled in a pile in the back of the truck.

that's one of my friends. Goosey the not so alive goose.

THAT's all of them. 33 of them. a few of them landed on a barbed wire fence.

so today was the last day of shooting we figure. we have 51 for the weekend. and we're just about out of ammo. and i need to leave some for when my uncle and cousin get here. they get here while im back in vancouver.

gonna make me some jerky.

and the Oilers won again. 3 and 0 now. fuck you Anaheim. No one needs a disney team in the NHL.

current mood: "Hammer in My Hand" by Grady

It's Also a Smashing Pumpkins Song


adventures à la Day Two

as we've already established, i like sepia...

no he's not peeing on it...

i found some pigeons in there. no i didn't pee in there.

if you look closely you won't see any geese there. closer...closer...that's good.

clouds look good in sepia.

oh it got dirtier...much dirtier...

yes it's live ammo. no i didn't pee on it.

if you lose your glasses you can use binoculars. no he isn't peeing.

this is just a sweet ass picture. you can't argue with that.

life is not a highway, but you spend lots of time on them...

that's at like 8pm. it's hard to see where you pee in the dark.

there's actually 6. and no we didn't use the shovel.

so day two was a late start shoot wise. didn't get going til about 5 when the gooses decided that maybe they were hungry.

tomorrow we're staying home cause of sunday hunting rules. that's ok, gives me time to do some homework and eat more.

maybe i'll get to use the new bbq tomorrow too. that'll be tasty fun.

current mood: 4-3 shootout Oilers Win.

Who Needs a Dog When You Can Run?