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tired of Pirates C:
oh fuck yes, I just recovered all of my links
thank you baby jesus
you know baby jesus was a jew
i had this discussion with danielle earlier
see cause
hes jewish cause his mom was
but no where does it say that mary converted
so mary is still jewish
and all the catholics are confused
I'm not confused......I know he was a Jew
yes but the Hail Mary is all wrong
i used to rock Sunday school
i never rocked sunday school
i slept in
like normal children
I went, cuz I was trying to work this dude named Jason Schneider in my Sunday school class
I wasn't that into church........ever.......but that guy was so hot that I woke up early on Sundays and got down with Jesus and the whole bit
you chased after a dude who liked jesus and you thought you had a chance against the son of god?
you're greatly underestimating me
perhaps i am
yet youve not yet provided reasoning for why he would leave jesus for you
because he can't have sex with jesus..................duh
jesus loves everyone
now, however christians or catholics like to interpret that...
you know that was the one thing my religion teachers could never answer
whether or not jesus was a virgin
I doubt it
•Þa±z• - results may vary says:
he was a ladies man
seriously, how can you cure someone of leprosy and NOT expect a blowjob thank you?
I don't think he was a slut of like.....Dave Navarro proportions......but my guess is he had a few ladies
but wouldn't you question the validity of your own work if you were about to get a blowjob from a "former" leper?
•Þa±z• - results may vary says:
he's just proving his faith
or he had a ready supply of sheeps intestines to use for protection
fuck how gross would that be...he's getting a hand job and the hand falls off...
I bet he'd be all, "Thanks Dad for giving them TWO hands..."

this dude actually makes me think that maybe religion wont implode on itself:

these guys not so much

and of course, the crowd favourite:

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Heyzeus ees hees loover


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