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sh!thawks...on parade: street spirit

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took a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood and here's what i learned.

- Old italian men all drive SUVs with an italain glaf somewhere on the vehicle.
- Asian people work on sundays. Italian people...not so much.
- the parking lot of the T&T and surrounding stores magically turnd off people's ability to think rationally.
- apparently buidling a brand new two storey pink house in the middle of a neighbourhood consisting of small war era bungalos is the thing to do.
- old chinese men all walk with their hands clasped behind their backs and they all wear old NHL hats.
- birds are more frightened of a cyclist across the street than someone who walks right up to them.
- no matter how run down your store looks, if you name it "Happy Market" lots of people will go there.
- turning your entire front yard into a garden is a good use of space
- dogs dont like to get up from the front steps to bark at you. which i personally dont mind at all.
- if you live around here and you have a fence it cant go all the way around your house.
- there's a gang of bloods living in one of the aforementioned two storey pink houses that looks like it's filled with cookies and an old lady.
- i live just about equidistant from the skytrain as i do hastings.
- some people in stores still dont remember that you cant use debit if the phone is ringing.
- everyone turns invisible on sundays.

i think when it warms up and its sunnier out i'll actually take a whole day and wander all over around here.
oh and cake for the foXx today. im gonna borrow a line from some world vision type thing and say "it's not too late for you to show that you care." details are a secret but if you want in on the secret...daniell chad or myself will rat it out.

we have a little christmas tree up and it's name is Artie. my family is decorating ours at home pretty soon. it always makes me feel weird about that cause it's just one of those things where its kind of like to help...but then i get the odd person who's like "arent you jewish?" and im like ya, then they ask why we have a christmas tree. and i say "it's because im really a jewish spy trying to figure out what REALLY goes on for this 'birth of your saviour' type stuff."

seriously though, latkes on christmas morning? fuck yes. best holiday food ever!

street spirit


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