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sh!thawks...on parade: ignoring what needs to be designed

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my breakfast this morning consisted of leftover spaghetti with meat sauce and egg nog because i only have one bagel left, no milk, and i haven't yet reached the point where i feel the necessity to have my cheerios with beer. besides, i need to get rid of the food i have before friday cause i don't want it sitting in the fridge for two weeks while i freeze my ass off at home.

i dont know how cold it is there or how cold it will be, but chances are it'll be warmer than here, therefore credibility is lent to that assumption.


i found what can only be described as an amazing tool to make what can only be described as amazing diagrams for things. i'm sure there are much simpler ways built in to the program that would have cut the time i used in half, but whatever. dragging and dropping every piece of a tree diagram in the exact place where you want it and having it look cool is good enough for me.

if this thesis were based solely on tree diagrams, i'd have it in the fucking bag.

i wasn't sure how much i'd be abe to get done today. my sleeping pattern has reverted to semi nocturnal where i dont go to bed until at least 3am, have the alarm go off at 9am, and get up around 10. i can generally tell when i wake up if i think i'll be productive in a given day. i wasn't so sure today, but i had to come pick up a document on hold at the library so i came down here anyway. good thing too, cause i found that ConceptDraw thing, pieced that diagram together, sorted through more of my survey data, and started to get some more ideas rolling as to how to put it all together.

im going to have to actually start doing some writing at some point, and not just playing with data, but whatever. it'll get done. small victories.

today i actually used this phrase when talking with one of the other guys in my program:

"im so out of the loop, it's a straight line."

usually the mail gets to my place between 10am and 11am. so usually i open the door at 11 to see if anything is there. if im home. yet day after day after day after day, nada. i mention this because i believe i was supposed to get mail slash package before heading to dhaka, but then i left before it was mailed, and then it was supposed to get here after i got back. so each day i check and it's not there, i die a little on the inside. yes. see, postal workers dont have to go...well...postal to do that.

on a totally different note, i believe im coming to the conclusion that mixing egg nog with food, while delicious, produces mostly unwanted gurgling stomach noises and burps.

ignoring what needs to be designed


Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: the nog, the husband came to the same conclusion the other night and said he prolly isn't going to get to drink it anymore :( so that sucks for you man, i know a lot of people love that shit.

5:35 PM  

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