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i have no idea what i ate, but my insides sound like a goddamn steel drum band. i made $20 off some drunk idiot on the skytrain on my way home. really, he was the kind of guy you hope you don't have to ride the train with cause they're drunk, loud, brash, wearing ecko and nike and big fake bling all over. anyway, i had four beers left in a six of Big Rock but apparently he was hurting for something to get him from Lake City where I got on to Commercial. so he offered me $4 for one and i said no, they're for my buddy cause i owe him a 6 pack. then he offered $10 for 2 and i said no. then he digs out his wallet and hands me a $20. ok, this is about the point where i wondered how much i could actually get out of him, but seeing as how i didnt actually have 6 beers and he would have eventually found that out, i figured $20 was good. plus i timed it so that when he asked for a third i made a big show of it, handed it to him right as the train got to Gilmore, and walked off $20 in hand, got on the nex car back and continued on.
ok, so i'm down three beers, whatever. $20 for three bottles is pretty close to $7 per bottle. not a bad return considering the six pack was about ten bucks. plus, it equates to merch table at the concert. beer does not buy merch. $20 from drunk idiots does.
i wouldnt make a habit of it. but i had to try not to laugh cause the guy was like "dude, guy, come on, i tried to hustle you, you tried to hustle me, you cant hustle a hustler man."
oh, right, plus there's the fact that somone must have mentioned something to the skytrain people on the next car or something cause when i swapped cars, they went in and confronted the guy about drinking on the train. see, $20 up and laughing. i bet i got that from my dad's side of the family.
hey, sometimes you have to cherish the small victories just as much as the big ones.


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