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sh!thawks...on parade: short cords

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yeah that's me when i first moved to Vancouver.

i have some pictures of Smemo and Umbrella Boy's dinner last night but i'll put them up later cause i kind of came to a standstill this morning. i can feel the lines tugging away, trying to pull me off balance and fall off the ride. maybe i shouldn't try to get any stats work done today, maybe i should kick back for the weekend and start up again on monday. i told myself i'd relax this past weekend and never really did and haven't really since. every day i've felt this inherent responsibility to go sit in my corner in the lab and type things. not even productive things, but type things nonetheless. desire to do can be a downfall. seems like irony to me.

something like a blank slate, but when you take a closer look, you realize that it's not so empty after all, that if you look closely there are small pieces hidden away in it that are all important but the bigger picture makes everything seem kind of dull.

short cords


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