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sh!thawks...on parade: flickering like you're wearing it

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aside from the awesomeness that was NIN, this weekend also saw the 3rd annual Ciavarro christmas season kickoff party, otherwise known as the 'Make Love to My Balls' party.

i think it's pretty self-explanatory.

but for all you new people, it involved drawing a random ornament out of a bag, showing it the affection it truly deserves, and only then placing it on the tree.

i have more pictures from the night, but i forgot halfway through that I switched to RAW for some reason, and im just too lazy to fiddle with them right now.

well, maybe lazy isn't the right word. i actually got my SPSS license to work...finally... so laziness has been replaced with outright annoyance and frustration at descriptive stats and crosstabs because I FUCKING HATE THEM.

if Excel is where fun goes to die, the SPSS is where it lives for the rest of eternity burning in fields of gross statistical lava.

i get to play with that all week til i get to fly back the Edmonchuck on friday and so it some more. and then i get to put all those gross stats into some kind of meaningful piece of text. hopefully.

it took me an hour today just to get SPSS to accept the fact that i'd already put my data into an excel file and wasn't going to re-enter the entire fucking thing into it.

i haven't used that program since last year, so it's kind of give and take. i just spent the last three hours slowly getting back into it and fiddling with the variable values and making it all decide to work and analyze it properly...




i had a dream the other day where i was walking around a whole bunch of ranom places, but the whole time i was describing everything out loud and i kept thinking "this is perfect, i need to remember this because it would sound awesome" but of course i don't remember any of it, save for the fact that i can remember that's what the dream was.

flickering like you're wearing it


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