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back from the epicness that is NIN. and by epicness i mean everything you could possibly think is awesome times how ever many times you want more awesome cause that's how awesome it was. im a little choked they dropped Me Im Not and The Great Destroyer from the set list but the fact that it was an otherwise spetacular show totally makes up for it.


my throat hurts, my body hurts, i am le tired, and have 424 pictures of the show to go through but cant til tomorrow.
i had no idea i took that many pictures. given the fact that i was still jumping around and screaming my head off most of the time, I'm actually impressed i pulled that off.
i basically completely lost it when they started The Wretched. it was NUTSO. quite possibly one of the top nin songs live. also, Ghosts tracks live are unreal. the light show for the entire concert was phenomenal. there's no way in hell any concert is going to be able to top this one for a looooooong time.
ok, shower time. then Ciavarro Christmas Tree Balls Party time where i have to take more pictures cause danielle has designated me the photographer.



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