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sh!thawks...on parade: just in case they could be watching with their shiny satellite

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i've had echoplex stuck in my head for two or three days now. only a few days now. i finally saw the new James Bond movie and it was pretty damn good. im pretty sure the low point was the movie song. honestly, in the gamut of Bond songs, you know this one ranks pretty low.

i had a really fucked up dream last night. not weird in the fact that it was all over, but weird in the way that it was completely one track and never changed at all from what was going on. it's been bugging me. i had another one the other day that stuck to the same pattern too. usually my dreams are all over the place strange, so when they dont deviate from anything it tends to stick in my mind. they also seemed very poignant which never happens. so again, aside from NIN songs stuck in my head, i've got these hanging around too.

i've started to hit the post semester sleep pattern. it feels like it's midafternoon right now so i really have no drive to go sleep.

you know the shitty thing about uncertainty? you're never really certain if you're uncertain about something.

just in case they could be watching with their shiny satellite


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