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here's the problem about having a program function out in stanley park; you're not close to anything. yes, free food and a wicked view of the harbour are things to be considered, but having twenty or so people haul their collective asses down to the Lamplighter in gastown is a bit out of the way.
i'd never been there before. it's not bad actually. someone actually voted against the cambie which is tantamount to sacrilege, but seeing as how most of us were actually dressed up a bit too much for there, i guess that's fair.
i'd also never been to a mcdonalds drive thru in a cab before, but when you split a cab with someone who's hungry and you happen to know where there's a mcD's on the way then it works out. especially when you get half a cheeseburger out of it.
if i hadn't been in a bit of a rush this afternoon i'd have taken some solo shots of the shirt, thin tie, suit jacket combo i sported that pretty much got endless compliments. and seeing as how tomorrow im not likely to do that, meh. unless someone has a picture somewhere, i dunno.
i sent in my last paper so im basically finished the semester. except i get to spend most of the next two weeks still in the lab redrafting thesis stuff. except this weekend.
did you ever wonder if at some point you could run out of anything at all worth saying? i know that everything you write down on the internet is effectively an opinion about something, but really, is there a point you hit where what you write has absolutely no bearing on anything?
shut up. i know you're going to say yes here.
and on that note, seeing as how i have little else to contribute tonight, i'll sleep.

oop, wait. first everyone go say happy birthday to keira.

now go to sleep and dream of Red Dwarf.

i jump from every rooftop


Blogger Keira-Anne said...

Just noticed this now - I missed it before :P Thanks, Pat!

11:03 PM  

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