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today seems like one of those days where you're not sure if you think everything is going too fast or too slow. my landlord had the furnace cleaned so now there's actually hot air coming out of the vents.
im glad a bunch of us went out last night, i needed to unwind a bit. but the thing about unwinding, at least for me, is that i spent all week getting wound up and working my ass off to get shit out of the way and done and tallied and all that crap, and when i do something to relax, i always feel bad about taking time off to not do work. for some reason i sometimes think that i function better when my brain thinks it's in a state of semi stressed panic. well, maybe not that far. but if i think i have a crapload of stuff to do to keep myself occupied then i work better, and if im going out to a bar and not doing work then there's always part of my brain thats like "dude, no, you could not go out and stay home and write that summary that's not due for two weeks, but at least it will be done."
i want a nap.
i stepped off the sidewalk too hard and jarred my leg and now my knee hurts again.
i went for coffee with nick who i havent seen for two months and on the other side of the planet. it ws good to catch up and hear what was going on over there.
i also bought a new book today because when i do take a bit of unapologetic downtime at home to sit on the couch for a bit, i want a new book to read.
i'll put up video of the cinnamon bacon rolls that shaz and i made later. same for cambie stuff. just not feeling like it right now.

i think yesterday at some point i used the phrase "Discovery Channel has the trifecta of awesome: Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs". except they lose marks for Cash Cab. that's probably the dumbest show they've ever had on that channel. but they make up for it with the Discover song which is the most awesome thing ever. true story.

on the way home on the skytrain when it went by GM place i saw more Oilers jerseys than canucks. that's because people realy know who the better team is.

crashing through the lightning


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