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sh!thawks...on parade: it's just a guy in a chicken suit

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so i couldn't find any blue furry/fuzzy fabric that was light, cheap and that I liked, but the green does just fine. also, since Yip Yip's need a traveil guide, i also made a little Earth Book to carry around. i still have to work on the antenna a bit and add some tentacle things and it's good to go.

not all the pictures from last night, but the good enough ones. Chad, Danielle, Marlee, Dario, Steve, Ryan, Demis, Neil, Me, and Duane who danielle spotted later on and sent chad to go get him cause we had a big table which is like currency at the Cambie.

im not sure we knew why he was lying on the ground at the skytrain station but whatever.

i cant decide if i want instant noodles or egg tarts.

there are still bloggers left in vancouver i havent seen at the cambie. or around in general. when i grabbed a quick lunch with Raul last week we had a bit of a discussion about the dynamics of the community and how lots of people sort of know each other but dont know each other at the same time. i mean really, did you ever think that you'd have one line conversations with other people over twitter? i never did. and now i do. that totally sounded more profound in my head.

egg tarts.

it's just a guy in a chicken suit


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