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sh!thawks...on parade: just tell them the office needs it

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i took about 300 pictures last night at that football match. i kept maybe half of them.

i gave my classes their midterm this morning. i was supposed to have it last week but what with the being secluded to a bed with a fever that didnt happen. they like to complain about exams. they also like to try and convince me that I should give them all A because that's just what teachers do. pretty sure no. so, no.

i think this weekend im going to see if i can find any copies of The Dark Knight. they should be out by now. unless it's a total shit copy, which isn't out of the question here.

i was rocking out air guitar style on the roof last night. it was pretty much awesome. the only way it could have been awesomer is if I were rocking out air guitar style at the Cambie. but i mean, that's pretty much a rocking out air guitar style league of its own, so there's not really any fair comparison to that.

nothing exciting is going on. i have cookies. i guess that's exciting. 26 days left. this is my 1276th post on this blog.

i pick up my last suit on friday or saturday. i swear it's the last one.

i have to go motivate myself to write up questions to ask government people tomorrow now.

just tell them the office needs it


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