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sh!thawks...on parade: bastion of the flooded streets

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i've moved across the hall into the new flat with Nick. now I live in the biggest room, it has a real bathroom, a balcony and AC. score. i'm debating as to whether i'm more pleased about the fact that I now have AC, or that I now have a balcony, cause let's face it, balconies are key.
we're stocking the place up Dude style with a new fridge, food, and enough junk food to overtake our supply of real food.

i bought a new rug for my new room. it really ties the room together.

i put up with the other room, but i never really liked it. it was small, stuffy and had no air movement. therefore, i had no sense of propriety over it.

this new room feels like I should be setting up to live there for a long time. even if that long time amounts to like, six weeks. but still. it's huge and looks like it wants a friend that will make it look nice. a nice rug is a nice start. plus it wa cheap too. like $10 at the grocery store instead of something around $50 at Aarong.

there's one wall that's still too bare and big and white. and im ot a fan of big, white, empty walls. therefore, I am searching for something to put on said wall to make it less empty. something nice and tasteful though because more than likely whatever it is is going to be left here for the next person to move in to look at and admire. like the rug. as much as I'd like to keep it, there's no way it'll fit when i leave. but it's a nice rug/ it really ties the room together, so i'll leave it.

i've watched the Big Lebowski three times in the last few days...

i thought maybe that the rainy season was ending. i was wrong. by a lot.

last night there was another giant spider around. i tried to take pictures but he ran away before i could. he'll be back.

im Suiting Up! in Suit #2 today. otherwise known as "Suit in Slate Grey, Conté Crayon" tomorrow hans and dan and i are heading down to Gulshan for a fitting fir their Suit #1 and my Suit #3, otherwise known as The Four Button Barnacle Suit. it's gonna be LEGEN....wait for it...

bastion of the flooded streets


Blogger Raul (hummingbird604) said...

I want to see photos of new suit!

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