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sh!thawks...on parade: he's still K-Low from the block

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i havent been a huge fan of Kevin Lowe as the Oilers GM for the last few years, but i gotta say, he's getting more ballsy and my opinion may in deed be shifting.
Not so sorry to see Greene go, never was a huge fan of his either. he was like a lamer version of Georges Laraque. I was a bit disappointed to see Stoll traded, especially with the new batch of young players on the team, he could have had another year to get in the mix with them. Visnovsky should be a decent addition to the lineup, especially if they see what he's like on the line with Souray.
Pitkanen for Cole im kind of meh about.
I like Torres, but everyone knew he was on the trading block even he did do a pretty good job of holding up the team when he got right in there. but at least it pulled in Brule who can get right in the mix with young'uns.
the Hossa deal will be an interesting one to watch. i'd be impressed if Lowe can pull that off.
now im interested in what happens with Roloson. most of last year i'd have had no trouble seeing him shopped off, but then at the end of the season when Garon was injured and he was playing like Playoff Roly, i dunno.

the funniest thing that could possibly happen with any deal in the entire league would be if the Canucks managed to convince Sundin to take that $20million, two year deal. I'd be laughing my ass off at both teams. first you'd have to laugh at the Leafs for losing their most iconic player to the city that hates them the most, and then you'd have to laugh at the Canucks for blowing $20 million on bringing a ready-to-retire in for way to goddamn much money. fucks sake, why not just offer it to Linden to not really retire and make the city happy again?

at the canada club last night we had Oilers fan, Leafs fan, Habs fan, Canucks fan, Sens fan. no flames fans for obvious reasons.

he's still K-Low from the block


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