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i tried an experiment with my iTunes to see if dial up speed was fast enough here to use the iTunes store. thankfully it is, because if it hadn't i would have never known about the new Slipknot single and it is goddamn good. no vancouver tour dates anywhere yet, but hopefully after december they'll head there.

my project is moving forward nicely with lots of contacts being made very fast in the last few days and things finally starting to fall into place so they can get done fast. bout friggin time...

plus, I'm trying to work my way into moving into a room with AC really quick, so I dont have to put up with a half shitty fan anymore. cause let's face it, that's lame.

after I got a bunch of work done today I cam home, poured cold water all over my head cause it was hot and humid as hell out today, went and bought a new shirt, some yogurt and came home to sit my ass down, scarf some chocolate bars and watch Dragon Inn. Nothing like a good Kung Fu movie to cap off your day. plus the grocery store I go to finally had some sweet curd yogurt in so I scored three containers. wikid.

yeah, I'm excited about buying yogurt, so what? little things here count. especially if they aren't chicken or rice. because it's nice to have food that isn't chicken or rice. because we eat a lot of chicken and rice. in fact, one might even say that the consumption of chicken and rice here is something so repetitive that eating chicken and rice at home in the future will most likely only conjure up images of repetitive meals of chicken and rice. how are you supposed to enjoy a nice dinner of chicken and rice if you can't eat your chicken and rice because you've had so much chicken and rice over the summer that you'll never again look at chicken and rice in the same way? this leads to another important question: how does one go out for chinese food if you've lost all hopes of ever being interested in chicken and rice again, because chinese food consists of a lot of chicken and rice too. let's see how many times i need to say chicken and rice for SEO people to realize that this isn't actually a site dedicated to chicken and rice or any food affiliated with chicken and rice.

chicken and rice.

yeah, that oughta do it...

oh did i mention we bought vodka and brandy that amounted to moonshine the other day? I cant remember,. anyway, we did. it tastes like shit. like, really really really bad. as in, you could probably power a car with it, bad.

chicken and rice.

ok I'm done.

preservation of the moderate me


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