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sh!thawks...on parade: sweet and sour yogurt

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there's this sweet curd yogurt here that's totally primo. there's basically two flavours of yogurt here: sweet and sour. the sour is like if sour cream were yogurt. the sweet is therefore much better.

tomorrow im going down to the Indian embassy to get a visa so I can go to Kolkata for a few days. then in august I might try to squeeze in a trip up to Kathmandu.

and at some point in there im going to squeeze in doing my survey...

I found a new tailor today. i hadn't planned on it, but those things happen when you tag along with people here. much like I hadn't planned on finding a new tailor today, I hadn't planned on having another suit made today. but I did. this one is about a third of the cost of the first one, but it should still look good. probably not as epic as the first one, but then again what could, but it'll be nice. went for a slate grey tropical wool blend for the material, single breasted, European cut, straight front jacket, double vented, 3 button, short lapel, one pocket no pleats fitted pants with cuffs. if I have another one made, I'll come home with close to 3 thousand dollars worth of custom tailored suit that I'll have paid less than $500 total for. wikid.

i got a GST cheque in the mail at home. I can pay for this suit with it and still have lunch money left over. take that Moores!

i've been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother that I brought along lately and I've been paying close attention to Barney's suits to get ideas. I'm trying to decide if I'd like to try for a four button or a one button single breasted one. because there's no way to deny it, a four button looks cool as hell, but a one button looks equally as cool. though I'm leaning towards looking at a deep brown colour, and I think that suits a four button more than a one button... one button i'd go grey or black again.

i used to hate dressing up. that tends to change when you introduce the words "custom" and "tailored".

sweet and sour yogurt


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