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k, pictures from saturday are here now.

i woke up this morning to a phone call from me Ma. that's a better alarm clock than those annoying beeping and buzzing ones.

it's pretty much pissing Noah's Ark outside today. as in i will either have to find a rickshaw or wade to the school. ever since my students asked me to help them work on their writing skills more it's been easier to come up with things to do that makes them work and me not so much.

so the two guys that bimala and i went to pick up at the airport the other night haven't really left their room much. it was pretty funny yesterday when they were roasting and sitting around in their room in their skivvies and i was like "yeah it's not that hot..." i took them to a grocery store cause i figured they should get out of the apartment to see things.

one of them didnt know what Monty Python was. WTF. how do you NOT know that?

i have video of the John Denver performance but there's not way the internet here is fast enough to upload anything video so HAH suckers you have to wait.

actually, Nick and Saz and I are supposedly playing some club gig thing in the next few weeks i dunno for sure, but Saz wanted us to each to come up with ten songs to play. i have nine:

1. Creep - STP
2. Blue on Black - Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band
3. Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook
4. Dear Mr. Fantasy - Traffic
5. New Orleans is Sinking - The Hip
6. Empty Road - Matt Good
7. Clumsy - OLP
8. Long Slow Goodbye - QOTSA
9. Slow Cheetah - RHCP
10. Insert Suggestions Plz and Thnx.

i might nix Clumsy cause im not sure if i can get the pitch right enough.

ok so POSTCARDS. ok, people waiting on postcards from here. Mail here. Is Terrible. that is the only way to describe it. I've yet to find a post office and I'm not spending like $5 or more per postcard at Fedex. so be patient and i will find a way.

I bought this cd. it's brilliant. just watch and you'll see why.

scissors and sharpie


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