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sh!thawks...on parade: we built this city on rock and roll

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today is vicki's birthday. yayyyy. now im full of IHOP. seriously though, who has a steak and eggs combo without the possibility of having grits?
apparently there's some Taboo sex show a few us might be going to tonight. neat.
i woke up at about 7:30 this morning. definitely the earliest i have for weeks. i didnt get up. i went back to sleep. or half did. but then i started doing the whole, you roll over and suddenly you wonder what time it is and like an hour's gone by and i set my alarm for 9:01 and i kept rolling over and blearily looking at the clock until about 8:40 at which point a stuffed my head under the pillow and zoned out and for some reason started to compare wanting to know what time it was to Schrodinger's Cat cause really, same premis. If you resist the urge to look at the clock you have no idea how long it's really been, but you know as soon as you do look that it'll be going off in one minute so as long as you dont look then you dont know that so really you cant tell when it will go off.
goddamn, you know your a geek when...
i have this idea about how to make it so i dont have to sit on the floor to use my computer and it would free up some space in here and i could get a real chair except im not that sure that the walls in this place could actually hold anything up...
i think im going to take down the wallpaper in here, not like it's glued on all that well anyway.

we built this city on rock and roll


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