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sh!thawks...on parade: remember kids, reality is a sin

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what's with old people and stamps? seriously, you go to the post office and youre in line and then you make it to second in line and youre behind a senior and all of a sudden they look scared and are like "when are the stamp prices going up a cent?"
and then they do the whole nervous lip quiver denture chew. and then the person behind the counter says in like two weeks. and then the next question, asked in fear, is all about the new permanent stamps. and they clutch at their wallet like their life depended on it because OMG THERES A NEW STAMP WHATEVER WILL THEY DO?
seriously, the day that postage stamps go the way of the dinosaur, old people are going to have like a collective annuerism. no more collecting books of stamps because they have the queen on them. no more talking about the commemorative 2$ stamp they bought at the Bay. no more using a different stamp on each christmas card they send out. how will Betty and Marge ever know who the letter is from without the stamp?
and then you go home and you have to mail something and suddenyl youre like...fuck i need stamps....damn those old people and their stamp hoarding wisdom....

remember kids, reality is a sin


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