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yeah so i blatantly took design ideas from NIN, bite me.
so does anyone remember when TLC and the Discovery Channel were actually educational and you'd never be caught dead watching a show on either channel? and the only time you actually watched something on them was in school when your science teacher made you watch a show on like, bird migration or monkeys grooming or sex ed or something.
and now theyre like the channels to watch. seriously, why would you want to watch American Idol when you could watch Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs?
honestly, educational AND funny AND you get to watch shit get blown up? fuck yeah! thats some educational programming that everyone can proudly say they like to watch. we're all geeks now. only now, geeks get to play with things that go boom on tv in the most appealing ways.
leave to real educational shows to PBS. you know, like NOVA.

feeds the reach


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