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for some reason everything that decided it needs to have me send money to to complete decided to say hi today. fine! transcripts! here! take my money! here! fax machine! take my money! here! application to graduate from SFU that no one told me about that is slightly necessary to send in! take my money! here! fish and chips! take my money! thank you for being tasty and filling my belly with your delicious and nutricious goodness! god!
so turns out i mixed up a few dates and the application deadline for the Communcation MA is next monday...not so much a monday in February. so im applying for the MPP only. which i cannot defer should i luck into that amazing 100K a year contract.
enh, so i started expanding my job applications to like edmonton and i ahte to say calgary but calgary. there's major airports there, so you are encouraged to visit me or send me money to fly me out of there.
my not so guilty pleasure having to do with books is the deathlands series. my dad and i are like, addicted to these books. its wicked pulp fiction. sorry to disappoint anyone who's a fan of high literature. you just cant get the same stupid use of explosives. this was totally pointless but whatever.
so yeah, fish and chips are good. but i already had some today so i cant have it for dinner. not like i have a deep fryer anyway.

theyre talking about that on the broadcast


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