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sh!thawks...on parade: Smemo and Umbrella Boy take a walk about and find out that busses can float and poofy pink people are fun to mock

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Smemo and Umbrella Boy went to have crêpes today at the crêpe place on robson that is NOT the express crêpe place. crêpes are tasty when crêpes have chocolate in the crêpe. crêpe is fun to spell because crêpe makes use of the 'ê' in crêpe.

Whereupon completion of the consumption of crêpes, Smemo and Umbrella Boy walked down robson and took a random side street and wandered around until ending up back on Denman. Whereupon the street of Denman was found the walk proceeded to take them in the direction of coal harbour where Smemo told Umbrella Boy about a boy who tried to impress Smemo by pointing at expensive apartments and taking Smemo to an expensive restaurant. Smemo was apparently unmoved by this, and only expressed enthusiam when Kevin Newman showed up.

Thusly, Smemo and Umbrella Boy continued to walk and happened upon an intersection at West Cordova where the street had been blocked off and large equipment and many people were gathered about. Smemo and Umbrella Boy investigated only to find it was a filming location of Fantastic Four 2 and soon discovered that photography was being greatly discouraged. Umbrella Boy, being the not so large fan of pretty boys telling him to put his camera away that he is, took out his camera and held it behind his bag and took pictures anyway. Smemo wondered if anyone famous was there, whereupon some random persons asked some random movie set staff if anyone famous was there yet to whic the movie set staff responded 'im not sure." so Smemo and Umbrella Boy did not see anyone famous. Umbrella Boy did ask a movie set staff how to get a job on a movie set whereupon the movie set staff told Umbrella Boy who to call very happily.

Thusly, Smemo and Umbrella Boy proceeded to the sea worthy bus where Smemo returned home and Umbrella Boy ventured to North Van and sat on a couch and watched Good Eats and ate food.

Smemo and Umbrella Boy take a walk about and find out that busses can float and poofy pink people are fun to mock


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