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sh!thawks...on parade: this is post numero 500

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what better way to celebrate 500 posts than with a victory over the flames? in fact...

did you know...

The Flames make the baby Jesus cry.

yeah thats right.

harikrishna motherfucker.

i have no idea what that means, but it totally sounded cool right there.

i have also discovered that wearing my Tool shirt from this tour garners a lot of attention.

seriously, people in vancouver seem to think its the most amazing fucking thing in the world that i made it to a concert. they think its even cooler that i went to the one in Edmonton. no clue why. in the last week no fewer than 8 people have asked me about it.

so, today is a good day for a 500th post.
the flames lost to the oilers.
people like my shirt.
i got money in the mail.
my profs know my name.
i have 10000 Days (Wings Pt.2) stuck in my head.
i have pringles.
it isnt raining right now.
this is 500 posts.

this is post numero 500


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