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sh!thawks...on parade: there's a guy with a bible at the door...

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no seriously, there was. he rang the doorbell and i peeked through and saw a guy in a suit with a clipboard and a bible.

i didnt open the door.

honestly, how fucknig desperate do you have to be to try to recruit people in residence?
sorry, let me put away my vices of alcohol, video games, and poker so you can come in and teach me how morally corrupt i am.

i seriously need to kick my ass back in line this week and get shit moving again. after i got everything i needed to do done last week i let up and fel back into the procrastination central mode.

the rest of the semester is starting to look like a fucking tornado that's inevitably going to mow me right the fuck down at some point if i dont get my shit together soon.

so i think i'll buckle down and git er done til the end of the month, then take off for a few days and chill out then come back and have another go at it.

coming back for this semester i didnt feel anxious at all about it being my last one. im still ont anxious, but maybe hesistant about being so calm about it now.

im eating british food right now.

there's a guy with a bible at the door...


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