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sh!thawks...on parade: i dont want you to wash my clothes

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i woke up in that interim time between breakfast and lunch where it's too late to go up for breakfast and too early to go up for lunch. this leaves me with peanut butter and Snickers to eat before lunch is ready.

i didnt get up until 10.30.usually i get up here around 7.30.

fuck me, that was weird last night. lifestyles of the super rich and morally questionable... not that there was anything like that really visible, but that's the only group of people here who'd be able to get away with miniskirts and tequila shots here.

im not a big dance party fan, but how many people can say they've been to a limited invite party hosted by arguably one of the biggest DJs in the UK and South Asia? not many. i guess that might strike me as more important if I actually knew who the hell he was before hand. kind of like walking into a concert of someone you've never heard of before with crazy fans going "IT'S BALLY FUCKING SAGOO MAN!" and you're like "who the fuck is Bally Sagoo?"

the few people i was hanging around with there were nice, all working on a master or phd or research work. all of them agreeing that this was not really their type of party either.

I missed the Matt Good show. im actually pretty bummed out about that. given the option to go to MG or go to one of the most unique events i've ever been to, i'll pick MG any day. i hope everyone who managed to go had a good time. it's odd what can trigger a sudden burst of homesickness. a concert. a pre concert meetup. knowing that people are going camping this weekend. im glad i have stuff to do today so i dont have to think about this all day. but still, sitting on a roof playing some KWS isn't going to make up for a Canada Day long weekend that starts off for people with a killer concert.

on a lighter note, i finally found some Monty Python. im going to go have some peanut butter and watch some Life of Brian, have lunch and then go do things.

i dont want you to wash my clothes


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