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sh!thawks...on parade: got a job but the future's bright

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i'm really kind of getting sick of this whole teaching english thing. it was fun for a while but now it's a fucking hassle and annoying putting up with the students.
i try to teach them english and then they write shit like this:
2morw we can hv our roamin,ya?brin my pen drive n we can go out 4 thn @ 1.00.ok?if u cant thn infrm me by phne call,cuz in my hom iv no net cnnectn iv 2 get my pendrive 2mrw.Hav a gud nit.Nd njoy ya" hedbangin"s.
like seriously, what the fuck. when i read shit like this all i can hear in my head is Sammy J in that scene from Pulp Fiction asking if they speak english in What. English motherfucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT?

I FUCKING HATE NETSPEAK. it's not a goddamn language, it's a travesty.

trying to coordinate a project when you have to show your prep stuff to people here AND email it home to three different people to look over before using it is also a pain in the ass i could do without.

you can buy these 6 in 1 DVDs here so i bought all six Star Wars on one dvd. I was a little dubious about having 6 full length films on one dvd, and it turns out i was right to worry. holy disgusting compression and frame rate Batman... maybe if you watch it from 20 feet away it'll look ok, but trying to watch it close up...not happening.

in other news, we have pretty much the same weather as Vancouver except it's still 35 degrees out.

i am going to have a malaysian Snickers and go sit on the roof for a while.

got a job but the future's bright


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