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allow me, if I may, to jump on the ever rolling Hillary Bashing Wagon momentarily. Why, you ask? because I can, because I feel like it, and because after spending four days in the apartment with most of that time spent in a prone position i need some outlet time.

i now present you with...


1. PMS.

thus concludes the list of reasons.

now, i knooow that this might upset some people but you know what? im not one of them. how do i know this list is as complete as it needs to be? please, Consider the Following:

Barack Obama has virtually won the Democratic nomination. It would be, at this point, mathematically impossible for Clinton to make up the difference. As it stands, after Saturday's decision by the DNC to split the Michigan and Florida votes Obama has 2050 delegates to Clinton's 1877. Clinton is far too stubborn/obtuse/much in denial/etc... to admit defeat.

thus we see the first instance of Reason 1. Clinton will most likely take her 'fight' all the way to the convention, where, instead of attempting to unify the party she will become angry, pissy, bitter, whiny etc. PMSing... and make a vendetta out of the whole process, further damaging her own image and creating immense division in the Democrats.

Upon being handed her defeat, she will run as an independent, further causing problems for the Democrats and hading McCain a decisive victory all in the name of being a PMS ridden sore loser with close to a $12 million campaign debt.

do you think that an attitude and actions such as this should be the voice and face behind the banners of Truth, Freedom and Hippoch...Democracy!?

thank you for Considering the Following.

now i shall take one of these nifty sleeping pills i have just been handed and hopefully have the first decent sleep ive had in a week.

this show is intended for mature audiences


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