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sh!thawks...on parade: stories of the great while whale

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im getting kind of sick of this whole teaching english thing. most of the time it's hard to remember that it's a university class seeing as how all the students act like they're in grade 10.

there was a super crazy storm last night that woke me up because the rain was hammering against the window so i got up for a minute to look out the window then went back to sleep.

exciting, i know.

things I am glad for today: The Penguins losing the Cup. Clinton losing the Democratic nomination. Granola bars. Housekeepers. Fans. Bug Spray.

i had this crazydream last night that i was chasing Bubble around with a baseball bat because HE"D been chasing someone around with one of those electric flyswatters and the whole time i was speaking in some Old Timey Preaching voice.

there was just about fisticuffs in my second class yesterday because someone called someone else a name. that's totally what i expect of university students.....

we have this odd mix of north american and british style stuff here. take for example Salad Cream. i had never heard of Salad Cream. but apparently Salad Cream is popular in british type places. it tastes like mayonaise with mustard in it. so, kind of wrong. however, karen brought back packs of gravy mix which we had last night on the chicken and it was pretty much the most delicious thing ever.

i need a new card game, im getting my ass kicked at Asshole and i dont know why.

stories of the great while whale


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