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i kicked that stupid bug thats been driving my bat shit annoyed about having a fever here finally. i had the first decent sleep in about a week last night. now i have to work on gaining back that weight that i didnt need to lose again. however without a working scale anywhere around, i have no way if telling exactly how much...

so, i leave vancouver, and it's cool and it's raining there a lot and i get here, and it was hot as hell and sunny but now it's hot, humid and rainy just about every day for some of the day at least. this is quite possibly going to be the year of almost mostly rain... CURSE YOU WEATHER FIENDS! CAST YER SCURVY WITS BACK TO WHENCE THEY CAME AND LET US HAVE SOME NORMAL WEATHER YAR!

PotC 2 was on last night...

i still havent managed to watch the goonies yet.

i got suckered into playing a small performance in a hall at the school today after my classes were done. that's ok, it was fun. actualy conversation that happened during said hall session:

Guy: "do you know any Bryan Adams?"

Me: "I dont like Bryan Adams."

*Shocked gasps all around*

Me: I mean, I know he's Canadian, but I don't like him. A lot of Canadians don't like him. The rest of the world can have him.

Guy: But we ALL love Bryan Adams here!

Me: Then you can keep him.

im also going to be a guitar teacher for someone. a bit.

i might haven mentioned that we taught some of the others how to play Asshole. if i didnt then i just did. anyway, ive been playing that since grade ten. thusly, it stands to reason that playing against newly instructed players would pose little in the way of major challenges. however, one person, who shall remain nameless save to say is perhaps the same person who is now a music student, has decided to suddenly become a goddamn prodigy and kick my ass all the damn time. that aint right.

oh, and, i totally found out where all the ants were coming from in the prep outside the kitchen. yeah. how'd you like a big fucking ants nest in that extra drainage hole on your sink? i squirted some Muskol in there and it was like the Exodus and i didnt want them running everywhere so i had to strategically construct a perimeter of carefully placed spray in an area that would rapidly contain them. of course, being that im a rapid action genius, it worked perfectly.


mumble mumble something about something affecting spelling abilities mumble mumble

of the songing variety


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