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sh!thawks...on parade: the story of a hundred aisles

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just a quick note as im about off to bed...

will someone please tell me what exactly the CBC plans to do to introduce HNIC next season if the forever iconic theme song isn't going to be used anymore?

anyone and everyone in the country could tell you that there's no way in hell you could ever replace that song, so why not bother using it again?

is someone at CBC pissed off at hockey fans? is that why the CBC didn't resign the rights to the song that EVERYONE FUCKING KNOWS?

In other news, far more important things have happened and are happening that you should concern yourself about because they deal with the day to day live of millions of people in poor living conditions but Canadians, pay no mind to these items, an item of national sanctity has been shelved for god knows what reason.

you know, it's really an odd feeling knowing that you're sitting 20 feet, if that, from a family living in a tin roofed shack with the main source of income being the father is a rickshaw driver, and getting more pissed off about the HNIC theme song for a minute than wondering if the storm last night had any lasting damage to their house...

the story of a hundred aisles


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