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water fights are way more fun in the middle of a downpour. probably because it really doesn't matter how good you are at water fighting in that case because everyone involved will be soaked anyway. they're even more fun if they take place on a big roof.

i actually managed to get a fair bit of work done today in finishing a course outline, coming up with another page of research and interview questions, and prepping introductory letters for study participants.

i finally found a good copy of the Forbidden Kingdom so i watched that yesterday. I also found all six star wars movies for tk 80, which is about $1 for all six. so i'll probably watch one of those in a bit.

i could really do with some bacon. apparently you can get it here somewhere. I have a new mission. apparently there's also a place that will serve alcohol pretty close to the apartment. I have two missions. DRUNKEN BACON AHOY!

that the world's a subway


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