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sh!thawks...on parade: do you have mismatched cup sizes?

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i had Rock Lobster stuck in my head the other day. this is not it.

there's an odd combo of outdoor phenoms going on outside right now in ye olde Sherwood Park. there are still large piles of snow. the grass is all brown. it's warm out. on my way to the airport yesterday there was no snow. there was lots of green. it was cold. DEAR WEATHER WHAT ARE YOU DOING. apparently snow is Satan's dandruff. dude needs some head and shoulders.

i have to head up to the U of A campus in a bit and meet with a family friend who's a doctor of public health to grill him about public health programs and health services he started in Africa to see if I can use any of his tactics over in Dhaka. I might kick around campus for a bit after that. I like the U of A campus, if you've never been and you happen to visit edmonton I suggest you walk around it. it's big and neat. whereas UBC is big and a pain in the ass and I hate their campus.

apparently we're going to a dinner theater tonight.

and i don't get to drive my sister's new car.

ok go time.

do you have mismatched cup sizes?


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