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sh!thawks...on parade: a handful of things I wish I'd missed

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i didn't end up finishing my paper yet. tomorrow. 500 words left. it's just too annoying.

I went on a fotowalk with Raul and his friend Arjana today. it was fun times. I don't remember the last time I've walked around a single skytrain station taking pictures, end up wandering to a crepe place, walking to the beach, taking a tiny little ferry and drinking homemade beer...or iced a park sitting by the water.

on my way home Smitty's biggest fan texted me about going to Ceili's on granville to meet Mitch and watch the Cansucks get embarassed in a bad way and then say goodbye to their Captain Canuck.

tomorrow im finishing that damn paper then it's dinner with the mob.

im watching Garden State again cause i feel like it.

a handful of things I wish I'd missed


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